Legoland Malaysia Review: All You Need To Know! [2023]

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Coming to Malaysia and looking for the ultimate family fun? Want a fun day trip from Singapore? Love Lego and water parks?

Then you’d be crazy not to pay Legoland at Malaysia a visit!

Whether you are adults or a family, there is much on offer at this Legoland Johor Bahru which is located in Malaysia but in very convenient proximity to Singapore.

We have visited several times. My middle son, in particular, is a huge Lego fan and has a bucket list made up of all the Legolands in the world! It is fun for everyone though whether you are a Lego fan or not.

Initially, we wondered what Legoland would be like. Is it like an amusement park? Disneyland? How does the Lego theme work?

Legoland Malaysia Review: All You Need To Know! [2021]

Legoland Malaysia is much more than an amusement park full of rides. While there are fun and thrilling rides in Legoland Malaysia, there is also Lego basically everywhere. There are Lego structures and people everywhere and these are quite impressive whether you are a Lego fan or not. It’s fun spotting new ones as you walk around.

There are also other Lego-themed Legoland Malaysia attractions and activities like 4D movies and Lego building workshops.

But above all of this, Legoland in Malaysia is a well laid out, beautifully constructed theme park that is lots of fun!

Below, I share my Legoland Malaysia review blog with everything you need to know about the park (including Legoland Water Park Johor Bahru and SEA LIFE Malaysia), as well as tips for visiting including when to visit, how many days, visiting Legoland Johor Bahru Malaysia with kids, where to stay and travel from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia (as well as from Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru).

By the end of this Legoland Malaysia theme park review, you are going to be very excited for your visit! Let’s dive in to this Legoland blog.

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Review: Legoland Malaysia Vital Information

Legoland Malaysia Opening Hours: The main park is generally 10am – 6pm and opens until 7pm on Saturdays. Legoland Malaysia Water Park opens 10am – 6pm and SEA LIFE Malaysia is generally 11am – 7pm Fridays and Saturdays and 10am – 6pm other days

Legoland Malaysia Address: No 7, Jalan Legoland, Bandar, 79250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia Review

Legoland Malaysia
Legoland Malaysia

In this Legoland theme park review, I will cover all of the three parts to a Legoland Malaysia tour. The main park itself where you find the Legoland Malaysia rides, Lego activities, 4D movies, shows and more.

Then there is the Water Park with water slides, pools, water playgrounds and everything water. Finally, you can also visit the new SEA LIFE Malaysia which is a Lego themed aquarium.

Which parks you visit is totally up to you. It’s cheaper to visit one or there are good value combo tickets where you can visit all three (more about pricing below or click here to see discounted ticket prices).

I split up the Legoland theme park Malaysia review below by each of these parks.

Legoland Malaysia Theme Park Review

When visiting Legoland in Johor Bahru, know that the main theme park is definitely the best. This is where you will spend your time walking through different themed lands, going on Legoland rides Malaysia and enjoying everything possible in Lego.

There are seven themed lands and I walk you through each of them in the order you will find them if you walk clockwise around the park. Each land is unique and quite compact and they all have eating and shopping options with many playgrounds around the park as well.

There is also a part at the beginning where you will find lockers to store any of your items, a cafe and shops. You can also hire strollers here.

While there is a strong focus on family activities, a Legoland Malaysia review for adults is that this park is lots of fun even without kids! However, you’ll probably find you get around the park faster and have time to easily visit the Water Park as well in less than a day unless you visit at an ultra busy time.

Quite a few activities in Legoland Malaysia are really just for kids and there aren’t any truly thrilling, huge rides that scare adults.

Lego Technic

Legoland Malaysia
Star Wars Miniland

This first land has some great attractions for older kids and adults including the chance to cool down (and get wet) at the Aquazone Wave Racers. For Star Wars fans, you won’t want to miss the Star Wars Miniland with recreated scenes from the movies in Lego.

This is also the place for budding robot builders with specialist robot workshops.

