17 Fun Things To Do In Taiping, Perak

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Going on a Taiping trip and want to know exactly what to do in Taiping, Malaysia? We have you covered! Below you will find our guide to all the best and interesting places in Taiping to plan your ultimate trip.

Taiping, once a centre of the Perak mining industry, was originally home to British and Chinese miners who transformed the city into a boom town of millionaires. Leaving behind a legacy of British colonial buildings, today the city is a joy for tourists searching for an off-route adventure.

The capital of Perak from 1876 to 1937, the majority of original settlers were Chinese with a Malay and Indian minority – thus you’ll still see today many signs in Chinese. Popular with domestic tourists, especially over weekends, global visitors remain mostly unaware of Taiping’s charms.

Yet with beautiful Lake Gardens and the splendour of Bukit Larut in the background, it’s fair to say that there are few places in Malaysia which match the splendour of Taiping. Meaning “ever-lasting peace” in Chinese, Taiping exudes exactly that.

View of Lake Gardens and Taiping from Novotel Taiping hotel room
View of Lake Gardens and Taiping from Novotel Taiping hotel room

One of the city’s many claims to fame is the dubious title of ‘rainiest city in Peninsular Malaysia’, yet this only leads to the town being extremely lush, with thriving tropical rainforest vegetation. A paradise for nature lovers, and anyone looking to avoid large cities and shopping malls, the town recently ranked as the 3rd most sustainable city in the world.

Just one hours drive from Ipoh, through some of the most breath-taking highway scenery in Peninsular Malaysia, there are so many things to do in Taiping Malaysia. This understated gem is rich in history, good food and scenic views of hills, lakes and centuries-old rain trees… with almost all within walking distance!

Below, you will find everything you need to know about all the best places of interest in Taiping including the best place in Taiping where you’ll find the top Taiping food attraction as well as all the best Taiping tourist attractions for your ultimate holiday!!

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Top 17 Fun Things To Do In Taiping, Perak

Here are the best Taiping things to do options. Read through and select the ones that fit your interests and timeframe.

Stroll At Taiping Lake Gardens

Lake Gardens Taiping
Lake Gardens

The most famous Taiping Perak attraction, Lake Gardens opened more than a century ago in 1880, and was at that time Malaysia’s first park. Originally a tin mine, the park was created with ten artificial scenic lakes and is surrounded by mist-covered hills, with Bukit Larut dominating the horizon.

Located to the east of the city centre, over the decades the 160-acres of park have been meticulously maintained with the addition of a jogging track and Taiping Zoo. Meandering paths lead to lotus ponds, bridges and viewing points.

Resembling an English country park, there exudes a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. Locals spread out picnics under the large shady trees, spending lazy afternoons soaking up the natural beauty of the park. And you’ll also find a rock garden, a zig-zag bridge, a garden clock tower, an oblong pond, Swan Lake, Duck Island and Bamboo Point. There is a lot to discover, if you have the energy!

Huge ancient rain trees (or Pukul Lima trees) with colossal circumferences – mostly planted in 1884 – line the lakes. Their branches stretch from one end of ring-road Jalan Pekeliling into the waters. Reflected in the calm lakes these make for stunning photos.

Everywhere you look, you’re surrounded by tropical plants, flowers, trees and wildlife. Gardens consist of West Lake, South Lake and Jungle Lake. Plus, there’s a number of smaller lakes and ponds, all linked by the footpaths and pretty bridges.

For the young at heart, there are newer Taiping Lake Garden activities such as a roller-skating rink, paddleboat rides, bicycle hire and a modern playground. For those interested in heritage buildings, you’ll find nearby the Old Residency – formerly the home of the Secretary to the Resident – the Raja’s House and army officers residencies.

With no fences or walls, the Park simply merges into the town and the nearby attractions of Taiping Zoo, Taiping War Cemetery and the base of Bukit Larut.

One of the most beautiful spots in the country, no visit to Taiping is complete without spending time at Lake Gardens. Visit early morning to see locals jogging, afternoon when the park is at its busiest, or early evening when some of the bridges are beautifully illuminated.

