The Most Fun In KL? Sunway Lagoon Review

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Heading to Kuala Lumpur and looking for an awesome day of fun? Need a KL Airport stopover alternative? Seen Sunway Lagoon advertised in a zillion places in Malaysia and wondering what it is?

Then this Sunway Lagoon blog review can help you!

The Sunway Lagoon Malaysia Theme Park is a large theme park located in Bandar Sunway (Sunway City) which is about half an hour from the centre of Kuala Lumpur or 45 minutes from KL Airport. This makes it an easy place to visit from Kuala Lumpur or when travelling around Malaysia.

Sunway Lagoon
Sunway Lagoon

If you are looking for an easy place to visit to have lots of fun, particularly for families, then you should definitely consider a day at Sunway Lagoon KL. From splashing in the Water Park to taking a Sunway Lagoon roller coaster to seeing white tigers, there are many things to do in Sunway Lagoon.

In this Sunway Lagoon review, I share with you what to do in Sunway Lagoon Kuala Lumpur Malaysia as well as give you information about how to go to Sunway Lagoon, where to stay and the best Sunway Lagoon promotion for the cheapest tickets. I also share my thoughts about whether you should visit Sunway Lagoon as well as tips so you have the perfect Sunway Lagoon trip.

Spoiler alert: Yes, I think you should visit Sunway Lagoon!

It’s also worth considering Sunway Lagoon as an alternative to a Kuala Lumpur stopover if you are stopping in this area for a couple of days. There are many hotels attached to the Sunway Lagoon Park Malaysia as well as a huge Sunway Lagoon shopping mall with activities and we have had fun three day breaks here.

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Otherwise, keep reading this Sunway Lagoon Malaysia review!

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The Most Fun In KL? Sunway Lagoon Review

Sunway Lagoon Review

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park Kuala Lumpur Essential Information

Sunway Lagoon
Sunway Lagoon information and entrance

Where is Sunway Lagoon located?

Sunway Lagoon Address: 3, Jalan PJS 11/11, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Sunway Lagoon opening hours: 10am – 6pm daily

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The Sunway Lagoon Resort Theme Park consists of six different lands with a variety of Sunway Lagoon activities. Below, I step through each land one by one sharing the highlights and Sunway Lagoon attractions at each to help you decide if this theme park is for you!

Note that although six lands can feel like a lot, they are generally on the small side and we found one day was enough to visit all of them and go on everything on our Sunway Lagoon rides list. We visited Sunway Lagoon with kids.

Amusement Park Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon bridge
Sunway Lagoon bridge is 428 metres long

The Sunway Lagoon Amusement Park is located by the Sunway Lagoon entrance so this is where we started our visit. It has a fun, Wild West theme.

This is where most of the Sunway Lagoon dry park rides are located, many suitable for young kids. You can spin around in Apache Pots, have fun on the Sunway Lagoon pirate ship, take it easy on the carousel or scream your lungs out on the roller coaster Sunway Lagoon.

There are a few other rides as well and this is a fun place to start the day. It’s all low key though so don’t expect thrills. It’s much better for families with younger kids.

There is also the Sunway Lagoon suspension bridge that takes you right over the lake part of the park to the other side when you are ready to hit the water attractions. It gives you great views of the park and claims to be the longest suspension bridge in the world. It’s definitely worth walking over.

Unlike many theme parks, we visited here on a weekday and did not line up for anything so it was easy to go on everything we wanted.

Kuala Lumpur Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon Scream Park

The Scream Park Sunway Lagoon Theme Park Malaysia is where adults should head to scream their heads off!

Located in the middle of the Amusement Park, this area primarily consists of a huge, haunted house (Zombie Lockdown) with some Ghostbusters theming. Although walking through here felt like I was in the TV show, The Walking Dead, with zombie actors ready to eat us at every turn!

The zombies do a great job and even though I mostly found it funny rather than scary, I still screamed a few times! It was different for my 8 year-old who was terrified, and it was a mistake to take her in.

The latest addition to this area is Sharknado Alive, based on the films by the same name. There are a few parts to this attraction from feeling like sharks are attacking you as you walk through a tunnel in 3D glasses to a shark dunk tank.

There is not much else here.

