Scoot Business Class Review: ScootPlus

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Once I decided the smartest way to get to Malaysia for our last trip was via Singapore, I started investigating flights. And once I started this, I came up with Scoot!

The flights were at a convenient time of day for Singapore to Melbourne and, better yet, the Scoot Airlines business class 787 price was a very good price – and not much more than economy.

Being such a huge AirAsia fan, I’d actually never flown Scoot before but I was ready to give it a try.

After reading a bit about what was then ScootBiz class, I decided it was definitely worth the bit extra – only about SGD$200 per person when I booked.

Scoot Business Class Review: ScootPlus

After booking, it changed names to ScootPlus, but they are the same products just with a more appropriate name. As Scoot is a budget carrier, Scoot 787 business is not like business class in a full service airline – it is a class of its own. So, in my opinion, ScootPlus is a much better name.

Below, I walk you through everything in my Scoot business class review including all extras, what the service was like and whether I think it was worth it. 

In this ScootPlus review, I flew from Singapore to Melbourne with my 7 year old. You can expect a very similar product if you are flying Scoot business class to Singapore, Scoot business class to Athens or anywhere else since the same aircraft are used and the extras are standard.

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Scoot Business Class Review

ScootPlus seating
ScootPlus seating

Before I go through each aspect in this Scoot Airlines business class review, I want to answer some common questions.

Does Scoot have business class?

Yes, but it’s their own version of business class which is a budget alternative. Some people compare it to premium economy on a full service airline but the seats are better and the services are less, so it’s really their own unique product.

What is ScootPlus?

ScootPlus is the name given to the Scoot dreamliner business class.

It includes a bigger seat and a variety of extras compared to Scoot economy, all detailed below. Scoot themselves describe it as a bundle you can buy than a different class of service.

Check-In And Boarding

Scoot Plus class counter at Changi Airport
The ScootPlus priority boarding line – once I found it!

A ScootPlus booking includes priority check-in and boarding, although I found these hard to access in Singapore – which seems crazy since it is the Scoot hub.

We initially could not find the Scoot counter at Changi Airport for priority check-in and we got stuck in a very long line when travelling with a kid meant the electronic check-in booths did not work.

I sent my son off to see if he could find it which he did – a whole big aisle away from where our flight was checking in. 

Things were quick and smooth once we were in this line, but it’d be nice not to hunt it down. It didn’t really feel like an extra in the end.

Scoot check-in Singapore Changi Airport
Scoot check-in counters

Priority boarding was somewhat similar. The line to board was absolutely massive when we arrived at our departure gate – the longest I have ever seen. To get priority boarding, we had to walk to the desk and ask for it which felt uncomfortable as it would have looked like we were pushing in.

There was a separate entry for ScootPlus on reaching the aircraft, although many other people used it as well.

Scoot boarding Singapore Changi
Walking on board!

Scoot Business Class Lounge

There is no dedicated Scoot business lounge. There is also no ScootPlus lounge access unless you pay for it.

This comes up as an option when booking the flight. When we booked, it was SGD$39 extra to book entry into the SATS Premier Lounge.

SATS Premier Lounge
SATS Premier Lounge

You can buy entry to this lounge yourself via Klook here which is the cheapest way to do it.

We went to the lounge before our flight and enjoyed it. I think it’s worth the price if you like hanging out in airport lounges (we do!).

Click here to read our full lounge review.

ScootPlus Seat Review

The Scoot business class seats are bigger than you will get in economy with twice the leg room. However, they are not lie flat seats or even close.

The seat width is 56cm with a recline of 15cm. On their site, they say leg room is 96cm, but it is definitely nowhere near that much unless you are in row 1.

Scoot Plus class review
There is no way the second row has 96cm of leg room

The ScootPlus seats are a comfortable size for a day flight particularly if you get bulk head seats like we did. There is a foot rest which comes up and the seat does go back somewhat.

The window seat is fully reclined with the foot rest all the way up. The aisle seat is fully upright. Not much of a difference
The window seat is fully reclined with the foot rest all the way up. The aisle seat is fully upright. Not much of a difference

The Scoot Airlines business class seats also have adjustable headrests.

The tray table is a reasonable size and also folds in half for when you just need a bit of space. It does move backwards and forwards so you can adjust to what is comfortable.

There is an international power point for each of the Scoot Plus seats.

The cabin is in a 2 – 3 – 2 configuration with three rows.

ScootPlus cabin
ScootPlus cabin

ScootPlus Meals

One meal is included for free with a drink of your choice (this can be alcoholic). You also get free water throughout the flight which is just small plastic glasses. It’s a shame they don’t give you something bigger to save ringing for them often.

The meal range is not huge. It can be a hot meal or a “light meal” option.

You can select this when booking or online in the lead up to your flight or they come round after you board to get your order. They also ask at this time about what drink you would like.

You can see most of the menu below.

Scoot menu

Scoot menu

Scoot menu

Scoot menu

Scoot menu

Scoot menu

What I found weird is that they also had to see your boarding pass at this time and seemed to spend a long time writing down our full names. I don’t know why they don’t already have this information.