Open 24 hours and with free admission, don’t miss this top Taiping famous place.

Address: Jalan Pekeliling, Taman Tasik Taiping, Taiping, Perak

Visit The Taiping Zoo And Night Safari

Taiping Zoo
Giraffes and more at Taiping Zoo

Another well known Taiping attractions place, the Taiping Zoo and Night Safari opened way back in 1961. Over the years the occupants have grown so that the zoo is now home to more than 1,300 animals!

We all know that animals are happiest in the wild but unlike many Asian zoos the animals here are cherished and well taken care of.  In fact the Zoo now doubles as a conservation and research centre, with particular focus on increasing the population of endangered species such as orangutans. One of the major zoological parks in Malaysia, Taiping Zoo covers over 36-acres and is located within Lake Garden.

You’ll delight at seeing many orange-hairy primates, crocodiles, rhinos and more of the 180 species that include amphibians, mammals and reptiles. The zoo is filled with streams, ponds and flowers, all helping to recreate a natural habitat for the occupants.

There are many exhibits to explore. Yet they seem to be set in a completely random order! You’ll find a large and lush African savannah, plus an African section with a large lake – for Nile hippopotamus and African lions. There’s also an Australian-themed region with emu, wallaby and more.

Visit by day to explore the zoo on the small train (great for escaping the beating sun) and join in with animal-feeding times, and return after dark for the exciting Taiping Night Safari – the only zoo that offers such within Malaysia. Under the evening sky, look out for leopard cats and nocturnal animals such as Asian small-clawed otters and short-tailed mongoose.

The train ride round the zoo is included, and we found it the perfect way to get an overview of the zoo and to work out what we wanted to walk in the hot heat to return to. It’s not the most peaceful way to explore the zoo though.

We found this a really excellent zoo with lots of primates (only viewable during the day) and many unusual animals such as white-handed gibbon, black panthers and sun bears.

The Night Safari is great fun, when everything is bathed in light that resembles strong moonlight, really capturing the beauty of the natural environment. Altogether a wonderful Taiping place to visit at any time of the day!

Open 8am-11pm daily.

Address: Jalan Taman Tasik Taiping, Taman Tasik Taiping, Taiping, Perak

Check Out Perak Museum

Perak State Museum, Taiping

One of the first stops in any new town should always be the local museum to start forming an idea of the history and customs of the region. And the Perak Museum doesn’t disappoint!

The oldest museum in Peninsular Malaysia, the Perak Museum is filled with early collections of ethnological and anthropological items. Rich in archaeological and historical items too, this is a fabulous museum for such an off-tourist route city.

You’ll discover exceptional collections – some over a hundred years old – of animal species, with some skeletons extremely rare or from extinct animals. Displayed across four galleries the exhibits are housed in a beautiful building that is itself worth a visit.

Ironically, we felt resembling Hong Kong Disneyland’s Hotel, the white colonial structure is the real thing having been built in 1883 in traditional British architecture art-deco style.

Our favourite collection was the Nature Gallery, with different types of animals, birds, fish and insects. Even some of the exhibition cases here are said to be well over 100 years old! And check-out the taxidermy displays too, with creatures set in life-like jungle dioramas (basically a zoo of stuffed animals!).

Next up is the Cultural Gallery that showcases handicrafts and weaving by Malays, especially focused on the Perak region. The Indigenous People Gallery focuses on tribes such as Proto Malay, Senoi and Negrito.

There’s a rather astonishing display of clothes made from wood pulp – probably unique to this part of the world – and awesome indigenous masks, traditional music instruments and stunning sculptures. Plus, you’ll learn a little about medical and magical tribal ceremonies!

In the grounds of the museum, you’ll find an eclectic number of vintage cars displayed, such as a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1964, a 1930s Bedford Lorry and a Star Motor Company circa. 1920’s car to name just a few.

Plus, there’s a Perak State Railway Company 19th century steam engine, a Malaysian air force jet fighter and an old anchor from the Straits of Malacca. A strange hotch-potch of items but a delight to view – especially for youngsters!

