Dive Into Malaysia Travel Podcast

Wish you were in Malaysia right now? Do the next best thing and join us on the Dive Into Malaysia Travel podcast!

We cover everything from the best places to visit to how to get to Malaysia to where to stay and exactly what to do while you are there.

We’ll help you plan your perfect trip while dreaming of the great adventures you’re going to have!

Dive Into Malaysia Travel Podcast

From all the great food you’re going to eat to lounging on the best looking beaches to standing on top of the world in the new Merdeka 118, we’re going to help you fall in love with this country.

Dive Into Malaysia Travel Podcast is your go-to resource for everything Malaysia travel so you can plan your first or fiftieth trip to this great country.

Malaysia travel expert and aficionado, Sharon Gourlay, along with special local guests, answer all your questions and will inspire and motivate you to travel to Malaysia while helping you with everything practical that you need to know.

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