However, the best bit is a cool Legoland Malaysia roller coaster that combines a real roller coaster with virtual reality. As you go around the tracks, traditional roller coaster style, you wear a VR mask so it feels like you are racing Lego cars. It’s very cool! While designed with kids in mind, it is quite thrilling.

You can see it in action here (and note that it is open now).

Lego Kingdoms

Next up is Lego Kingdoms where you will find dragons, castles and knights! There are also some great rides including two roller coasters – a big one and a young kid friendly one.

There are also some great rides for little kids and a big play area.

Legoland Malaysia
Lego Kingdom is all about castles

Lego Ninjago World

The newest land in the Legoland park Malaysia, Lego Ninjago World is small but lots of fun.

It centres on the Lego Ninjago ride which uses cutting edge technology to deliver this 4D ride where you will defeat the Grand Devourer with just your hands! It’s quite amazing actually and definitely a must experience on your Legoland Malaysia trip.

You can also help build a massive Lego monastery.

Legoland Malaysia The amazing Ninjago live show
The amazing Ninjago live show


The Imagination land is less about Legoland Malaysia theme park rides and more about having fun with Lego and enjoying a 4D cinema which currently shows 5 different movies either hourly or half hourly depending if it’s the weekend or not. They are lots of fun. We even had snow falling in one show when we visited.

Between this and the Lego activities at the Build and Test area, this is a great area to visit if it starts raining. The Build and Test area is great for kids as you can build cars and race them or buildings and test to see if they can withstand an earthquake. Honestly, it’s fun for adults too.

Legoland Malaysia Imagination land with race car building
Building racing cars

For toddlers and preschoolers, there is a child-sized city for kids and a train to ride.

Adults will enjoy the Observation Tower which is a rotating, indoor platform that takes you from the ground to high up views over all the theme park including the Legoland Water Park.

It’s easy to spend a lot of time in this area.

Land of Adventure

This land actually has two different areas – you can discover the Egyptian area or go to Dino Island Legoland Malaysia.

Dino Island Legoland Malaysia review
It’s fun getting wet at Dino Island!

At Dino Island, there is a fun, splash ride – one where you ride in a cart up a volcano and past Lego dinosaurs before crashing back down with a huge splash. Expect to get wet.

The Egyptian area is mostly about the fun Lost Kingdom Adventure ride where you have a haunted house like experience as you shoot lasers and look for treasure. There is also a playground for younger kids where they can shoot foam balls.

Lego City

Lego City is the final land for rides at Legoland theme park Johor and there are many Legoland Malaysia activities here especially for kids.

Driving school in Lego City in our review Legoland Malaysia
Driving school is lots of fun!

For a start, kids will love going to “driving school” – ours did! There are two. One for 3 – 5 year olds and one for 6-13 year olds. You can also learn how to perform fire rescues by taking a fire engine to put out a fire or go to boating school.

It doesn’t end there as you can fly a plane from the Lego City Airport or take a train ride around the park.

This is also where you will find a big stage with live shows. Currently it’s a Ninjago themed show with puppets. It’s really good!

Lego City is also home to be a big stage where there is currently the live show, Ninjago. This is essentially a Lego puppet show. It was very well done and impressive and we all enjoyed it.


Legoland Malaysia Miniland
It’s like being back in Singapore!

Finally, in the centre of the park, is Miniland. This is where you will find a world created in Lego miniatures. At Legoland Johor Malaysia, it focuses on Malaysia and Asia and you will find Lego replicas of famous landmarks across this continent.

You can see the Taj Mahal, Tiananmen Square, Singapore, Angkor Wat, Kuala Lumpur International Airport and more. You can also read some fascinating facts like that it took over 100 people working on this Miniland from across the world a year and a half to build this miniland. Now there’s a job to aim for!

Legoland Malaysia Miniland
Legoland Malaysia Miniland

I must admit that before taking a trip to Legoland Malaysia, I thought that this would be boring. But it’s really not at all, and I was really excited to get home and write this theme park Legoland review! The attention to detail is amazing and I could stare at some of these scenes for a long time, especially the moving parts.