Quite honestly you could spend half a day here, if not longer, as it’s a stand out interesting place in Taiping Perak. A wonderful museum that is more fitting for a capital city!

Open Tuesday-Sunday, 9am-5pm, don’t miss this top attraction in Taiping.

Address: Jalan Taming Sari, Taiping, Perak,

See The War Cemetery

Taiping War Cemetery
Taiping War Cemetery

Taking a rest from the fun activities of Taiping, a visit to the Taiping War Cemetery is a somber affair yet one of the essential places to see in Taiping. The final resting place of Allied personnel who were killed during WW2, the cemetery was commissioned and is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Over 850 WW2 casualties are interred here, including more than 500 that remain unidentified. Divided into two parts with the road passing through the middle, you’ll find Christian graves on the south-eastern side and non-Christian (such as the Gurkha graves and Muslim graves that are aligned facing Mecca) on the opposite side.

Where known, the name of the soldier is marked on the white granite headstone with their regimental insignia. Nationalities are thought to include British, Australian, Chinese, Malaysian and those of Gurkha heritage.

Notable known graves include that of Royal Air Force Squadron Leader, Arthur Stewart King Scarf VC, one of the RAF’s first fatalities in Malaya and who was awarded the Victoria Cross posthumously.

Spotless and extremely well cared for, the cemetery lies 2 kilometres south of Taiping, and is locally known as Perkuburan Peperangan Taiping. Clearly signposted on the main road from Taiping to Ipoh, it is open Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm, with the gates locked on weekends due to wild boar.

Drop By Taiping Railway Station

The first railway line in Malaysia opened in June 1885 and ran between Kuala Sepetang (Port Weld) and Taiping – due to the city being the heart of the tin-rich Larut in Perak. Only 13 kilometres in length, the line was needed to transport tin from the mines to the coastal port.

Unfortunately the original Taiping Railway Station has since been destroyed but today’s modern station is located next to the station that was in operation from the early 1900s.

Visitors can explore the old station which has an almost timeless interior. On display are many old machines used over the last century, along with a gallery that explains 33 things that happened first in Taiping. Well worth a look to discover the legacy of this small town that truly has many great firsts for Malaysia!

And, if you have time, travel the short distance to the end of the line at Port Weld where you’ll find a charming fishing village. Though the railway line was dismantled in the early 1980s, the old ticketing booth is now a Chinese coffee shop and the original railway sign board can still be viewed. From Port Weld, there’s a wonderful river cruise where you can hope to view monitor lizards, monkeys and even crocodiles!

Take A Snapshot Of The Taiping Colonial Clock Tower

Taiping Clock Tower
Taiping Clock Tower

Taiping has some of Malaysia’s best examples of British colonial architecture and the Taiping Colonial Clock Tower is without doubt high on that list.

Standing proud in front of modern buildings, the Clock Tower looks almost out of place with its white-washed walls. Back in 1881, it was originally built of timber, yet only ten years later was rebuilt with bricks.

Over the years the building has been a fire station, merchant exchange, auction centre and a police station, but today it’s a tourist information centre with helpful maps and leaflets to ensure you find your way to many of the Taiping attraction places!

Address: 55, Jalan Kota, Taiping, Perak

Cool Down With Some Delicious Cendol

Ansari Famous Cendol in Taiping
Ansari Famous Cendol

Exploring Taiping can be hot and thirsty work so I have the perfect antidote.

Simply pop by Ansari Famous Cendol and have an icy delight.

These cheap, refreshing treats are made up of shaved ice (you can see them chipping it from ice blocks), pandan-flavoured green rice flour jelly, coconut milk, palm sugar syrup and various other items.

I’m not even sure exactly what I ordered but it was great! Only a couple of ringgit too.

