Jetstar Business Class Review: Is It Worth It?

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I’m never quite sure what to expect if I pay extra for business class on a budget carrier. Is it like business class on a full service airline? Is it like economy with a couple of perks?

And more specifically, does Jetstar have business class? What is Jetstar business class like? Is Jetstar business class worth it?

In this Jetstar business class review, I answer all these questions as well as showing you exactly what Jetstar 787 business class is like, whether I think it is worth it and how it compares to other low cost carriers with business class between Australia and South East Asia.

Jetstar Business Class Review

This is based specifically on my experience flying Jetstar business class to Singapore. I have also flown Jetstar business class to Bali and Jetstar business class to Phuket. All experiences were similar except my Jetstar Bali business class experience where the flight arrived quite late and they did not clean up the cabin or set up the entertainment units properly.

Jetstar Airways business class is a great option of getting to Malaysia. Although you can’t fly business class to Asia directly on this airline, you can fly to Singapore. From here you can connect to a Malaysian flight or you can do what we did and travel from Singapore directly to Malaysia overland.

Since we were visiting the southern part of peninsular Malaysia, this made a lot of sense and it is straightforward to fly into Singapore and get a taxi straight to Johor Bahru.

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Jetstar Business Class Review

Let’s start by answering the first question, does Jetstar have business class?

The answer to this is YES! Yes, it does. While it doesn’t compare to Qantas international business class, it is a solid product and comparable to most aspects of Qantas domestic business class.

Note that there is only Jetstar international business class available. It is not on all routes and Jetstar business class routes are the lounge haul routes serviced by their dreamliners. It does not currently exist on their domestic routes.

An Overview Of What You Get In Jetstar Dreamliner Business Class

On Jetstar business class flights, you obviously get a bigger seat, but you also get a range of other extras.

These include 30 kilograms of check in baggage and an extra 7 kilograms of carry on baggage (meaning you can take two bags of 7 kilograms each on board).

You can select your seats for free, you get inflight entertainment, a comfort pack, a dedicated check in area (so they say – see below!), priority boarding, in-seat power, noise cancelling headphones and no change fee.

Jetstar business class seats on boarding with pillow, blanket and amenities kit
Jetstar business class seats on boarding with pillow, blanket and amenities kit

You also get meals and drinks including snacks if you get hungry between meals. This, in my opinion, is one of the biggest bonuses compared to other budget airline business classes.

In the rest of this Jetstar 787 business class review, I’m going to walk you through each step of our Jetstar 787 dreamliner business class experience before summing up if I think you should spend your hard earned cash on these flights!

Check-In And Boarding

Priority check-in is part of the Jetstar business class promise.

I can’t say I was impressed by this experience at Melbourne Airport.

We were not able to check-in online, I assume thanks to being business class.

On arrival at Melbourne Airport, we found a whole lot of automated check in and luggage booths. Hidden behind were two counters saying “Business Class”, but they seem like they were service centres as well and we spent awhile waiting behind just the person being served at one while some problem was sorted out. Then we get to the front and it shuts!

We went to the only other one just to get to the front and have staff put someone before us who hadn’t checked in luggage that was over the limit for carry on. It was frustrating to be seemingly put last over other passengers when we were meant to get priority. It would have been quicker had online check in worked and we could have then used bag drop.

It did get better when we were handed express passes to get through security quicker. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean much at Melbourne airport but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Jetstar business class express pass
Jetstar business class express pass

While there are no Jetstar business class lounge options as such, if you buy the business max bundle (more below), you can access Qantas Club.

In our case, we already had Qantas Club passes so enjoyed this lounge before our flight.This was great and service was far better than I am used to at Qantas business lounges. The only downside was that they told us our flight was boarding about 30 minutes before it did! Which meant less time to enjoy.

Once boarding did commence, business class passengers were before all others and it was nice and smooth.

My sparkling wine on boarding
My sparkling wine on boarding

The best part about boarding was definitely when the cabin staff came through with welcome drinks. Sparkling wine or orange juice was on offer. I do love a sparkling wine on boarding to feel extra special.

Jetstar Business Class Seats

Part of the Jetstar business class cabin. There are two more seats on the side where I am standing
Part of the Jetstar business class cabin. There are two more seats on the side where I am standing

On arrival at our seats, we found our “comfort packs”, blanket, pillow, water bottle and noise cancelling headsets.

