The Kuala Lumpur International Airport consists of two BIG terminals – KLIA and KLIA2 – which are located about 55 kilometres from the centre of Kuala Lumpur. It’s a major hub in Asia with flights seemingly everywhere.

The terminals are well equipped and easy to navigate but give yourself plenty of time as they are HUGE. They are also a bit of a distance from each other via road so it’s important you go to the correct terminal.

Where to today? Some options at KLIA2

As a general rule, budget airlines are located in KLIA2 with other airlines in KLIA. Both terminals are home to domestic flights. The two main airlines are Malaysia Airlines (in KLIA) and AirAsia (in KLIA2).

You can read which airlines are in which terminal here as well as how to commute between the two.

You can find current arrivals and departures here.

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If you need some more cash or you are flying in from elsewhere, it’s easy to get the Malaysian ringgit or other currencies you need.


For local currencies, your best option is ATMs. These are everywhere in the two terminals including often besides toilets and in baggage claim/arrival areas. When we arrive at KLIA2, we usually get money from one of the many ATMs just after we exit customs towards the left.


In KLIA, banks are located on the third and fifth floors. You can find Maybank, CIMB and RHB.

In KLIA2, you can find AmBank, Bank Islam, CIMB, MayBank, and RHB banks in the Gateway@KLIA2 area over the first three floors.

Bureau de Change

You can find money changers on the fifth floor of KLIA behind the airport check-in counters. They are also located at other strategic positions in the airport.

In KLIA2, you can find many on the first and second floors of the Gateway@KLIA2 shopping area as well as elsewhere.

Shopping And Eating

There are plenty of shopping and eating options in both terminals.


KLIA Satellite Terminal

KLIA is the older of the two terminals having been developed when the government, lead by Mahathir Mohamad, realised that the existing Kuala Lumpur airport at Subang was not going to be able to handle future demand. The ground breaking ceremony for the soon-to-be KLIA took place on 1 June 1993.

Subang Airport is still in operation in Kuala Lumpur but now is tiny compared to KLIA and KLIA2.

Most shopping in KLIA is found at level 5 at depatures. There are many options here. There are also some shops on the arrival third floor and some duty free shops just after immigration on arrival as well.

There are many eating options at KLIA including a food court on the second level of the main terminal called Food Garden. This is just above where you catch the train. There is also another food court on level 4.

There are many food kiosks on the arrival level with some quick, easy options on level 3.

On the 5th depature level, there are many places to eat and this is where you will find the most options.


Walking to the gate at KLIA2

The main shopping area at KLIA2 is land side at Gateway@KLIA2. You can find many shops here including a small supermarket which is handy for supplies on arrival which is straight ahead on the left after exiting customs.

There is also shopping airside where you can buy duty free. Note that there aren’t many options once you go to your individual terminal. Most shops are before you pass through the last security checks at the start of your terminal.

There is also duty free shopping on arrival as you enter the baggage claim area.

Restaurants are located in the same areas at shops. There is also a food court airside to the right after you cross over the air bridge.

KLIA/KLIA2 Accommodation

There are some handy accommodation options located right at the airport. Find your best choice in the reviews below. We do recommend the Sama Sama Hotel most of all. It is worth coming over from KLIA2 if you are transiting there.

KLIA/KLIA2 Lounges

There are some great lounges in both terminals. Some are only for certain classes of travel, others are pay per entry or you can enter with certain credit cards. There are options for everyone.

Transport at KLIA/KLIA2

Both terminals are well hooked up to Kuala Lumpur and elsewhere via train, taxi, bus or car hire. Find your best options below.


There are a wide range of airlines and classes that you can use to fly into Malaysia. Below, are some options.

Useful Information

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