Legoland Hotel Review Malaysia: Everything You Need To Know About Staying Here [2024]

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Looking for the ultimate lego experience in Malaysia? You’ll definitely find it here!

As someone with two Lego-crazy sons, returning to Legoland Malaysia has been on our hit list for years, especially after our April 2020 trip was cancelled here.

This ensured we were especially excited when we finally got here, and there was nowhere else we wanted to stay except for the hotel at Legoland Malaysia, the Legoland Hotel.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia
Legoland Hotel Malaysia

We wanted the full Legoland experience so we stayed here three nights. Between this hotel in Legoland Malaysia and Legoland itself, we definitely had this.

If you are considering staying here and looking for Legoland Hotel Malaysia review blog opinions, that’s what you will find in this article.

Below, you will find our full Legoland Hotel review Malaysia. This details absolutely everything there is to know about staying here so you can make up your own mind if it’s worth staying at the Legoland Hotel for your family. I also share a quick video walk-through of the hotel so you can easily see what it is like.

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Spoiler: This hotel is fantastic and the only place you should stay with your Lego fans 🙂

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Legoland Hotel Review Malaysia

Legoland Hotel Malaysia
Legoland Hotel Malaysia

This Legoland Malaysia Hotel review is only about the hotel. If you are looking for a full review of Legoland theme park, water park and SEALIFE aquarium, click here instead.

I stayed here with my two kids aged 6 and 11 at the time.


Legoland Hotel Malaysia map
Click the Map to open in Google Maps. You can then access directions to each of the locations discussed in this article.

Address: 7 Jalan LEGOLAND, Bandar Medini Iskandar Malaysia, 79250 Iskandar Puteri (Nusajaya), Johor, Malaysia

The Legoland Hotel is located adjacent to the theme parks – you can’t miss the colourful building when you come here. In addition to being as close as possible to Legoland Malaysia, there are some restaurants and shops in the surrounds so you’ll have everything you need.


Legoland Hotel Malaysia The cool reception area full of Lego-making play areas
The cool reception area full of Lego-making play areas

We were all very excited when we pulled up to the hotel after waiting for this for so long.

The reception was full of families having fun in the great Lego areas in front of us – the big castle and ship with plenty of Lego.

We soon found out why so many people were here. They were saying no check-in until 4pm (it was about 1:30pm). We did the formalities which included a RM500 deposit and the usual hotel tax charge and then were able to leave our bags at a huge baggage area.

Waiting was no problem as there is so much to do on this bottom floor (read facilities section coming up), but it was a little annoying how there was no talk of a room before 4pm.

We went to eat lunch at the shopping centre at the entry to Legoland. This was a little tricky initially to work out how to get to it as, even though it was right next door, it wasn’t obvious where to go.

We ended up getting in a lift and working out the entrance to Legoland was two floors below. Once we go there, it was easy to work out. It was sad to see how few things were open in there post-pandemic though.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia
Lego model in the ground floor area

After getting back to our hotel, there was plenty of Lego to play with. I tried to log into wifi and when I couldn’t, I asked for help and ended up finding out our room was ready an hour early. Yay!

The journey to our room was fun. This time, we had an elevator that had disco lights and it was playing “Everything is Awesome” like in the Lego movie.

It was perfect and we had a little dance. We were so happy to be here!

When we got to our floor, the hallway was all themed too. Our entire floor was adventure themed, just like our room, from the time we hopped out of the elevator.

Everything was indeed awesome!


Legoland Hotel Malaysia Our adventure-themed hallway
Our adventure-themed hallway

There are basically three different room types at the Legoland Malaysia Hotel with four different themings to choose from.

The themes are:

  • Adventure – think maps, Egyptians, Indiana Jones, all in Lego of course
  • Pirates – skulls and crossbones, boats and islands
  • Kingdom – castles, crests and magicians
  • Ninjago – ninjas and everything Lego Ninjago

The room types are standard (just named with their theme), premium and suites.

Standard rooms have a main bedroom with a king-sized bed, kids’ room (with bunk beds and a trundle so they sleep five) and a bathroom. Premium rooms are similar but have extra theming, primarily in the main bedroom.

Suites are much bigger and have a separate living room with plenty of seating, two bathrooms and the kids’ bedroom has two bunk beds each with a trundle bed. Up to eight people can stay in these rooms.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Our chest with a Lego surprise
Our chest with a Lego surprise

There is also a pirate themed deluxe room which can also sleep up to eight people, but it doesn’t have the living area.

