Labuan Travel Guide

An island city and a Federal Territory of Malaysia, Labuan is located 8 kilometres off the coast of Borneo. Despite being only 92 square kilometres, it’s home to many interesting attractions.

Originally settled as a British base to fight against piracy in the South China Sea, it has a fascinating history having been under the control of Brunei, Britain and Singapore at different times as well as being occupied by the Japanese before being liberated by Australians in 1945.

Today, it’s firmly Malaysia but with its own flag and anthem. It can feel like a bit of a secret paradise with quiet streets, fabulous beaches and amazing sunsets. It also has duty-free shopping and cheap drinks.

Labuan Square, Labuan Island

Below, you will find our best guides to Labuan so you can have the best time possible in this interesting destination.

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Labuan Attractions

There are some great places to visit in Labuan.  Read more about all these attractions in Labuan below.

Labuan Acommodation

There is a great range of accommodation in Labuan from great hotels to budget options and every price point in between.  Read our guide below to book the perfect Labuan hotel for your trip.

Labuan Travel

Labuan is easy to reach from major population centres in Malaysia or by boat from Brunei or Sabah. There is an airport with flights from popular places in Malaysia. Read our detailed guides below on how to travel to Labuan.

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