SATS Premier Lounge At Singapore Changi Airport [Review]

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Flying out of Singapore Changi and looking for a lounge to relax in before your flight?

Are you a priority pass member? Flying Scoot? Looking for a lounge where you can pay for entry?

Then SATS Changi Airport is what you are looking for!

The SATS Premium Lounge T2 grants access to Priority Pass members, has single entry tickets available (and you can get them for a discounted price here) and you can also choose to buy a lounge pass on many Scoot flights (but it’s cheaper to buy here). Some business class travellers also get access.

So is it worth the entry?

In this SATS Premier Lounge review, I’m going to walk you through exactly what you get in this lounge so you can make a decision for yourself. I also give you my verdict at the end.

SATS Premier Lounge in Terminal 2, Singapore Changi Airport
SATS Premier Lounge in Terminal 2, Singapore Changi Airport

Note that there are three SATS Airport Lounge options. This is my experience at the SATS Premier Lounge Singapore Terminal 2. SATS Premier Lounge Terminal 1 and SATS Premier Lounge Terminal 3 should be similar, but everything in here is specific to the SATS Lounge Terminal 2.

SATS Premier Lounge At Singapore Changi Airport [Review]

SATS Premier Lounge

SATS opening hours: 24 hours a day

Entry to the lounge was quick and easy with my Priority Pass card. If you need to purchase access, there are more details about this below.

SATS Premier Lounge Terminal 2 Location

Look for this escalator to the SATS Premier Lounge
Look for this escalator to the SATS Lounge

The SATS Premier Lounge in Terminal 2 is very close to where you go through immigration. Look for the first escalators you see to the left and go up and you’ll be able to see the lounge entry.

It is easy to miss this – we did on our first walk through. They are very close to immigration though so if you have walked more than a minute, you have gone too far!

Inside The SATS Premier Lounge Changi

From one corner of the SATS Premier Lounge
From one corner of the SATS Premier Lounge

My first impressions were very good. It’s a reasonable size, being not tiny like lounges I have visited in Kuala Lumpur, but it’s not big either. 

About half of the lounge is a seating area with comfortable chairs, side tables and plenty of power points. Along one wall was little booths (productivity pods) with screens and some people were squished into the benches sleeping.

“Productivity pods” SATS Premier Lounge
“Productivity pods”

There are also two special big massage chairs in a little pod area. Definitely the best seats if you can get them!

There is then a higher long, bar table area and the food and drinks.

Inside SATS Premier Lounge
Inside SATS Premier Lounge

Internet is included but it’s not the best. We found it kept dying and we would have to reconnect. It was also annoying to get access on my kid’s ipad as you need an email address or Facebook account to connect.

There are newspapers, magazines, big screens with flight departures (no announcements) and showers and toilets.

If you want to shower, towels and toiletries are available from reception. These were clean and functional.

When we visited, it was not that busy and I found it quite relaxing. There are views to the tarmac.

I had read reviews about intense lighting but that wasn’t my experience here. My only complaint was someone having a loud business call for like 20 minutes near me. Not really the lounge’s fault though.

SATS Premier Lounge Singapore Dining Options

Toaster, coffee and other food SATS Premier Lounge
Toaster, coffee and other food

I found the dining options limited, but I admit I was probably being fussy. I had hoped to eat lunch before boarding but we were here in the  late morning and it was mostly breakfast – cereal, croissants, toast and Asian breakfast products. The Asian food seemed plain and boring. It’s a shame it wasn’t a nasi lemak or roti canai.

Cereal, juice, fruit and sandwiches SATS Premier Lounge
Cereal, juice, fruit and sandwiches
Some hot options SATS Premier Lounge
Some hot options
Some hot options SATS Premier Lounge
Some hot options

There was also fruit, sandwiches and cheese.

On the upside, there is a make-your-own laksa station but I wasn’t in the mood to work this out.

The drinks were much better and I was impressed by what was available at this price point. There was juice, water, soft drinks, beer, wine and spirits.

Soft drinks and beer SATS Premier Lounge
Soft drinks and beer
Wine and spirits SATS Premier Lounge
Wine and spirits

SATS Premier Lounge Cost And Entry

A SATS Premier Lounge membership requires a Priority Pass card or a credit card that allows access unless you are flying business class on an airline which gives you access.

Otherwise, you will need a SATS pass which you can purchase for the cheapest price here.

If you are paying for SATS Premier Lounge priority pass entry and it’s not one of your free visits, you are also better off purchasing the pass in advance than using your Priority Pass which is a lot more expensive.

It’s also possible to buy a pass for this lounge when booking with Scoot, but again, it’s cheapest to click here and book on Klook.

Click here to see the latest SATS Premier Lounge price or to buy a SATS pass now.

SATS Premier Lounge Terminal 2 Review

At the edge of the room by the productivity pods SATS Premier Lounge
At the edge of the room by the productivity pods

This lounge has previously been voted the best Priority Pass lounge in the Asia Pacific which is quite an achievement. It is a great option if you are working out which Priority Pass lounge to visit at Changi.

I quite enjoyed my experience in this SATS Premier Lounge Singapore review. This lounge is clean, comfortable and had enough space to relax when we visited.

While I wish the food options were better, there was enough that you are going to find something to eat. The drink options are great.

Do I think it’s worth the money? Definitely! This is a cheaper lounge thanks to the passes on Klook and I think it’s a great lounge to unwind and enjoy before your flight. I’ll definitely be back! 

If you enjoyed this SATS Premier Lounge T2 review, you can buy Singapore lounge passes here for all terminals.

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