Planning a trip is always stressful, and Malaysia has SO MUCH to see and do.

Take the overwhelm out of planning your trip with the Peninsular Malaysia Itinerary Planner!

Spend less time worrying about where to go and more time enjoying yourself with the planning done for you!


Malaysia – a country of vibrant cities, sun-drenched islands, gorgeous beaches and a rich culture and history. Then there is the magnificent food. It is a traveller’s dream.

But researching how to spend your time in a country so rich in sites quickly leads to information overload.

It’s enough deciding where to go, what to see, where to stay (to suit your budget) and where to eat. But how can you make the best use of your time?

It quickly turns the process of planning an enjoyable holiday into another chore. 

There Is A Solution! Your Personal Malaysian Itinerary Planner!

This guide was written for one purpose – to help you explore the best of Peninsular Malaysia with the least amount of effort.

We break each destination down into a simple itinerary, with the top ten destinations in Peninsular Malaysia included!

In just a couple of pages for each destination, we list attractions, hotel recommendations, eateries and an easy to follow itinerary. You’ll know exactly how to spend each day!

And with our sample trip itineraries and practical advice on getting to and from each destination, you can save all your energy for enjoying your trip!

“It is great to have all the information I need to plan my trip to Malaysia in a single document. I loved the sample itineraries with different durations and how the selection of top attractions is adjusted to the time available. Now I can spend less time planning and more time dreaming of Malaysia!” 

~ Elisa Subirats


  • The Complete ‘Peninsular Malaysia Itinerary Planner’ in PDF

    Get the complete itinerary planner with ten destination itineraries, sample overall itineraries and practical advice on getting around. Keep a copy on your phone, tablet or laptop.

  • BONUS Packing List

    What do you need to bring? Ensure you leave nothing behind with the bonus packing list.

  • BONUS Planner Checklist

    This bonus checklist makes planning your trip even simpler. With a list of jobs to tick off at different times, it will ensure you’re fully prepared for your trip.

Inside the planner…

1. Itineraries for the Top 10 Destinations in Peninsular Malaysia

The aim of this guide is remove the stress of planning an awesome Malaysian getaway.

Whether you want beaches, islands, cities or mountains, this guide has you covered!

Each destination includes a simple breakdown of the top attractions in just a few pages, as well as how many days we recommend staying and how to manage your time while there!

The destinations included:

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Langkawi
  • Penang
  • Melaka 
  • Ipoh 
  • Cameron Highlands
  • Johor Bahru 
  • Tioman Island
  • Redang Island 
  • Perhentian Islands

Simply pick a destination that appeals to you, read our advice on how to get there and follow the itinerary to see the best of that destination!

2. Hotel recommendations to suit every budget

Whether you want high-end luxury or simple budget friendly accommodation, we’ve listed a hotel in every destination to suit you.

3. Recommended eateries for each destination

It is well known that Malaysia is a country of magnificent food. You can be sure to always find great food.

However, to make it even easier to find the best local eats, and for an authentic experience, we’ve included our recommendation of must visit hawker centres and restaurants. 

4. Itinerary ideas to suit 5 days to 4 weeks

In addition to itineraries for each individual destination, we’ve provided you with multiple sample itineraries to make the best use of your time!

Whether there’s time for a short or long trip, you’ll be able to make the best use of your time.

5. Practical advice on getting around

Malaysia is a super easy country to get around, but it can always be difficult to know the best way to get between different cities/destinations.

This guide includes practical advice on getting between each destination, as well as the best methods to explore each destination once you’re there.





Malaysia has many places to visit, and this guide does the planning for you!

It provides you with itineraries for the top 10 travel destinations, offering you a (hassle-free) authentic travel experience of Peninsular Malaysia.

In a country as interesting and diverse as Malaysia, an easy to follow guide like this is truly valuable.

Note, this guide only covers travel in Peninsular Malaysia, excluding destinations in Borneo (Coming soon!).

* Prices are in Singapore dollars. Australians are also charged 10% GST.

This handy guide on Malaysia provides a great snapshot of the country for travellers. The itinerary suggestions are bang on, and the lists of things to do helped us plan each day with ease.

Supriya Manot

What a great guide. It has saved me hours of hunting through websites and piecing my travel plans together. I already knew where I wanted to go, but I wasn’t sure exactly how long to stay. This guide was such a great find and a great investment.

Janine Mergler

I love how easy to follow this itinerary is. It’s very resourceful in finding all the details for our trip planning to Malaysia. Plus, this guide gave me a list of highlights that I can’t wait to tick off my bucket list.



We are a family who love Malaysia. We used to live in Penang where we spent plenty of time travelling and exploring with our young family, learning how to see the very best of this country in the easiest way possible. We have travelled the country extensively and now visit several times a year. 

We know planning a trip can be stressful, especially one somewhere as diverse as Malaysia. That is why we created this guide. To help you spend less time worrying what to do, and more time enjoying your trip.

Sharon Gourlay


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* Prices are in Singapore dollars. Australians are also charged 10% GST.