All in all, my Legoland Johor review found a very fun, well presented and top class theme park that I have been happy to return to multiple times over recent trips to Malaysia. One of the best parts is that we have barely had to line up any time with have visited, even on weekends. I highly recommend that you visit this part of the theme park while visiting Johor Bahru Legoland.

Legoland Water Park Malaysia Review

lazy river ride at Legoland Malaysia review
The lazy river style ride is one of the best parts especially if you manage to make a Lego raft!

Right next door to the main Legoland theme park Johor Bahru is the Water Park. It is very easy to visit these two attractions on the same visit. Reading Legoland water park reviews ahead of our visit I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was a massive hit with our family and we all had a great time!

But more importantly, our Legoland Malaysia Water Park review found a super fun theme park which is perfect for cooling down after a visit to the theme park as it’s very hot!

There are many water slides, a massive water playground, a toddler water play area, a wave pool, a lazy river ride (where you can build your own Lego raft) and some activity areas like a table where you can build a boat and then race it.

The park is well designed – we loved that one of us adults could stay with the kids building boats and racing them right at the bottom of the water slides so the other could try them out.

Trying to build a raft to take on the lazy river was lots of fun although seemingly impossible for us! There are lots of big pieces of Lego floating around that you can join together. Some people had made some great ones! Or you can use a tube instead.

The water playgrounds are great for kids and there’s some “Imagination Stations” where the kids can play with water and Lego too.

water playground at Legoland Malaysia Water Park - Lego land
The huge water playground

The big Legoland Malaysia swimming pool with waves is fun but the waves are on the small side. Our young kids were able to wear life jackets and float around quite happily in there.

Like the theme park next door, this park is focused on family fun so it’s not for the adrenaline junkies. However, there’s plenty that adults can enjoy and I would still be happy to visit without kids. We (along with kids) enjoyed the water slides.

All in all, our Water Park Legoland Malaysia review found a fun, but low key, water park. What it lacks in super thrilling rides, it makes up for in fun Lego themed activities. It is definitely worth visiting here as well as the main theme park if you have enough time (see more below about how long you need to visit Legoland Malaysia!).

SEA LIFE Malaysia Review

SEA LIFE Malaysia is the newest addition in this Legoland Malaysia blog having only opened in 2019. It’s basically a Lego themed aquarium with 11 different zones (based on different habitats) to pass through.

With it only opening recently and with the pandemic, I have not had the chance to visit yet (it’s planned for 2023 though!), but I wanted to include it in my Legoland review Malaysia and give you something of a brief Legoland Sea Life review so you know exactly what to see in Legoland Malaysia and can make a decision if this aquarium is right for you.

In SEA LIFE Malaysia, you can watch stingrays, jellyfish, seahorses, walk through a 180° ocean tunnel looking out for sharks or experience a Malaysian rainforest. There is a touch pool with starfish and sea cucumbers and even Lego sea creatures that you’ll find amazing photos of in a Sea Life Legoland Malaysia review. The centre is beautifully presented.

Here’s a quick look inside with a Legoland Sea Life Malaysia review…

Again, this attraction has been built with kids in mind. There are also interactive games in many spots to help keep kids engaged and it can be a fun addition to a Legoland Malaysia visit.

Reviews of SEA LIFE Malaysia are generally good except for complaints that it’s small for the price. If you buy a discounted combo ticket, it’s included but a standalone ticket is not worth it, in my opinion.

Whether to visit or not really depends on if you have enough time. Aquariums are in many cities – including the amazing SEA Aquarium in Singapore or the Aquaria Kuala Lumpur – so if you are short on time, I would stick to the main theme park and water park instead which are more unique to Legoland.