In all rooms, you’ll find air-conditioning, two TVs, tea and coffee making facilities, toiletries and a special chest which has a numerical lock.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Adventure themed room Some fo the room service menu and the questions to open the safe
Some of the room service menu and the questions to open the safe

The chest is extra cool. The kids have to go on a quest in the room to work out the code. When they do, they’ll find a Lego toy for each of them inside. All rooms have a play wall as well although this was nothing much.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia minecraft and friends lego in chest
The Lego in the chest when we got it open. My boys were not happy with a Friends set, but we were able to switch it

Not all themes are available in each room type.

Adventure Themed Room

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Adventure themed room entry
Entry to our Adventure themed room

We stayed in the adventure themed standard room. We loved it!

On entry to the room, there was an ironing board to my left and then the safe, bottled water, tea and coffee making facilities and drawers and shelves. There was also a big box of Duplo.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Adventure themed room Duplo, tea and coffee making facilities and gowns for the family
Duplo, tea and coffee making facilities and gowns for the family

Next to this was hanging space and four dressing gowns. I loved there were kid dressing gowns but they were quite small and not really big enough for even my 6 year old. Still, they looked cute! There were also adult and kid sized slippers.

The adventure theming started straight way with the cool carpet.

The bathroom was to my right. It was great. There was a shower, toilet and two basins – one lower for kids and an adult one.

There was also plenty of toiletries and towels.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Adventure themed room Bathroom

The adventure theming continued with the mural you can see in the photo as well as a Lego hat and big spider on the wall around the door.

Next up after the bathroom was the kids’ room in the middle. There was a suitcase stand on the side of this and the chest pictured above where the kids could find their Lego.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Adventure themed room Kids room
Kids’ room

More importantly, there was a bunk bed with the trundle bed under it. Opposite the trundle bed was a flatscreen TV, the “play wall” (just some spinning pictures that you can make) and plenty of Lego theming.

This whole area was themed really well and the kids were in absolute heaven. There were plenty of Lego characters as well as pictures and murals on the walls and the bed.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Adventure themed room Kids room
Kids’ room

Finally, there is a (lockable) door with slats to the main bedroom. This room is spacious and also adventure themed with a big king-sized bed, a desk area with a minifridge under and a big arm chair. There’s also a huge flatscreen TV, coffee table, lamp and window.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Adventure themed room Main bedroom
Main bedroom

Unfortunately, we did not have a view in the park direction, but it was still a view of apartment buildings 🙂

There was climate control with its own settings in both the kids’ room and the main bedroom. The main bedroom was a little on the warm side during the day though.

The whole room was very well presented and clean. It really used its space well and seemed quite spacious, comfortable and fun. It was also very quiet and we all LOVED it!

I’m also especially happy that the rooms are built for five. While I didn’t have my whole family with me this time, it is often frustrating how often we can’t stay at a cool hotel because they won’t accommodate families our size.

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Legoland Hotel Malaysia huge reception area with Lego play areas
The huge reception area with Lego play areas

There is some great Lego theming around the Legoland Malaysia Resort Hotel which makes for lots of fun for Lego fans. Just taking the elevator is an experience!

The first thing we noticed when we arrived was the big lego buildings in the reception area. This was a castle and a ship. Surrounding these were big Lego pits and many kids getting creative.

There was also a stage in this area where some of the entertainment took place.

Make sure you also spend some time at the concierge wall behind the reception desk. There are over 12,000 minifigures here! It’s a shame you can’t stand that close to it though to really check out the minifigures.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia minifigures in the reception area
So many minifigures in the reception area

This is not all that’s on the ground floor of the hotel.

There is a Lego shop with Lego sets, clothes and other related Lego souvenirs. One of my kids needed a new rash vest, so I bought it here.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Lego shop
Lego shop

There are two parts of the shop, but it’s not all that big and it did help build the anticipation for the huge shop we would see at the theme park the next day.

Walking on from this was another Lego play area with huge bricks before the Coffee @ Bricks coffee shop and the other restaurants.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia The big bricks play area
The big bricks play area

There’s also a big luggage area.

