Sabah Travel Guide

Sabah is one of the two Malaysia states located in Borneo, also known as Eastern Malaysia. Sabah is on the north eastern part of the island of Borneo and is full of amazing attractions especially if you are a nature lover.

Most famous for its orangutans, in Sabah you can also find so much wildlife, birdlife and sealife. You’ll love it! Its known for its beaches, diving and it has a thriving capital in Kota Kinabalu.

Pier in Sapi, Gaia, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Amazing view from the pier with the Islands of Sapi, Gaia, Kota Kinabalu

Below, you will find more information about all the fabulous experiences you can have in Sabah as well as all the practical information you need to make it happen.

There are dedicated city guide to the main population centres in Sabah. Click below to find more information on:

Guides to other places in Sabah are below.

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Wildlife Experiences

There are some fabulous wildlife experiences in Sabah. Read about the top ones below!

Sabah Attractions

There are some amazing attractions in Sabah. Read about the best ones below…

Sabah Accommodation

There are plenty of great places to stay in Sabah. Read our accommodation guides below…

How To Get Around Sabah

Below, find our guides to how to travel between places in Sabah as smoothly as possible.

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