Sunway Lagoon Extreme Park

Sunway Lagoon flying fox
Sunway Lagoon flying fox over the pool area

The Extreme Park Sunway Lagoon is for teenagers and adults. It has more thrilling Sunway Lagoon facilities like the chance to go bungee jumping Sunway Lagoon, pedal boating, learn archery or go on a flying fox Sunway Lagoon.

You can also drive an ATV or go kart Sunway Lagoon.

A popular choice for people who really want to get the heart thumping is the G Force X Sunway Lagoon. You sit in a small capsule as you are propelled from 0 to 120 kilometres/hour in two seconds! It’s Asia’s highest sling shot ride and I’ll have to let you work out if this is awesome or not for yourself – I am too scared to try the Sunway Lagoon G Force X 🙂

The downside is that some of these attractions cost extra like the G-Force X and Bungy Jump.

Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park

Sunway Lagoon
A white tiger at KL Sunway Lagoon

If you need a moment to catch your breath after the rides in Sunway Lagoon Resort Malaysia, head to the Wildlife Park Sunway Lagoon. This is a small area but there are quite a few animals – with over 150 species.

The highlight of the Sunway Lagoon zoo is definitely the white tigers. These are albino Malaysian tigers and, at feeding times, you can see them up close behind a glass wall.

It’s worth looking at the feeding times on arrival at Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia so you can try to make some of them as this is when you get a really great view of the animals. The enclosures are on the small side but the animals seem well treated,

In addition to the enclosures, there is also a petting zoo area and a daily animal show.

While this area wasn’t as appealing to us as the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park rides and the Sunway Lagoon Water Park Malaysia, it is worth a walk through.

Sunway Lagoon Water Park

The surf beach Sunway Lagoon
The surf beach Sunway Lagoon

The Malaysia Sunway Lagoon Water Park Kuala Lumpur is lots of fun and the perfect way to cool down after a busy morning exploring the rest of the park..

There are fun and thrilling Sunway Lagoon slides as well as a big Sunway Lagoon surf beach where waves appear for an hour in the afternoon when we visited. You can try some actual Sunway Lagoon surfing here!

The Sunway Lagoon wave pool is a fun place to hang out when you want a rest from walking around. My favourite part is the sandy Sunway Lagoon beach here. There’s plenty of shade and facilities so you can relax and enjoy. If you need them, there are also plenty of choices for a locker Sunway Lagoon and plenty of Sunway Lagoon food if you get hungry.

The slides are fun though – you can race your friends, shoot down 15 metre drops and go on Malaysia’s longest water ride on the Vuvuzela with rapids and a launch from a tower 11 storeys high. More relaxing is the lazy river ride although this was disappointing because the tubes to float in cost extra and there is no current to push you around.

The Water Park Sunway Lagoon is probably the best part of the theme park and there are other pools in addition to the wave pool. For younger kids, there is also a great water playground.

If you would like to be a bit less wet, there is also a 5D movie you can watch – although there is a fair bit of water during this as well. Our 6 year-old found it scary thanks to fast movements, but it’s lots of fun for older people.

Sunway Lost Lagoon (Previously Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon)

Sunway Lagoon Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon
The massive water playground, SpongeBob Splash Adventure at Sunway Lost Lagoon

The Sunway Lost Lagoon is a must visit place on a Sunway Lagoon family day especially if you didn’t get wet enough at the Sunway Lagoon Water Theme Park! This was our favourite area with our family.

The Captain’s Splash is a particularly fun water playground, although if you have a young toddler, the Splish Splash playground area is shallower and may work better.

There are also Sunway Lagoon water slide options in this area which are more kid friendly (so less thrilling for adults), although there is also Monsoon 360 which takes you on a vertical free fall!

Our only complaint is that we visited this area with one adult and two kids. One kid didn’t want to do the rides which meant our daughter needed to do them alone. She was big enough for this but the problem was one required a minimum group size and another had a big two person ring which she couldn’t carry alone. This is a shame.

The biggest downside with this area is no eating options – so only plan to be here around lunch time if you bring your own food.

Sunway Lagoon surf beach
Sunway Lagoon surf beach

Sunway Lagoon Ticket Promotion

It’s easy to buy tickets on arrival at Sunway Lagoon but a much better option is to buy a Sunway Lagoon ticket online as it is much cheaper to buy a ticket through Klook before going.

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You can also buy an express pass with your Sunway Lagoon cheap ticket on Klook (called a Quack Xpress) which gives you the right to skip the line on 20 attractions and rides. I recommend this if you are visiting on a weekend or during Malaysian and Singaporean school holidays.