Legoland Malaysia Promotion And Ticket Price

If my Legoland JB review has you all set to, you are probably wondering what the Legoland Malaysia ticket price is…

Legoland Malaysia ticket entry, Legoland, Johor
You can buy tickets at the park but we recommend buying discounted tickets here

Well this does vary depending on how many parks you want to visit and if you purchase the ticket beforehand online through a Legoland Malaysia ticket promotion or pay at the gate. There are also discounts for kids and a cheaper 2-day rate.

At the time of publishing, the Legoland Malaysia price if you buy direct or at the gate is RM199 to just visit the main theme park for the day for an adult or the Legoland Johor Bahru ticket price is RM329 to visit all parks in a day.

The cheapest way to get a ticket for Legoland Malaysia is to buy a Legoland Malaysia promo ticket from Klook before you visit.

At the time of publishing, instead of the regular Legoland Malaysia entrance fee of RM199 for one park or RM329 for the Legoland Malaysia combo ticket, via this Legoland Malaysia promotion 2023, you will pay only RM151 for the main park or RM251 for the combo ticket.

This is a big saving and I recommend you definitely buy your tickets via Klook by clicking here via this Legoland Malaysia ticket promotion 2023. This is the best way to get cheap Legoland Malaysia tickets.

We always use Klook for all our activities and tours in Malaysia when we can and they are 100% reliable, trustworthy and save us a lot of money.

On Klook, you can also buy tickets for just the Water Park or SEA LIFE or purchase a 2 day combo ticket.

Legoland Water Park review, Legoland reviews
Legoland Water Park

There are also some extra special options but note that these may not be available right now when you read this article as things return to “normal”.

If you would like to limit any waiting times at the park, you can buy a Hero Access pass which gives you the right to skip the line at 7 of the biggest rides as well as a meal discount voucher. Click here for more details.

Note that you still need to buy a normal entry ticket on top of this pass.

You can also buy an extra special VIP pass. This pass gives you priority access to all rides and you can head straight to the front of any line to take photos with characters. On top of this, you also get lunch with a mascot, a souvenir bag, presents, a special lanyard and a special host for your visit who will walk around with you sharing insider stories for five hours.

You really can’t have a better experience at Legoland Malaysia than this.

Click here for more details and the latest price of the VIP tickets.

Legoland Malaysia, Lego land Malaysia review
One of the many cool Lego scenes as we walked around

Legoland Malaysia Food

You don’t have to worry about going hungry – there are plenty of restaurants in Legoland Malaysia as well as food carts scattered around the park. However, most of it is fried and junk food like. If you have a combo ticket, you are allowed to leave the park and there are eating options just outside if you would like more options. However, be aware that if you have a 1 day ticket you will not be able to leave to eat and then come back in again.

Legoland Malaysia restaurant prices are not crazy. While much more expensive than you can find food in the rest of Malaysia, we were not bankrupted either with a family of four able to eat for under RM100. If you don’t want to pay for overpriced food, you could bring some snacks of your own with you.

As an added bonus, at one of the restaurants we ate at in the Land of Adventure, a staff member actually approached us while were waiting and lead the kids to a special table with Lego activities. We were very impressed!

Legoland Malaysia
One of the many fun rides with young kids

Legoland Malaysia Shop

If you love Lego, this is a great place to buy some! Or a souvenir Legoland Malaysia item.

There are many shops throughout the park as well as a big one at the entrance/exit and you won’t have any problems finding something/many things to buy! There’s some great Lego here and it makes for the perfect souvenir.

Legoland Malaysia With Kids

Legoland Malaysia is seriously made for families and it’s perfect for kids – there’s plenty to do for kids who are over the age of 5, and there are some things to do at Legoland Malaysia for toddlers as well.

However as someone with young kids, I know how much you can obsess over visiting big theme parks like Legoland Malaysia. We thought long and hard before visiting Legoland Malaysia and, in fact, decided against visiting on our first visit to Johor Bahru when our kids were 1 and 2.

I think this was the right decision when they were that young. On the upside, kids under 3 are free (except there is a mandatory swim nappy fee at the Water Park), but on the downside there are height restrictions and it’s going to be limited what young toddlers and babies can do.