I loved that when my meal came that there was a very decent sized chocolate bar that I wasn’t expecting. It’s lucky this was there though or the serving wouldn’t have been anywhere near enough. The meals are small and there are no other sides or desserts.

My ScootPlus meal on arrival
My ScootPlus meal on arrival
Nasi Lemak on scoot
Nasi Lemak

The nasi lemak was okay but probably the worst one I have had. There were no nuts and not enough sauce.

Any other meals and drinks you need to pay the regular price for. The prices aren’t crazy but not cheap either. This is no AirAsia.

ScootPlus Review – Other Amenities

On boarding, there is an included drink – but there is no choice. It’s water waiting for you. There are no amenity kits or any types of blankets or pillows (despite reading there was a “snooze kit” when I booked – I checked later and they had removed this as an inclusion). There is also no entertainment.

So this is definitely a cut price business class product even for a budget airline.

But there are some inclusions.

The Scoot business class baggage allowance is 30 kilograms of check-in baggage and you are allowed an extra cabin bag (meaning you can take 2 x 7 kilogram bags on board). There is no priority baggage.

You get free seat selection.

We also were given vouchers for 30MB of wifi. The wifi is slow but I was able to check and reply to my email a few times during the flight and check out my Facebook notifications.

Where ScootPlus did win is superior service compared to economy in general. We seemed to have a dedicated flight attendant who was helpful but I still found myself frustrated when we waited a very long time for our included drink despite asking and having our request acknowledged when we kept waiting and waiting. 

This was especially frustrating when people behind us who had already been served managed a second one before our first.

It was also annoying that because we chose to have our included meal towards the end of our flight, we couldn’t even buy a snack until a couple of hours into our flight as they were busy with other things. We could have eaten something faster in economy.  This is especially frustrating when travelling with a child – a couple of hours is a long time to wait for something to eat and drink.

Otherwise, they were quite attentive and I was impressed.

welcome drink in ScootPlus
Our drink on arrival on the plane. Not quite what you can get on other business classes

Other than the service, as someone who travels carry-on only the majority of the time, I didn’t find the inclusions impressive in my Scoot business review.

Scoot Upgrade To Business Class

There are several ways to book Scoot business class.

The first is to buy when booking. This can be quite affordable especially when there is a Fly Scoot business class promotion. This is what we did and our Scoot business class price was not all that much more.

It’s also possible to make a ScootPlus bid on bid4biz, but I found the site down when I was researching this article.

You can ask for a ScootPlus upgrade at the airport, but the better bet by this point is to try to upgrade onboard. There are some great upgrade prices and this starts at SGD$80 and tops out at SGD$200 depending on your flight. There were a few spare seats on our flight and this is a great price if you don’t mind the risk of missing out. You also won’t get the baggage inclusions this way.

The best way to find out about any ScootPlus promo offers is to join their newsletter or follow their Facebook page.

Final Words – Is ScootPlus Worth It?

Scoot Plus class seats
Our ScootPlus seats. We were lucky enough to get the bulkhead side seats which are definitely the best for people travelling together

This really depends on how much you pay.

For what we paid, definitely yes. But honestly, I wouldn’t pay more than a few hundred dollars extra even for the 8 hour flight to Melbourne.

Scoot is right that it is more like a bundle than a business class product. It’s a group of extras to make flying more comfortable and it does deliver on this.

I do think it’s a shame they don’t include a few more things – like the blanket and pillow that the site said I would get when I booked, a second meal and a proper drink on boarding.

As we are planning a Europe trip soon, I had been thinking about booking ScootPlus to Europe from Australia as it’s not all that much more than flying a full service airline.

However, I am not sure I would do that now. If the price was the same, yes, but it’s not that cheap usually and the connections are also not good. And I wouldn’t pay more for this.

So, what is Scoot business class like?

There is no denying you are on a budget airline.

I definitely felt more special being at the point end of the plane in a more comfortable seat, but whether it is worth or not really depends on what you pay.

ScootPlus Vs Jetstar Business Vs AirAsia Premium Flatbed

If you are weighing up between the other budget airline business class packages in this part of the world, ScootPlus comes in last.

The Jetstar business product into Singapore is far superior in my opinion. The seats are basically the same but the service is more comparable to what you get in a “proper” business class. The included food and drinks make it a lot better.

One seat fully reclined, one upright on AirAsia business class
One seat fully reclined, one upright on AirAsia Premium Flatbed.

AirAsia has a similar amount of inclusions but with a far superior, lay-flat seat. They also include lounge access at their hub in Kuala Lumpur.

So if everything is equal, I vote to pick one of those airlines. I recommend Jetstar for a day flight and AirAsia at night.

But if that’s not an option, ScootPlus is a fine way to get from A to B and I can see myself flying them in the future.

I hope you found this Scoot Plus review useful. Click here to read our full review of Jetstar business class or click here to read our AirAsia Premium Flatbed review.

By Sharon Gourlay

Sharon is an Australian who has fallen in love with Malaysia! She explores Malaysia multiple times a year, often with her kids, and has previously lived in Penang.