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Dive Into Malaysia is a quality Malaysia travel resource that inspires people from all over the world to travel to Malaysia and explore this great country. We provide detailed information on Malaysia from what sim card to buy to where exactly to stay in each town. We are dedicated to producing the best quality content for our readers to both help them and cultivate trust.

Between our website, our social media channels and our email list, Dive Into Malaysia is a great way to reach tens of thousands of travellers all interested in Malaysia travel. We can help promote your brand to our audience.

About Us

We are an Australian family of five who love travelling in Malaysia. We called Penang home for a year and travel in Malaysia at least a couple of times a year. Our content is aimed at all types of Malaysia-bound travellers including solo, couple, group and family travel, ones who would prefer tours or ones on a tight budget.

Our content comes from personal experience, combined with detailed research. We are SEO experts and use this to make sure we are reaching the right people at the right time with our content.

We previously ran a successful family travel blog which reached hundreds of thousands of people every month. It is just a matter of time until Dive Into Malaysia does the same.

What we can do for you

We can promote your brand to 26,000+ travellers each month. We take pride in not just delivering the best quality content to our readers but ensuring it is SEO optimised to get to the right people at the right time. The exposure and influence we provide your brand ensures that our readers think of you first while planning their Malaysia travel.

Our current page views are 39,000+ in January 2020. We are still a new site and this number is increasing rapidly. We have a global audience.

We also run a Facebook group called “Malaysia Travel Planning – Dive in!” where we answer questions, inspire Malaysian travel and help people plan their trips.

You can download our media kit here. We can also provide detailed information on each of the services we offer on request.

Let us know your preferences, goals and budgets, and we can create a promotional package for you.

How we can work together

There are many ways we can work together from reviews to advertising. We are also available for paid press trips. Here are some details about the common ways brands choose to work with us, but we will consider whatever you have in mind.

  1. Sponsored Content Packages
  2. Display Advertising
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Lead Generation
  5. Partnership
  6. Speaking Engagements

1. Sponsored Content Packages

Want to attract more travellers to your Malaysian or Singaporean destination/hotel/attraction/restaurant/etc? Then let us share it with the world!

We can promote your brand – whether it involves physical products, an attraction, a hotel or something else. You can choose from one of our packages or have one custom built for your brand’s goals.

We take great care to showcase your brand with excellence and integrity. We leverage our brand’s trust and authority to promote your brand and our readers’ trust our recommendations.

Benefits of our partnership:

  • Increase your destination/brand awareness – ensure our readers think of you when planning their Malaysia travel
  • Our readers will associate your brand with our trusted brand
  • Reach a targeted audience – our audience is all people travelling to and in Malaysia. Our audience comes from all over the world with the majority from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, UK and USA
  • Increased search engine visibility – we are highly skilled at SEO and ensure our articles have the best chance of ranking in search engines. We often rank on the first page for search terms
  • Increased search engine rankings for you (with nofollow links)
  • Continual content marketing as our reviews and articles stay on our site forever. They will continue to influence future travellers to Malaysia for years to come
  • Possibility to have your brand regularly mentioned in our Malaysia Travel Planning Facebook group

Sponsored content packages come in three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Note: We will never lie or mislead our audience. We want to share the best brands on our site that align with our goals to help travellers have the best trip to Malaysia ever!

Bronze Package

We will create an article about your brand which will appeal to our target audience. This could be a review of your product which highlights features and benefits and creates excitement about buying/booking it or a how-to style post which shows how your brand solves a problem that Malaysian travellers have or something else all together.

This article will be shared across our social channels and in our Facebook group.

Some examples of the type of content we can produce are:

Silver Package

The silver package includes everything in the bronze package as well as further promotion of your brand. This might include:

  • Your brand added to existing articles on this site
  • Promotion of your brand directly on our social channels and group
  • Email to our list about your brand
  • The opportunity to talk live with our Facebook group

The exact package depends on your brand and the channels which best meet your goals.

Gold Package

Also called a brand ambassadorship, gold packages can include all the other levels as well as ongoing promotion over a minimum of six months. This may include:

  • Multiple articles about your brand
  • Mentions of your brand to answer any relevant questions in our Facebook group
  • Ongoing promotion of your brand to our email list and on social channels
  • Display advertising on this site and in newsletters

We only take on a limited number of gold clients as we do not work with clients at this level that compete with each other. For example, we only work with one Kuala Lumpur hotel at a time. We also only promote the best brands to our readers and followers, so it’s essential you fit into this category.

To make sure we can promote your brand to the best of our ability, we also need to experience your brand first hand. For example, if you are a tour company, we need to do one of your tours.

Interested? You can download all our package options and other relevant information here. Then fill in the contact form below with your goals, budget and requirements and we’ll get back to you.

2. Display Advertising

We can promote your Malaysia travel related brand via advertising.

You can advertise anywhere on this site (will be marked as an advertisement), in our email newsletters or to our Facebook group.

Benefits of our partnership:

  • Increased exposure and brand awareness
  • Click-throughs to your site

Interested? Read more about our options and prices here then fill in the contact form below with your goals, budget and requirements.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Want to work with us on an ongoing basis but not looking for a sponsored package? An affiliate arrangement could be the way to go!

If you are a good match for our existing content, we can promote your brand to our relevant audience. When they buy/book, you give us a commission in return.

Benefits of our partnership:

  • Increased exposure and brand awareness
  • Click-throughs to your site
  • High quality leads for your services and products
  • You only pay us when you make money from our traffic

We already have affiliate arrangements with Agoda, Klook, Skyroam, easybook and more. We are happy to consider adding you to this list if you have a great product and you’re a good match for our audience.

We are especially interested in working with car rental companies, Malaysian specialist travel agencies and taxi providers. Fill in the form below if you are interested.

4. Lead Generation

Lead generation is similar to affiliate marketing except you pay for any traffic we send your way.

If you are a good match and we love your brand, we can make an arrangement where you pay us for every reader/follower we send your way.

Benefits of our partnership:

  • Increased exposure and brand awareness
  • Click-throughs to your site
  • High quality leads for your services and products

We are especially interested in working with car rental companies, Malaysian specialist travel agencies and taxi providers. Fill in the form below if you are interested.

5. Partnership

We are interested in innovative partnerships with other players in the Malaysian travel market that go beyond what we describe here, including joint offering services with revenue share.

Fill in the contact form below if you are interested.

6. Speaking Engagements

Sharon Gourlay, the founder of this site, is not only a successful blogger and internet marketer, but she is also a former teacher. She has copious experience talking to large groups and can present keynotes and talks at your next event.

Some potential topics:

  • Building a destination site
  • Growing a successful online business quickly
  • Monetisation of blogs
  • SEO – basic and advanced
  • Growing affiliate income

Sharon presented at TBEX Asia 2015 on growing affiliate income using SEO, TBEX North America 2018 on Sales Funnels and ran a SEO workshop, TBEX Europe 2020 on SEO and, in 2016, she spoke at the  Problogger Training Event 2016 on affiliate marketing. She has also spoken at many other events.

Contact Us

We can be contacted using the form below.  We can then discuss various options with you. You can also download our media kit here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Please note: We do not sell links on this site and all emails about this will be ignored or marked as spam. 


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