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Hotels Near Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Clio
Our room at the Sunway Lagoon, just moments walk away from the entrance of Sunway Lagoon Theme Park in Kuala Lumpur

As mentioned above, Sunway Lagoon is like its own city (and in fact the area is called Sunway City). There is a range of hotels right by the theme park and staying here is the best way to have an awesome time at the Sunway Lagoon Resort Kuala Lumpur.

There is the big Sunway Lagoon Pyramid Shopping Mall here with many restaurants as well as entertainment like ice skating and a cinema so it is a really easy place to stay as well.

Your hotel options are:

Click on the hotel names above for the latest prices. All of them are a good standard and will help you have a great time at Sunway Lagoon in Kuala Lumpur!

If you would prefer to not stay at Sunway Lagoon, Kuala Lumpur is just a short drive away and you can find more accommodation options here.

Sunway Lagoon beach and Sunway Lagoon how to get there
The beach at Sunway Lagoon. Our favourite part!

How To Get To Sunway Lagoon

It is easy to get here thanks to the Sunway Lagoon location being a short drive from both Kuala Lumpur and the airport. There are more details on exactly how to get from KL to Sunway Lagoon and the airport below.

From the shopping mall, Sunway Pyramid to Sunway Lagoon, the main entrance is just a short walk.

You can also do a day tour to Sunway Lagoon to make it super easy! Click here for more details.

Sunway Lagoon Map

The map Sunway Lagoon below shows the location of the theme park as well as the surrounding Sunway Lagoon hotels and shopping mall.

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park Location map
Click the Map to open in Google Maps. You can then access directions to each of the locations discussed in this article.

Kuala Lumpur To Sunway Lagoon

To get to Sunway Lagoon from KL, the easiest option is to take a taxi or drive yourself. Any taxi in Kuala Lumpur should take you. There is plenty of Sunway Lagoon parking at the Sunway Pyramid shopping centre and at Sunway Hotel Resort.

You can also take public transport. Depending on where you are in Kuala Lumpur, this can take a lot longer and I recommend a taxi if you can afford it or the shuttle service here.

You can take the KTM Komuter train from KL Sentral to Setia Jaya station and then take a bus on the BRT Sunway Line to Sunway Lagoon. The train takes about 21 minutes and runs about every 15 minutes. The bus is quick.

To make things extra easy, you can also do a full day Sunway Lagoon tour which includes transfers from KL and back again as well as theme park tickets, all for a discounted price. Click here for more details.

Sunway Lagoon swimming pool
A Sunway Lagoon swimming pool

KL Airport To Sunway Lagoon

From KL Airport, the best way to Sunway Lagoon is to take a taxi. There are coupon taxis that are easy to find and take.

On public transport, it is possible to take a train or bus to KL Sentral (more information about this here) and then take the train and bus as recommended from KL above.

Final Thoughts

Sunway Lagoon Water Park rides
So much fun in the wave pool

Our Sunway Lagoon Theme Park review found a very fun theme park! We had a great time exploring all the different lands.

The rides are fun but the highlights are definitely the water park areas at the main Water Park and Sunway Lost Lagoon. We could have easily spent the day in just those sections and this is what we will do next time we return.

The amusement park areas are good too, but nothing that special in my opinion. I recommend you go through them quickly and give yourself plenty of time for the water areas.

Sunway Lagoon is perfect for families and we enjoyed it a lot with our younger kids. I think it’s also great for adults and we did skip many of the attractions because they weren’t suitable for our kids – but there was still plenty for us to do so this is not a complaint, more just shows how much there is for all ages!

Sunway Lagoon
Sunway Lost Lagoon

One day is enough to visit all the main attractions as long as you aren’t stuck in lines. If you are going on weekends or school holiday periods, definitely consider getting the express pass.

The Theme Park Sunway Lagoon is also very well presented with plenty of greenery which keeps things cool as well as pretty. It did not feel like we were in the middle of a huge metropolis at all. It’s also definitely worth taking a walk over the suspension bridge for views over the whole park.

All in all, this is a great theme park for all ages and we highly recommend it!

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By Sharon Gourlay

Sharon is an Australian who has fallen in love with Malaysia! She explores Malaysia multiple times a year, often with her kids, and has previously lived in Penang.