Address: 92, Jalan Barrack No.2 Medan Simpang, Simpang, 34000 Taiping, Perak

Try The Self-Guided Taiping Heritage Trail

Taiping Heritage Trail map
Taiping Heritage Trail map

To gain a feel for historic Taiping, take a stroll along all or part of the 11.5 kilometres of the self-guided Taiping Heritage Trail. Including 40 Taiping interesting places and historical attractions, you can easily break down the trail into two or three smaller walking tours, ticking off the entire trail during your stay.

Historical monuments, architectural diversity and colonial buildings are on the menu – including many of those we’ve already highlighted such as the Taiping Clock Tower, Taiping Zoo, Perak Museum and the Railway Station. Others worth noting include the Anglo-Indian style Peking Hotel and the bustling Taiping Market.

Peace Hotel Taiping
Peace Hotel, great example of colonial architecture

There’s also an assortment of religious monuments to view, with Buddhist and Hindu temples, churches and mosques! One of the standout churches is perhaps All Saints Church on Taming Sari Street, said to be Perak’s oldest church and recently made a National Heritage Building. There’s also a Chinese Pagoda with its colourful interior and incense aroma, and the 19th-century Hosian Temple said to be Taiping’s oldest temple.

At each spot you’ll find an information board that highlights the history and significance of the building, making this an ideal self-discovery activity of all the attractions in Taiping!

I walked around the central part of this. Note that Taiping is unfortunately not the easiest city to walk around. I was glad I left the kids at the hotel as, often, I had to walk on the road. Some of the information boards are positioned so that you have to stand on the road to read them too.

Still, it’s easy to enjoy Taiping as you walk around and recommend you give it a go – at least for a little of it.

You can find the heritage trail here.

Hike Up Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill)

Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill) Taiping

One of our favourite activities in Taiping and one of the best places to visit at Taiping, Maxwell Hill is Malaysia’s smallest and first-ever hill station.

Stretching up to one thousand metres above sea level, you’ll appreciate the much cooler weather at this mountain top resort, a rare escape from the never-ending humidity!

Whilst in the town take a look at the surrounding hills that cut into the horizon and the highest point is Bukit Larut, Maxwell Hill. Overlooking beautiful Lake Gardens and the old town, a visit to the top is a must-do whilst in Taiping.

So, how to reach the top? Well, there are a couple of options:

  • by Government-owned 4×4 jeep (public cars aren’t allowed) – which is a cheap service of around RM10 per person.
  • under your own steam, hiking the often muddy jungle trails.

Taking approximately 5 hours, this isn’t a light-hearted stroll. The Gunung Hijau trail covers around 13 kilometres but you’ll see pretty tropical flowers along the way, such as a wide variety of orchids.

The trail is actually split into three sections, with the first part the only “wild” section, and the rest of the trail along a paved road to the top. Keep an eye out for Hut 3 where you’ll find a hidden waterfall that’s great for a rest! And from what we saw, mostly hikers choose to walk up and ride a jeep back down.

However you visit Maxwell Hill, ensure to dress for the occasion. Sadly known as the wettest place in Malaysia – it rains almost everyday – you’re almost guaranteed to get wet and muddy! Also, remember to bring some snacks and water with you as there is little to buy at the top.

The British established a small village at the peak, back in 1884. Today, colonial-style bungalows can still be found, giving the area an English flair. At the top, you’ll find landscaped gardens, a Hindu shrine and misty clouds, plus temperatures that – overnight – can drop to as low as 12 degrees celsius, ridiculously chilly for tropical Asia!

Address: Pegawai Penjaga Bukit Larut, Perak, 34000 Taiping

Enjoy Tranquility In Kamunting Lake Gardens

Kamunting Lake Gardens Taiping

20 minutes north of Taiping you’ll come across Kamunting Lake Gardens. Missing the sprawling feel of Taiping Lake Gardens, there are however fewer visitors here giving an incredibly peaceful atmosphere. In fact you’re more than likely to feel that you have the entire place to yourself!

A 31-acre park, there are various gazebos, open lawns and meandering paths to take you round the manicured lawns. Away from most tourist routes, Kamunting gives you a chance to see locals at play or exercising in the cooler air and families enjoying the small playground after school.