Legoland Malaysia drivign school
The driving school is a hit with our kids

There is a pamphlet available of activities specifically for two year olds and is quite long thanks to there being many play areas and Lego tables by rides for younger siblings. I would not hesitate to take a 1 or 2 year old had I had older kids as well, but with just little ones, I am glad we waited for the next visit.

Legoland Malaysia rides height limit obviously varies based on the ride. If your kid is over 120cm then they are fine and can go on everything. Our tall 5 year old went on everything and loved it.

Many rides have a height restriction varying from 80 – 110cm. Our three year old was 105cm when we visited and missed out on a few things. If he had been less than 100cm, he would have missed a lot more and I think would have been unhappy. In saying that, usually the 100cm rides also have a minimum age limit of 4 but we went on anyway.

I’m waiting for my current 3 year old to hit 100cm before I take him for these reasons.

If you’re wondering how big is Legoland Malaysia, then the answer is: Big! There is a lot of walking at the main theme park so for younger kids, take a stroller or hire one there. We hired one for our three year old who was a runner (as in he liked to run away from us regularly so this made life easier!) and he fit fine. There is a lot of stroller parking.

On one of our visits, my wife was 19 weeks pregnant which really cut back what she could do.

Legoland Malaysia water park boat racing
We loved building boats and racing them at the Water Park

The Water Park is great for kids of all ages with toddlers having their own play area and they can easily float in the lazy river or use the wave pool with parents.

If your kids are older, then there’s no need to hesitate at all. I’m sure they will love Legoland Malaysia. If they are teens who want high action rides then there may be an issue, but even teens can love the Lego activities.

All in all, I highly recommend this park for families. It’s fantastic. The only reason to think twice is if all your kids are under 3 and you know you will get other opportunities to visit.

When To Visit Legoland Malaysia?

Weather-wise, Johor Bahru has a warm and wet tropical climate that’s similar to Singapore’s and there is little difference in the weather from month to month. That does mean that there can be showers or downpours at any time, and it’s a good idea to prepare for both rain and shine (bring both the sunscreen and wet weather gear) for your day at Legoland Malaysia.

I recommend looking up Malaysian and Singapore school holidays and avoiding them. Our last visit was mid January just after school goes back there but a holiday period in Australia and the parks were blissfully empty. We could basically stay on the rides as long as we wanted. At this time of year, we went on both a week day and a weekend. The weekend had more people but the lines were still basically non existent.

For busy days, consider the Hero Pass so you can skip lines. They recommend it for school holidays and particularly in June, July, August, late November and December.

Legoland Malaysia Miniland

How Many Days To Visit?

We love the 2-day combo pass and find 2 days is a great time limit to take it easy and also enjoy the features of the Legoland Hotel.

You need one day to visit the main park. You could squeeze in the Water Park or SEA LIFE too, particularly if you are just adults and will skip a lot of the attractions.

If you try to do it all in one day, you will be rushed, so the 2 day pass can be a much more relaxed option to take.

The combo tickets are great because you can go back and forth between the parks or exit and go eat and come back. If you buy just a one day ticket for one park, you can’t exit at all so this is something else to consider too.

Check out the ticket options here.

Where Is Legoland Malaysia?

Legoland Malaysia is located just outside of Johor Bahru about a 25 minute drive from the centre of Johor Bahru (JB) or an hour and a half from the centre of Singapore depending on traffic and how busy the border area is. You can see the exact Legoland Malaysia location on the map below.

It is easy to travel Legoland Malaysia and below we have exact information about getting from JB to Legoland, exactly how to get to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore as well as how to go to Legoland Malaysia from Kuala Lumpur.

Note that there is sometimes confusion about where Legoland is located – there is no Legoland in Kuala Lumpur. If you’re searching for Legoland Kuala Lumpur, know that you will have to travel to Johor Bharu to visit Legoland. The best way to get from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bharu is to drive, or you could take the bus (not recommended for a day trip). Scroll down for full instructions on how to get from KL to Legoland Malaysia.

