Travelling to or from Senai Airport in Johor Bahru and need a hotel near Senai Airport? Excellent! We have all the best and closest options for a hotel near Johor Bahru Airport for you!

Senai International Airport is located away from central Johor Bahru so staying at the airport is an especially good choice for a late arrival or early departure. If you would like a budget hotel near Senai Airport you are in luck as there are many budget options nearby.

To help you pick your perfect hotel near Senai Airport, Johor Bahru, we don’t just have a list of all your options below but a comparison chart so you can easily compare the prices and how far each Senai hotel near airport actually is away. This way, you can book your perfect choice in moments and be all set for your trip!

Best And CLOSEST Hotel Near Senai Airport [2019]

We also have a map of the hotels near Senai Airport so you can see for yourself exactly how far away each option is.

If you don’t want to waste any time and simply want the best hotel near Senai International Airport which is right by the airport, click here and book the Perth Hotel now.

Otherwise, let’s start! Here are your options for a hotel or resort near Senai Airport!

Comparison Of Each Hotel Near Senai Airport

Name Stars Distance (km) Rating (/10) Price (USD) Book
Perth Hotel ★★★ 0.4km 8.0 $38 Click here
AB Inn Hotel ★★ 1.4km 7.2 $19 Click here
Carlsun Hotel 4.2km 8.3 $12 Click here
OYO 504 Hotel Aromas Kulai ★★ 4.7km 6.0 $12 Click here
Palazzo Hotel ★★ 4.8km 7.8 $16 Click here
Zenz Hotel ★★★ 4.8km 7.5 $20 Click here
Country Inn ★★★ 5.3km 7.6 $21 Click here
Corsica Hotel ★★☆ 5.5km 8.2 $46 Click here
Impiana Hotel Senai ★★★★ 5.2km 8.3 $40 Click here
Molek Regency ★★★★★ 18.5km 9.0 $28 Click here

Note: Prices for each hotel near Senai Airport, Johor Bahru do vary depending on factors such as how far in advance you book, the number of people and the time of year. The prices in the table above are meant to only be a rough guideline to help you compare. Click the book buttons above (or click here) to get the latest prices. 

List Of Best Hotels Near Senai International Airport

Perth Hotel ★★★

Excellent – 8.0/10

AB Inn Hotel ★★

Great – 7.2/10

Carlsun Hotel

Excellent – 8.3/10

OYO 504 Hotel Aromas Kulai ★★

Good – 6.0/10

Palazzo Hotel ★★

Great – 7.8/10

Zenz Hotel ★★★

Great – 7.5/10

Country Inn ★★★

Great – 7.6/10

Corsica Hotel ★★☆

Excellent – 8.2/10

Impiana Hotel Senai ★★★★

Excellent – 8.3/10

Molek Regency ★★★★★

Perfect – 9.0/10

Map Of Each Hotel Near Senai Airport, Johor Bahru

We hope you found your perfect choice of the Senai Airport accommodation. If you want more hotel options, find our list of the best hotels in Johor Bahru here. You can find all our Johor Bahru guides here.

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