As per Lake Gardens, the still waters reflect to dazzling effect the surrounding trees. With an almost constant misty haze hanging over the park, it’s a beautifully relaxing space to picnic at. One of the more unknown Taiping Malaysia attractions, an afternoon here is magical!

Address: Jalan Pekeliling, Taman Tasik Taiping, 34000 Taiping, Perak

Have A Cup Of Coffee At Aun Tong Coffee Mill

Aun Tong Coffee Mill Taiping

Enjoy a cup of steaming hot joe at Malaysia’s oldest coffee mill, the Aun Tong.

This show-factory (in the centre of Taiping Town at Assam Kumbang) produces the Antong Cafe brand of coffee, along with locally brewed specials such as Ipoh and Durian. Established in 1933, today visitors learn how coffee is produced, roasted and processed, before having the chance to savour a tasty cup!

Free coffee sampling is your treat at the end of the short tour- probably in the hope that you’ll purchase a bag or two to take home. There’s also an adjacent shop that offers quality coffee powder, biscuits, and oddly has a small museum describing the history of Sun Yat-Sen, the Chinese philosopher and the first president of the Republic of China.

It seems the building was once the home of his Hong-Kong born mistress, Chen Cuifen, and if you check out the gardens you’ll find weirdly odd trinkets, murals and antiques relating to coffee-making and Sun Yat-Sen.

Open daily 8.30am-5.30pm except for Sundays, the factory is free to visit and therefore a low budget Taiping place of interest to drop by.

Address: No. 8A, Jalan Assam Kumbang, 34000 Taiping, Perak Darul Ridzuan,Taiping, Perak

See Perak’s Oldest Church: All Saints Church

All Saints Church Taiping

Located on Taming Sari Street on the outskirts of town, Perak’s oldest church originally opened in 1887. Becoming a National Heritage Building in 2012, the historical monument surprisingly withstood World War Two.

A wonderful wooden facade and intricately stained glass windows are displayed, with the overall effect resembling an old English cottage much more than a church! Gothic-inspired design contrasts with the rest of Taiping’s royal architecture, making this a unique sightseeing option in Taiping.

Still hosting Sunday Service, All Saints Church looks almost the same as it did a century ago. And whilst there, make sure you visit the graveyard full of beautifully crafted tombstones of European settlers and servicemen who never left Malaysia.

Altogether the site is one of Malaysia’s most precious heritage sites and is well worth exploring.

Address: Jalan Taming Sari, Taman Tasik Taiping, Taiping, Perak

Relax And Take A Dip In The Burmese Pools

Burmese Pool Taiping

Close to the foothills of Bukit Larut, legend tells that these pools were named after soldiers of the Burma Rifle Regiment who discovered them during the colonial era. Today, the Burmese Pools are one of the town’s most famous waterfalls and a popular spot for locals at the weekend.

Natural rustic pools are formed by streams that flow down from the hills of Bukit Larut, forming a fabulous middle-of-the-forest place for a refreshing dip. One of the few spots within Taiping where you can have a swim, this is one of the most popular things to do at Taiping! Do be careful though of the slippery rocks that surround the pools, but with the muggy tropical air you’ll be super glad for the cool waters!

To reach this magical spot, make your way through Lake Garden and look for sign boards towards the pool. A short drive on and you’ll come across the car park from which there’s just a short jungle trail to maneuver until you’re at the shallow rock pools.

Perhaps consider extending your stay by taking along a picnic and making an afternoon of it, whilst keeping an eye out for cheeky food-stealing monkeys!

Address: 153, Jalan 2, Taman Sentosa, Taiping, Perak

Explore Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve

Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve Taiping

Initially opened to educate locals on critically important mangrove ecology, over almost two decades the region has become a major ecotourism attraction. Now a major Taiping tourism place, it is the largest mangrove reserve in Malaysia.

Only 20 minutes from Taiping, you’ll find a crazy zig-zag of boardwalks that lead you through a swampy environment to small viewing platforms. Wonderful local flora and fauna thrives, and you can easily spend a whole day exploring as the reserve stretches almost 50km along the coastline!

