EXACTLY How To Get From Singapore To Legoland Malaysia [2023]

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Taking a trip to Legoland from Singapore? Great choice! It’s a lot of fun! Wondering how to get to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore? I can help you out!

Legoland Malaysia is ideally located at the southern tip of Malaysia, meaning that a Legoland Malaysia day trip from Singapore is not just possible, but a very viable option. So whether you have just one day available or longer, you can definitely visit Legoland during a trip to Singapore.

The next step once you decide you want to travel to Legoland from Singapore is to work out how to get there. Thankfully, getting to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore is not complicated although the fact that there are a few different options can make it seem harder.

However, all you have to do is pick between the transport from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia options depending on your budget and time. And I can help you with this!

lazy river ride at Legoland Malaysia review
The lazy river style ride at Legoland Water Park

Below, I describe exactly how to go to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore whether you are looking for a bus from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia, wondering whether to travel Singapore to Legoland by taxi, to take a Singapore to Legoland private car or want to drive to Legoland from Singapore.

I also share Legoland Malaysia tour from Singapore options and the reverse journey from Legoland to Singapore.

So keep reading this article for each of the Singapore to Legoland transport options so you can pick the best way to get to Legoland from Singapore for you.

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Note: At the time of writing this in April 2022, many of the options below are not available as the border area returns to “normal” after long closures. You can click on the options and see for yourself if they can work for your visit.

Map: Going To Legoland From Singapore

The distance from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia is approximately 45 kilometres although this depends on exactly where you are coming from in Singapore. The Singapore to Legoland Malaysia travel time is approximately an hour but this heavily depends on how busy the border is.

The map below shows how to travel from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia.

Singapore To Legoland Malaysia map
Click the Map to open in Google Maps. You can then access directions to each of the locations discussed in this article.

BEST OPTION: How To Get From Singapore To Legoland Malaysia

The best option for transport to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore is private car or taxi. This makes crossing the border much quicker and easier. However, the best option if you are on a budget is bus or to take a tour that includes your Legoland tickets.

Option 1: Singapore to Legoland By Bus

If you want to take a Singapore to Legoland Malaysia bus, there are two choices – the yellow public Causeway link bus going to Legoland from Singapore or a Legoland shuttle bus Singapore.

Catching the Causeway link buses are cheaper but they take much longer and can be confusing. They can also be very full and aren’t great if you have luggage, young children or doing a day trip and want to maximise your time at Legoland.

A coach to Legoland from Singapore is much faster – it is just going straight there (although you will still need to get off at the border) and there should be more space. It should also wait for you at the border instead of having to find a new bus. However, there is less flexibility of what time you will depart and where to catch them from.

Causeway Link Bus To Legoland Malaysia

When it comes to how to go to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore by bus, there are a few options depending on where you are departing from.

In all cases, you are looking for yellow Causeway link buses. From Jurong East, you can catch CW3 or CW4. From Boon Lay, there is CW6. All of these will get you to CIQ Interlink in Malaysia. From here, you will need to catch Causeway Link JPO2 or SL1 to Legoland Malaysia. Note that neither of these buses depart very often with a minimal interval of 90 minutes.

It’s also possible to catch any of the buses from Singapore to JB Larkin. From JB Larkin, you can catch IP01 to Legoland. Again, this does not run often and takes about an hour just from JB Larkin.

The Singapore to Legoland bus fare is approximately SG$6 all up. The Singapore to Legoland Malaysia bus travel time will depend on where you depart from and how busy the border is. From downtown areas in Singapore, two hours is normal and that’s if you get a good connection for your second bus.

You can read more about Causeway Link buses here.

View of Johor Bahru from Singapore-JB causeway link

Singapore Legoland Shuttle

The WTS Travel Singapore to Legoland coach departs from Singapore Flyer and goes directly to Legoland Malaysia every morning.

The Singapore flyer bus to Legoland generally leaves at 9am and returns at 5:15pm but this can vary and there can be multiple departures at peak times. When border times are short, the Singapore flyer to Legoland travel time is only about an hour.

Click here for more information and to book the coach from Singapore Flyer to Legoland Malaysia.

There are also other options for how to go from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia by coach with different departure points including Golden Mile Tower, Boon Lay, Tuas and more. If you are looking for how to get from Singapore airport to Legoland Malaysia, you can also get a shuttle bus to save you needing to go into the city.

Click here to see all options.

Option 2: Taxi From Singapore To Legoland Malaysia

If you want to go from Singapore to Legoland by taxi, you can’t catch any taxi in Singapore. It has to be a specially licensed Singapore taxi or a Malaysian taxi.

I recommend a Malaysian taxi as a Singapore taxi can only take you to Larkin Bus Terminal in Malaysia and then you will need to take a second Malaysian taxi to Legoland Malaysia.

You can take a Malaysian taxi across from Singapore at the Ban San St. Taxi Kiosk on Queen St. This is straightforward and they can drop you off at Legoland. This taxi should take about an hour if lines aren’t long at the border.

A huge plus of taking a taxi is that you don’t have to get out of your car at the border. They can drive you through.

Make sure you also take into account that you need to get to the taxi stand in Queen Street. It is near Bugis MRT.

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Lego Kingdoms at Legoland malaysia
Exploring Lego Kingdoms

Option 3: Singapore To Legoland Private Car

The easiest answer for how to get from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia is by private car. You can book a private transfer that will pick you up from wherever you want in Singapore and drop you off at the entry to Legoland in Malaysia.

This way you don’t need to worry about getting to taxi or bus stops and can relax when going through the border.

A private car Singapore to Legoland is more expensive at around SG$110. However, if you have the budget, this will make your trip to Legoland so much more enjoyable, especially with kids.

You can book it here.

Option 4: Singapore to Legoland By Car

If you have your own car in Singapore then the best option may simply be to drive across.

As stated above, the Singapore to Legoland distance is about 45 kilometres and at times when the border isn’t busy, you could be across in as fast as 50 minutes.

Legoland Malaysia
One of the attractions at Legoland Malaysia

Option 5: Singapore Legoland Tour

Another easy option for a Legoland day trip from Singapore is to simply take a tour. A tour will include shuttle bus tickets and entry tickets to Legoland Malaysia.

This is a very easy way to go.

You can see more options and book a tour here.

From Legoland To Singapore

Travelling back from Legoland to Singapore gives you the same options as the way over, just in reverse.

So pick whichever one you prefer from above and reverse the instructions where necessary.

Legoland Water Park review
Legoland Water Park

Final Words

Legoland Malaysia is a lot of fun and it’s easy to visit here from Singapore. I hope this article helps you work out how to get from Singapore to Malaysia and you have a great visit!

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By Sharon Gourlay

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