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One of the easiest and best ways to have a fabulous vacation in Malaysia is to hire a long distance taxi to take you between cities in Malaysia. This is an affordable way to make it so much easier to get from hotel A in city A to hotel B in city B or from the airport to your first hotel or return.

This means no lugging your luggage around in the heat to bus or train stations while feeling stressed and not knowing what you are doing. You can be picked up in your hotel lobby and dropped off at your next one. Or when you arrive at Kuala Lumpur Airport you can head straight to the city of your choice. So easy!

The part that isn’t easy is working out how to arrange this when you’re not a local. It can be tricky to find a taxi willing to take you to another city once you are in country, and it’s hard to know who to trust online.

I know. As an Australian mum of three who can’t get enough of Malaysia and wants to see as much as possible every trip, I love taking taxis between places in Malaysia. We can fit more into our itinerary, and we arrive at our destinations refreshed instead of tired and sweaty.

However, I haven’t always been able to find taxis to book or I’ve had to do it online via an instagram page or a random website hoping I’m not booking a serial killer, that they’ll actually show up, and it’ll cost the amount I expect.

That’s why Dive Into Malaysia has partnered with local taxis to help you get around Malaysia quickly and easily – and for a great price.

If you are booking a taxi between Singapore and Malaysia instead, find our Singapore-Malaysia taxi booking information here.

Why Book A Long Distance Taxi In Malaysia?

Quick and easy – A taxi saves so much time and stress on your holiday. You will be picked up directly at the airport or your hotel and taken to your next hotel or wherever you want.

You don’t have to worry about how you’ll get to your destination. It’s all sorted for you. All you need to do is enjoy your vacation.

You’ll have no reason to fear that you’re travelling with a safe and reliable driver or that they’ll show up. We’ll connect you with a quality driver.

You arrive at your destination fresh and ready to go instead of sweaty and stressed.

You have more time to enjoy your holiday. A taxi is much faster than public transport. You can go anywhere in Malaysia within a day

How To Book A Long Distance Malaysia Taxi

  1. Fill in the form below. For the most common journeys, this will be confirmed as soon as you enter your requirements and pay your RM100 deposit. For others, we’ll get back to you with a price quote within two days and you can confirm it by paying the RM100 deposit.
  2. Once the deposit is paid, you’ll receive your booking confirmation and your booking is locked in. This will include contact details for your local operator.
  3. You’ll be picked up at the time you specify at the place you specified.
  4. You’ll pay the driver the remainder of the price at arrival at your destination. This needs to be in cash in Malaysian Ringgit.
  5. There’ll be no nasty surprises. Everything will go exactly like this with no price increases or hassle.

All booking requests need to be made at least seven days in advance. All deposit payments are in Malaysian Ringgit via a credit or debit card.

After booking, If you need to make any changes, simply contact the local operator via email or whatsapp using the details in your booking confirmation. You can confirm your exact address for pick-up and drop-off later as well. You can also contact us here if you have any questions.

We can book vehicles that can hold up to 7 passengers anywhere in Malaysia and vehicles that hold up to 15 people that start or finish in Kuala Lumpur or Penang.

If you need to cancel, please notify your local operator immediately. Deposits are non-refundable, but you can use your deposit towards a different service as long as you cancel at least three days beforehand.

Note that this service isn’t for taxi services within a city. This is only for taxis between cities and towns in Peninsula Malaysia. It’s only for point-to-point transfers and not day tours.

If you want to book a taxi to or from Singapore, find our special Singapore taxi booking page here.

Sample Malaysia Taxi Fares

Malaysia taxi prices vary based on the size of taxi you require and your starting and ending points. It’s not a per km charge. We will confirm the price when you fill in the form below. They are all very reasonably priced.

For example, you can ride straight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Melaka for only RM350 or Mersing (for Tioman Island) across the country for RM700.

Some other examples are:

  • Ipoh Airport to Cameron Highlands is RM550
  • Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands is RM550
  • KLIA to Cameron Highlands is RM650
  • Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur is RM750

These prices are an example in a small car and may not be what we are able to confirm for you. Filling in the form will get you a confirmed price and service. Note that prices from Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) are not the same as they are located about an hour apart.

There is also a RM100 surcharge applicable on days where traffic problems are expected to occur. These are on big holiday periods and for events such as elections. We recommend you avoid travelling on these dates if you can. Not just to save money, but to save time.

The dates where this applies in 2023 are:

  • 30, 31 August
  • 3, 15,16,17 September
  • 10,14 November
  • 22, 26 December

What Others Say…

Our trip went very well! The drivers were very professional and the cars comfortable.

Djaranah Ruhuputty, Netherlands

The service was great, and driver was good about letting us know where he was, etc.  He was also safe, and we felt as though we were in good hands.  The car was comfortable and the driver observed the speed limits.  I would definitely be happy to take the service again. 

Kirsten Conrad, Singapore

Our driver was great for our drive from KL to Pangkor. He was friendly and knowledgable.

Barbie Payton, Australia

Get Your Quote And Book Your Malaysia Taxi Online Here

For the most popular taxi routes, you can book immediately and you’ll see the prices below once you select which places you are travelling between.

Please note that the prices listed here do not include a RM100 surcharge if you choose to travel on a peak traffic day.

The dates where this applies in 2023 are:

  • 30, 31 August
  • 3, 15,16,17 September
  • 10,14 November
  • 22, 26 December

This surcharge is because you can expect heavy traffic and delays if you choose to travel on these days.

There are three different taxi sizes you can book depending on your amount of passengers and luggage. You can read all about them and see example photos below the form. The bigger the taxi, the more it costs.

You can also book an 18 seater minibus if your journey starts or finishes in Penang or Kuala Lumpur. Please note this in the comments if you require this as well as how many passengers you have and how much luggage.

If you need a car seat, it’s possible to get a booster seat for an extra RM25, but it is better to bring your car seats from home. There is more information about the booster seat below. Please note in the comments in the form if you want a booster seat supplied.

If you need to book more than one taxi, you should fill in the form for each trip, and you will need to pay the deposit for each journey.

Taxi Booking Form

Step 1 of 3

Remember, if you want to book a taxi between Malaysia and Singapore, go to this page instead.

Available Taxis

There are three sizes of taxi available. Which one you should pick depends on how much luggage you have and how many passengers.

If you are unsure, pick the next bigger size to ensure your luggage will definitely fit.

Both Perodua Bezzas and Perodua Alzas are probably smaller than you would expect. It may be uncomfortable if you have the maximum amount of passengers in the car. The middle seats are a little squishy and the back row in the Alza does not have much leg room.

I would not recommend four adult passengers in the Bezza or five adult passengers in the Alza. The choice is yours, however.

The minibus is only available in journeys that start or finish in Kuala Lumpur or start or finish in Penang.

Standard (Perodua Bezza)
standard taxi size
44 medium or 1 larger suitcase
Family (Perodua Alza)
6 seater taxi size
55 medium or 2 larger suitcases
Van (Hyundai Starex)
van taxi size
77 medium
18 Seater Minibus
6 seater taxi size
148 large

Child Car Seats

We can arrange a booster seat to be supplied for you for an extra RM25. You can see a photo below. It’s better to bring your own seats from home.

booster seat

I hope this guide has helped you book your Malaysian taxi. If you want to book a taxi to or from Singapore, you can find our Singapore Malaysia taxi booking page here.