Boasting over 28 mangrove species, 19 mammals and 155 species of birds, 112 species of fish, different stingray and a whopping 50 species of crabs, some visitors have even been lucky enough to spot Chinese white dolphins swimming along the river mouth!

Keep an eye out for cheeky otters, mud lobsters, and monkeys swinging through the trees. It’s also a resting place for migratory birds such as the Milky Stork, all the way from Siberia. There are inundated lakes that are feeding grounds for herons, storks and shorebirds. The tangled root systems of the mangroves are a natural nursery for shrimp and many species of fish that go on to live their adult lives in the ocean.

But don’t go home too early, as in the evening there’s also a magical fireflies river cruise!

Without a doubt one of the top ecological sites within Malaysia and slowly becoming the most famous place in Taiping, add this to your list of what to do in Taiping Perak!

Address: Kampung Kuala Sepetang, 34650 Kuala Sepetang, Perak

Shop For Souvenirs At Taiping Cross Street Bazaar

Taiping Cross Street Bazaar

Wondering what to do in Taiping at night? Here’s your answer! A riot of colour and sounds, Taiping’s energetic weekend night market at Cross Street is awesome.

Friday to Sunday every weekend more than 60 stalls open with souvenirs, handicraft and street food. Stretching off into the distance, the market curls along Alang Ahmad Street. Swarms of people browse the stalls in search of a great bargain or unique memento. And this being Asia, the air is full of tasty smells as Taiping satays on bamboo sticks grill on streetside bbqs.

Address: Jalan Alang Ahmad, Taiping, Perak

See Orangutans And Get Wet At Bukit Merah

Bukit Merah Laketown Waterpark Body Slides and Racer Slides
Body Slides and Racer Slides at Bukit Merah Laketown Waterpark

My favourite half day detour from Taiping is definitely to Bukit Merah for Orangutan Island and Bukit Merah Laketown Waterpark!

Located about 40 minutes drive from the centre of Taiping, there is a lot to enjoy about a visit here.

Bukit Merah Orang Utan Island Foundation is conservation facility in Malaysia dedicated to the protection and rehabilitation of the endangered orangutan. Often just called “Orangutan Island”, this foundation serves as a pivotal haven that not only protects orangutans but also educates visitors on the challenges these primates face due to deforestation and human activities.

This island can only be visited on tours which includes a ferry ride to and from the island and the chance to soak in the orangutans located here.

Click here to book in your tour for a discounted price.

Next door to the jetty, there is a small waterpark called Bukit Merah Laketown Waterpark. Visiting here is a great way to cool down and have some fun, especially if you are travelling with kids.

It’s not the biggest waterpark and is low key, but the entry is very cheap if you buy discounted tickets here, so it is very good value (as well as so much fun!).

Click here to read our full review to visiting this waterpark.

Address:  Jeti Pulau Orang Utan Bukit Merah, Jalan Bukit Merah, 34400 Semanggol, Perak

Day Trip To Kuala Kangsar

Ubudiah Mosque in Kuala Kangsar
Ubudiah Mosque in Kuala Kangsar

A great place to discover for a day trip from Taiping is nearby Kuala Kangsar. Less than 50 minutes away, the town – better known as the Royal Town of Perak – is teeming with historical sites and architectural splendour!

You’ll find plenty to keep you busy during your day including – the highlight – visiting the incredible Ubudiah Mosque. Sparkling gold and Italian marble domes are prominent against the lush backdrop of the green landscape. We found this majestic building truly one of Malaysia’s most stunning mosques.

Built by the command of Sultan Idris Murshidal Azam Shah in 1913, today you may explore inside but ensure you dress appropriately.

Another photographic spot of Kuala Kangsar is a rather strange one… Possibly the oldest railway bridge in Malaysia! Spanning the Perak River at Karai, the Victoria Bridge was constructed in 1897 and named after Queen Victoria.

