Johor Bahru Travel Guide

Johor Bahru is a population destination in Malaysia, mainly because of its location as the entry point from Singapore and also because of being home to Legoland Malaysia, one of the top tourist attractions in Malaysia.

Johor Bahru is not just somewhere to pass through on the way to somewhere else though. It’s a nice place to visit in its own right with some nice things to do and, of course, the amazing Legoland Malaysia.

Central Johor Bahru
There are some cute streets in central JB

It’s also a very easy place to stay with some great, affordable accommodation and a well hooked up transportation system to both Malaysia and Singapore.

Below, you will find all our best guides to Johor Bahru so you can have the best time possible in this destination.

Johor Bahru Attractions

There is more to Johor Bahru than just Legoland Malaysia. Read more about all the attractions in Johor Bahru below.

Johor Bahru Accommodation

There is a great range of accommodation in Johor Bahru from luxury resorts to cheap hotels. Whatever standard you want, it is all incredibly good value. Read our guides below.

Johor Bahru Promotions And Packages

Looking for an awesome deal in the Johor Bahru area? Here’s our best offers!

Johor Bahru Transportation

Instructions for how to get to and around Johor Bahru and Legoland are below.

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