Taiping Travel Guide

Taiping is Perak’s second largest city, not far from Penang.

Like Penang, it offers great food, colonial architecture and street art. However unlike Penang, it is often ignored by foreign tourists meaning you can experience a more local version of Malaysia in a great environment without the crowds.

You can explore the architecture, visit the Perak Museum, eat whatever you can and check out Taiping’s famous Lake Gardens. There’s plenty to do for a couple of days fun exploration.

Lake Gardens Taiping
Lake Gardens

Below, we share everything you need to know for an excellent Taiping stopover!

Taiping Attractions

There are some fun activities and things to do while you are in Taiping even if you just have half a day. Find our guide below.

Taiping Acommodation

There are some great budget and midrange accommodation in Taiping. Find our guide below.

Taiping Travel

Taiping is easy to reach from most of peninsular Malaysia especially the western side thanks to being on the train line and in handy proximity to both Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Below, you can read our guides about how to get to Taiping.

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