You’ll want to also include a visit to Istana Kenangan, known as the Palace of Dreams. Previously the residence of the Perak royal family, this well preserved palace used to host royal ceremonies.

These days it’s home to the Perak Royal Museum, but most come to appreciate the unique architecture of Istana Kenangan, as it showcases traditional Malay craftsmanship – a wooden building constructed without iron nails. Instead of nails the walls are woven with wickerwood and embellished with immaculate carvings. From a distance, the shape of the Palace resembles a sword in its sheath so get your drones at the ready for some aerial shots!

Istana Kenangan, Kuala Kangsar
Istana Kenangan, Kuala Kangsar

Alongside historical buildings, Kuala Kangsar is also noted for being home to generations of traditional artisans, from Keris craftsmen and embroiderers (who used to serve the royal family), to labu sayong makers.

Labu sayong is a traditional water pitcher specifically moulded from the earth which – due to its slightly porous nature that cools the water – local villagers believe offers health benefits. These days, it’s rarely created by hand but in Kuala Kangsar you can try it yourself. Get your hands dirty at one of the local workshops and learn the art of making Labu Sayong!

Follow this by discovering the local blacksmith’s workshop. Pak Mazin, who is the fourth generation to continue on this trade, is happy to share his craft of making Keris – an ancient weapon said to have sacred powers… definitely one the children will enjoy!

And still there’s more – such as another blacksmith, Raja Shahriman Raja Aziddin, who turns iron pieces into artistic metal sculptures that mimic the human form, and Tekat Emas (Gold Thread Embroidery) demonstrations and hands-on weaving experiences.

You’ll definitely be feeling hungry after all that! And Kuala Kangsar will satisfy your taste buds with wonderful cafes and restaurants selling authentic kampung delicacies. Dive into Laksa Sarang Burung (a spicy noodles dish topped with a flaky, nest-like egg) or try Gulai Tempoyak (fish in fermented durian sauce).

End your visit with a cruise along the Perak River, a rustic, nature-filled experience. On the banks buffaloes snooze in muddy pools or graze in lush fields, monkeys sway in the trees, and fishermen are often seen casting their nets. A peaceful end to a wonderful day trip!

Places To Visit In Taiping, Perak Map

Things To Do In Taiping Perak map
Click the Map above to open it in Google Maps.

Best Place To Stay In Taiping

The wonderful thing about Taiping is that you can walk to almost all attractions. Therefore selecting your hotel location is not overly complicated.

However, there’s a surprisingly vast amount of accommodation options to choose from so to help you out we’ve listed below a few different places to consider. These include a budget, mid-range and more expensive option.

BEST – Novotel Taiping Review

Novotel Taiping
Novotel Taiping

Located just a couple of blocks from Lake Gardens in Taiping’s commercial district, it’s hard to get a better location than this. In moments, you can be at the Lake Gardens and there’s a great hawker centre across the road too. Add in the fact that Novotel Taiping is right above Taiping Mall, and you’ll love a stay at the 4-star Novotel Taiping.

This hotel has a variety of room types. All are comfortable, clean and modern. It’s a quiet and easy place to be with all rooms having air-conditioning, flatscreen TV, great sized bathrooms, desk area, tea and coffee making facilities and everything else you would expect from a great 4-star hotel.

If you pay for an upgraded room, you can also get great views over Lake Gardens. It’s worth the extra amount.

There’s also an outdoor swimming pool on a great deck area from which you can see the Lake Gardens. There’s an adjoining restaurant, a lobby bar, gym, small children’s playroom, 24-hour reception, in-room dining and more.

It’s a great value hotel, and your best option in Taiping.

Click here for the latest prices.

MID-RANGE – The Regency Hotel Seri Warisan Taiping Review

A good value, mid-range accommodation option, the Regency Hotel Seri Warisan Taiping is slap bang in the middle of the city centre.

Set back from Lake Gardens (only 4-minutes by car), the hotel is still in easy reach of all the main attractions and activities. Their 44 rooms come in various sizes including single/queen, twin and family rooms. Facilities include minibars, coffee makers, ironing boards, TV with satellite channels and free WiFi throughout the hotel.