If you are looking for the closest Legoland Malaysia airport, this is the Senai International Airport in Johor Bahru. However, you can go directly from Singapore International Airport to Legoland. It is further and will cost more, but depending on where you are coming from, this can be a valid option and is how we travel here from Australia.

Legoland Malaysia Map

Legoland Malaysia Map
Click the Map to open in Google Maps. You can then access directions to each of the locations discussed in this article.

How To Go From Johor Bahru To Legoland Malaysia

It’s quite easy to get to Legoland Malaysia from Johor Bahru. You can catch a taxi for the 25 minute-ish trip. The Grab app is a great way to get a taxi with a fixed price and no need to bargain.

There is also a bus from JB Sentral and JB Larkin from RM5.40. You can see details and timetables here.

If you are coming from the airport, you can book a shuttle directly to Legoland here.

Legoland Malaysia Land Of Adventures how to go Legoland Malaysia
Entering the Land of Adventures!

How To Go To Legoland Malaysia From Singapore

It’s quite possible to day trip from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia. You can do this on a Legoland Malaysia tour from Singapore (here’s one) or take a Legoland Malaysia bus.

There are many options for a bus to Legoland Malaysia. You can find them here. Make sure you pick an option dropping you off at Legoland itself.

You can also take an easy Legoland Malaysia shuttle bus to Singapore which only stops in two places in Singapore which helps make this journey faster. Click here for more details.

This is the option I most recommend for a combination of ease plus time at the Legoland. The day tour above can take longer to get there cutting your time short.

Note, these options may not all be available when you are reading this as the border gets back to “normal” following all the closures.

The Singapore to Legoland Malaysia travel time really depends on traffic, where in Singapore you are coming from and how quickly you get through the border area. An approximate time driving or in a taxi from the middle of Singapore is an hour and a half if it’s a good time of day. The travel time from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia on a bus will be longer with everyone needing to pass through immigration on both sides of the border.

You can take a taxi to make it ultra easy. This way you can drive through the border and do checks from within the car. You can get a taxi from the Queen Street Bus Terminal in Singapore for SG$70. It’s also possible to book a private transfer from your Singapore hotel directly to Legoland starting from SG$110.

You can find full instructions for how to get to Legoland from Singapore here. If you are looking for a Legoland package from Singapore, read this article.

How To Go From Kuala Lumpur To Legoland Malaysia

First of all, Kuala Lumpur is not that close to Legoland Malaysia and I wouldn’t recommend this on a day trip. However, it is possible and quite easy for people who are short on time and don’t mind a long day.

Legoland Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur is a 3.5 hour drive. If you do this, I recommend either a private car (preferable – you can book one with a driver here) or a special shuttle that takes you straight from KL to Legoland Malaysia (see prices and schedules here). There is plenty of Legoland Malaysia parking once you reach here.

You can also book a day tour to Legoland Malaysia here which cuts out the need to buy a ticket to Legoland as well.

It’s also possible to take a regular public bus to Johor Bahru from Kuala Lumpur (find the prices and timetables here) and then a local bus to Legoland. However, I definitely do not recommend this for a day trip. You will waste too much time. This is how you could do it if staying in Johor Bahru though.The train from KL to Johor Bahru is not direct, so that is also a far more time consuming way to reach JB.