It’s easy to be entertained in this area for quite awhile with Lego-mad kids.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia pool
The pool area was under maintenance

There is a swimming pool, but sadly it was closed during our visit. I wasn’t very happy about this and given there is a whole water park next door, I feel like something could have been worked out for hotel guests. I’m not sure I would have booked three nights here had I known. Luckily, I didn’t as I am glad we stayed that long.

Then, finally, there are the theme parks and SEALIFE aquarium – the main attractions.

These all have extra charges and are right next to the hotel. You simply have to take the elevator down to the lowest level and then you are ready to enter the parks.

There wasn’t any type of discount to get park tickets here which is a shame. We bought our tickets on Klook for 10% off.

You can buy discounted Legoland tickets here as well.

Entertainment And Activities

Dance time at Legoland Hotel Malaysia
Dance session at Legoland Hotel Malaysia

There are a range of activities and events throughout the day at the hotel. On check-in, we were given the schedule. You can see this below:

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Activity schedule
Activity schedule
Legoland Hotel Malaysia Activity schedule
Activity schedule

We went to a few different things and everything was well run and worked well. The character meet and greets were fun minifigure characters. My boys got into the dance session.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Character meet and greet
Character meet and greet

Of course, it can be hard to do much as the call of the surrounding theme parks is strong 🙂


Legoland Hotel Malaysia Bricks Restaurant
Bricks Restaurant

When we did this review, Legoland Hotel Malaysia had three different restaurants on the ground floor of this hotel so you won’t go hungry. In addition to this, there is room service and Di Mattoni, an Italian restaurant. Di Mattoni is currently closed indefinitely.

Bricks is the main restaurant and where breakfast is served. Our booking included breakfast. It was fantastic. There were so many food areas, so much variety and it was generally quite good. I especially loved the vegetarian noodles and the kids loved the waffles and mini croissants.

There are also fun Lego models in here, and the staff were very responsive and helpful.

At check-in, you do have to select a time for breakfast. It was 7am, 8am, 9am or 10am. You don’t have to be there right on the dot of your time, but you have 45 minutes once you entered. This seemed to work well as this hotel had a lot of people staying here, and we had no problems getting into the restaurant.

This was in huge contrast to our next hotel, Hard Rock Desaru, where they didn’t have such a system and we waited over 30 minutes to access breakfast. So I am very glad they had this system.

This restaurant was also hosting a Nusantara Buffet Dinner nightly when we were there, and they are also open for lunch. It’s pricey though.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Coffee @ Brick
Coffee @ Brick

Additionally, there is Kai’s Sushi Bar, which is in the back of Bricks, and Coffee @ Bricks, a cafe with coffee and cakes in front of the main restaurant.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia cakes at Coffee @ Brick
Cake anyone? Coffee @ Brick

Room service was a reasonable price with a good range. We had this on our first two nights. Unfortunately, the second night, they did not bring my dish and when I asked, it turned out they were out of salads. I wish they had said this when I had ordered.

Legoland Malaysia Hotel Video Review And Walk-Through

Below, you can watch our experience at Legoland Malaysia Hotel as we walk you through the great Lego areas, show you some of the activities and all of our great adventure-themed room.

It’s a quick and easy way to see what to expect at Legoland Hotel Malaysia. You can also see an overview of visiting the theme park, water park and SEA LIFE.

Watch it below and subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

Final Words

We loved staying at Legoland Malaysia Hotel, and we only really have great things to say in this Legoland Malaysia Resort review. My room service muck up was the only problem.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia hotel exit to the theme park
Walking out of the hotel to the theme park, the Lego mood continues 🙂

The staff were friendly and helpful, in general. The hotel is so well presented and just such crazy fun.

Staying here for three night felt crazy luxurious, and we loved it. It was so easy to pop in and out from the theme parks too. We went back to our room in between visiting the main theme park and the water park and that was quick and easy.

We still miss the elevators when we hop in other ones! I want to dance to “Everything is Awesome” every time I get in an elevator now!

I can’t wait to stay here again. My kids keep trying to get me to commit to a date!

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As I said above, it was cheaper to buy tickets to Legoland itself through Klook. Click here to find your discounted park tickets now.

I hope you found this Malaysia Legoland Hotel review useful. Find our full guide to visiting the Legoland theme parks here. Looking for other accommodation options in Johor Bahru? Find our full hotel guide here. You can also find our full guide to things to do in Johor Bahru here and all our guides to Johor Bahru here.

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