If you are looking for a hotel near Pavilion KL, you are in luck. There are many great options for a hotel near Pavilion Mall Kuala Lumpur.

Pavilion Mall is an award winning shopping centre with more than 550 retail outlets and restaurants. It’s hard to stand out as a shopping centre with all the options in Kuala Lumpur, but the Pavilion does this with a location on the central Jalan Bukit Bintang and a huge complex with both indoor and outdoor sections as well a huge range of food choices. You can enjoy local food here or a range of dishes from all over the world.

From the Pavilion, there’s also access to other shopping malls like Lot 10 and Fahrenheit88. It’s also a central location and, if you are staying in one of these hotels near Pavilion Mall Kuala Lumpur, you are in a great spot to access all of Kuala Lumpur’s great attractions and things to do.

Best Hotel Near Pavilion KL For All Budgets [2021]

From luxury 5-star hotels to budget guesthouses, you can find a best hotel near Pavilion Bukit Bintang for you below! We first compare all the options for a hotel near Pavilion Mall KL and then give you a list of all your choices before showing them on a map so you can see exactly where they are.

If you want to book right now, the closest hotel is the Pavilion Hotel, right on top of the shopping mall. Click here for the latest prices now.

Otherwise, let’s go! Here’s your options for hotels around Pavilion KL.

Comparison Of Each Hotel Near Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Name Stars Rating (/10) Price (USD) Book
Pavilion Hotel ★★★★★ 8.8 $135 Click here
JW Marriott Hotel ★★★★★ 8.6 $119 Click here
The Westin ★★★★★ 8.2 $113 Click here
Grand Millennium Hotel ★★★★★ 8.1 $113 Click here
Hotel Ambassador 6.7 $29 Click here
Dorsett Kuala Lumpur ★★★★★ 7.9 $60 Click here
The Ritz-Carlton ★★★★★ 8.9 $140 Click here
ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur ★★★★ 8.0 $84 Click here
Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre Hotel & Residences ★★★★★ 8.2 $98 Click here
Banyan Tree Hotel & Residence ★★★★★ 9.1 $267 Click here
Novotel Kuala Lumpur City Centre ★★★★ 7.1 $74 Click here
Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur City Centre ★★★★★ 8.3 $82 Click here
Gold 3 Boutique Hotel Kuala Lumpur ★★★ 8.4 $104 Click here
Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur ★★★★★ 8.7 $102 Click here

Note: Prices for each hotel around Pavilion Kuala Lumpur can vary from what is listed here depending on the time of year and how far in advance you book. These are just a rough, per night guideline to help you compare. Click the book buttons above (or click here) to get the latest prices.

All Hotels Near Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Pavilion Hotel Kuala Lumpur ★★★★★

Excellent – 8.8/10

JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur ★★★★★

Excellent – 8.6/10

The Westin Kuala Lumpur ★★★★★

Excellent – 8.2/10

Grand Millennium Hotel Kuala Lumpur ★★★★★

Excellent – 8.1/10

Hotel Ambassador

Good – 6.7/10

Dorsett Kuala Lumpur ★★★★★

Great – 7.9/10

The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur ★★★★★

Excellent – 8.9/10

ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur ★★★★

Excellent – 8.0/10

Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre Hotel & Residences ★★★★★

Excellent – 8.2/10

Banyan Tree Hotel & Residence ★★★★★

Perfect – 9.1/10

Novotel Kuala Lumpur City Centre ★★★★

Great – 7.1/10

Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur City Centre ★★★★★

Excellent – 8.3/10

Gold 3 Boutique Hotel Kuala Lumpur ★★★

Excellent – 8.4/10

Royal Chulan Kuala Lumpur ★★★★★

Excellent – 8.7/10


Map Of Hotel Near Pavilion KL

We hope you found your perfect hotel next to Pavilion KL. Click here to find more information about where to stay in Kuala Lumpur or here for our full guide to Kuala Lumpur.

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