Other Legoland Malaysia Tips

Legoland Malaysia Water Park water slides and some tips Legoland Malaysia
Some of the water slides in the Water Park

Here are some final tips for visiting Legoland Malaysia:

  • Start your visit by looking at the weather forecast and any weather recommendation signs displayed at the entry to the theme park. Use this to help plan your visit.
  • If rain is forecast, do outdoor attractions at the Legoland theme park first. The map you get on entry shows you which attractions are indoor. I recommend doing a circuit of the park doing the outdoor attractions and then another doing the indoor ones when it starts raining.
  • If it starts raining, I recommend getting to the Imagination Land as quick as you can where there is the 4D cinema and other activities to do indoors.
  • Take wet weather gear. There are ponchos for sale inside the park if you get stuck.
  • If you have a combo ticket, you have the option to exit the park for more food options outside.
  • With a one park ticket, you can’t re-enter if you leave the park so don’t exit until you are done.
  • You can take your own food to save money.
  • I only saw one woman at the Water Park not wearing a t-shirt style swim suit so you may not feel comfortable in a bikini (but it’s allowed).
  • As for a Legoland Malaysia dress code, you must wear proper swimming attire at the Water Park and no wet suits. Wear comfortable shoes for the theme park – you will do a lot of walking and be mindful that it’s hot and humid and dress appropriately.
  • Take plenty of sunscreen.

Where To Stay At Legoland Malaysia

Although you can 100% visit Legoland Malaysia in a day trip from Singapore, I don’t recommend it if you can avoid it. It’s a long day and it’s cheaper, easier and much more fun to stay on site! Plus if you have kids who love Lego, why not extend the fun and stay in the Lego hotel that’s right next door?

Legoland Malaysia Hotel

Legoland Malaysia Hotel is amazing!

Legoland Malaysia Hotel is the ultimate Lego experience for Lego fans as we show in this Legoland hotel Malaysia review. Not only is it located right at the theme park, but it has cool Lego themed rooms, activities, Lego character meet ups and is just a lot of fun. In fact, this is my favourite hotel in Malaysia for families.

The rooms are built for families with two separate sleeping areas. One for adults and one for kids with a bunk bed, trundle and their own TV. The best part is that they come in a range of themes – you can choose between a pirate, kingdom, Ninjago or adventure theme.

Pirate Room

Throughout the day, there are scheduled activities from dance parades to meeting your favourite character to nightly movies. There is also a cool treasure chest in your room that you can open by solving puzzles!

The hotel also has a swimming pool, Lego themed play area and restaurant. It’s unreal!

Click here to check dates and latest prices.

You can also stay in Johor Bahru and commute. Here are my picks for the best hotels near Legoland.

Final Thoughts

We LOVE Legoland Malaysia. It’s so much fun, it’s a beautiful park and it’s perfect for families. From the rides to the pools to shows to building lots of Lego, we love it.

It’s been so great to get to visit it when it’s not crowded and this puts it way above any other theme park we have visited anywhere in the world (and we have been to a lot). It’s so easy spending two days here when you don’t have to worry about lines. Our daughter probably rode on roller coasters twenty times and that’s on top of us doing everything else possible.

Lego Kingdoms at Legoland malaysia
Exploring Lego Kingdoms

The Water Park is on the small side but it is a fun companion to the main theme park and, again, perfect for families. My only complaint about this is that there aren’t many shaded areas at this park to sit.

Legoland Malaysia is definitely aimed at kids and families. A couple of the roller coasters are thrilling but adrenaline junkies are likely to be disappointed.

And while I do recommend Legoland for adults, expect to get through it quickly if there aren’t crowds, don’t expect huge adrenaline rushes and expect that many activities and attractions won’t be for you.

It’s also in a very convenient location close to Singapore and I plan to visit here many more times in the future!

Ready to go? Make sure you save money and get Legoland Malaysia discount tickets here now.

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I hope you enjoyed this blog Legoland Malaysia. If you’re after Legoland Malaysia package offers click here.  Otherwise you can find more guides to discovering the surrounding Johor Bahru area here as well as a list of the best hotels in Johor Bahru here. If you want more attractions to visit while you are in Johor Bahru, read our full guide to things to do in Johor Bahru here.

Planning a trip to Malaysia? Have any questions? Join our Malaysia Travel Planning Facebook group here now! It’s the perfect place to ask any questions and to be inspired!

By Joshua

Joshua is an Australian who has fallen in love with Malaysia! He explores Malaysia at least a few times a year and has previously lived in Penang.