Rates usually include a continental breakfast at the onsite restaurant, Sizzler, which is also available for lunch and dinner. Room-service is also possible and there’s a small coffee shop for a quick boost too!

The helpful Frontdesk staff are on hand 24/7 to help assist with your arrival/departure and tour bookings.

Definitely not the most attractive of hotels from the outside, this tower-style accommodation makes up for that by offering good service, comfortable rooms and a great restaurant… and an ideal location!

Click here for the latest prices.

BUDGET – Louis Hotel Taiping Review

You won’t miss the Louis Hotel Taiping, thanks to its external reds and yellows! A downtown location, which means that you’re close to the railway station and Taiping Mall, the hotel is our number one budget selection.

Newly renovated, modern and contemporary rooms come in deluxe, twin, triple and King. Quadruple rooms are also available for larger parties or families. Splurge on their King room with a spa bath for a great soak! Amenities in-room include a kettle, a hairdryer and TV with satellite channels. All rooms have a private bathroom with shower.

Facilities here include a 24-hour reception desk, complimentary WiFi and washroom toiletries, and a shared lounge.

Click here for the latest prices.

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How To Get To Taiping

Taiping train station
Taiping train station

It’s easy to get to Taiping by bus, train, taxi or car. If you have your own car, great! You are good to go.

If you don’t you can hire a car by clicking here.

The easiest way is to take a private taxi from anywhere in peninsular Malaysia. We can book a taxi for you with a safe and trustworthy local operator.

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If you’re coming from the airports of Kuala Lumpur or Ipoh, several bus lines travel regularly to Taiping and take approximately 2.5 to 4 hours.

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Taking the ETS (train) is also a great and fast option especially for budget travellers. It takes around 50 minutes from Ipoh and 3.5 hours from KL.

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Know exactly how to get to Taiping from Ipoh here or from KL here.

Taiping With Kids

It’s hard to fault Taiping for whatever age group, but children especially will have fun here – and learn a lot whilst doing it!

Taiping Zoo is the obvious start, home to animals from all corners of the globe and with fun interactive feeding sessions. And of course, you’ll need to return in the evening for the highly atmospheric Night Safari, seeing who can spot which nocturnal animal first!

Lake Gardens Taiping
My kids in Lake Gardens in Taiping

Next stop is the Perak Museum. Do I hear groans from the kids – not a museum, surely! But hey, don’t complain too quickly as you’re going to see lots of stuffed animals, spooky skeletons and mysterious masks, play on an old steam train and a Malaysian air force jet fighter! Oh yes, and sit at the helm of a Rolls Royce that’s fit for the Queen of England herself!

Moving on to Taiping Lake Gardens, kids can easily spend a good day here between the modern playground, the roller-skating rink, the paddle-boat rides on the lake and generally enjoying the wide expanse of the beautiful park.

Older kids getting a little bored? Well how about challenging them to hiking (at least part of it!) the trail up Maxwell Hill? Or let’s cool them off with a back-to-nature experience with a swim at the Burmese Pool. And all kids will love Bukit Merah Laketown Waterpark!

St George's School Taiping
St George’s School Taiping. A great example of colonial architecture

Final Words

Possibly not one you’ve heard of before, Taiping is a stop we highly recommend adding into any Malaysia Peninsular itinerary, and is a wonderful add-on to an Ipoh or Kuala Kangsar stay.

It has some great attractions and an off-the-beaten-track feel which makes it a great place to spend a couple of days when you’re in Malaysia. We have loved visiting here.

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By Sharon Gourlay

Sharon is a certified Malaysia travel expert and can't get enough of travelling and talking about Malaysia since she first visited 21 years ago. She travels around Malaysia multiple times a year both alone and with her kids. She used to call Penang home and especially loves this food paradise. Sharon also has a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies, a Certificate III in International Travel Sales and has been certified by Tourism Malaysia as a Malaysia Travel Expert. Through this site, she'll help you have the perfect trip to this amazing destination.