The Jetstar dreamliner business class seating plan is 3 rows of 2-3-2 configuration. Which probably sucks for people in the middle but worked great for us since I was travelling alone with my 7 year old son. We had two seats by the window which actually work better than the business class seats on most long haul airlines where seats are all separated and it’s hard to communicate with your kids.

Our seats
Our seats

Jetstar dreamliner business class seats are reasonable. They are like domestic Qantas business seats if you have seen those. They are wider and with more leg room but the recline is quite limited and the foot rest does not raise high. Below you can see for yourself.

The seat reclined is not much different to it upright
The seat fully reclined is not much different to it upright

The only controls are to put seat back and feet forward.

The seats are incredibly difficult to recline actually. It took everything I had and hurt my thumb to recline the seat!!

Unfortunately, the space in front is not huge. And while quite comfortable, it is annoying when people recline in front of you – which the people did in front of me the entire flight. The one complaint I have about service is that they weren’t asked to put them back for meal service.

You can get a better idea of the space when people are onboard
You can get a better idea of the space when people are onboard

So, basically, the seats are better than economy, but our Jetstar international business class review would not recommend that you pay to upgrade based on seats alone.

On the upside, the seats have international power points and usb points. There is inflight entertainment in the seat backs and inflight magazine. While the screen is not huge, it’s a decent enough size given how close you are to it.

The seat table is just an ok size, but I liked how it could be pushed forward and back to give more room to get out of the seat.


The “comfort pack” is quite good. Although it didn’t have the neck support pillow that I read about on the Jetstar site.

What it did have was toothbrush, toothpaste, earplugs, eye mask, socks, pen, hand cream and lip balm which was more than I expected and all good quality.

The Jetstar business class “comfort pack”
The Jetstar business class “comfort pack”

I also liked that the blanket and pillow included and appreciate that the blanket had a message on it saying you are welcome to take it home.

The noise cancelling headphones did the job well and I always love it when I get a bottle of water at my seat.

Jetstar Dreamliner Business Class Meals

The Jetstar business class menu was handed out while we were still on the tarmac and orders were taken not long after.

You can see the menu below which was decent and, overall, I enjoyed the food a lot.

My 7 year old was not so impressed with the offerings (which is a common problem in business class I find – the menus lack simple options), but my only real complaint is that the servings are on the small side and I found myself eating all mine, plus half of my sons and that was after filling up in the Qantas business lounge. And that was just for lunch!

The Jetstar business class menu
The Jetstar business class menu
The Jetstar business class menus
The Jetstar business class menus

Food servings were an issue on my previous Jetstar business class to Thailand flight too. The “breakfast” was a teeny tiny croissant and that was all.

I did enjoy my chicken entree and salmon fillet though, yum! You can see my meal below. This was lunch.  What I really liked is that dessert came an hour or two later. I wasn’t hungry for it after eating both our meals so it was good how that extended my full time especially as “supper” was much smaller and really not enough when it’s dinner time.

My meal in Jetstar Business Class
My meal in Jetstar Business Class

It was a three course meal though for lunch as promised . The included drinks were great and we had many times after takeoff where they were actively serving these for the first part of the flight. It was not a problem to get them after either. My wine pours were very generous too.

Any complaints in this section are far outweighed by the price we paid though and far better than other budget airlines with similar offerings.

Jetstar Business Class Service

The area where this Jetstar dreamliner business class review really shines and stands out up there as a business class offering up there with full service airlines, it’s with service.

The service was great. Attendants made quite an effort and knew how to be chatty, personal and welcoming while still being professional and not slowing things down. They remembered our name and gave my son extra attention.

In fact, I think the attendants on my recent Qantas business class flights between Melbourne and NYC could learn from them. I did not feel like I was on a budget airline at all service wise in business class.

I also did not notice any difference in how they treated guests. As someone who flies somewhat regularly in full-service business class, I have found that I never get the same treatment as some other guests who I assume are top rung frequent fliers. It’s something that really annoys me with the prices I pay for the flights and it was really great in Jetstar to feel special without feeling like a third rate business class passenger.

The fact that you can get snacks, meals and drinks is also a huge plus at this price point. Overall, I was very impressed.

Jetstar Business Class Upgrade Cost And Options

It really depends when you fly, how far ahead you book and whether a sale is on how much you pay for a Jetstar upgrade to business. The good news is that you don’t need a sale to upgrade Jetstar flight to business.

I was surprised when I booked our flights from Singapore to Melbourne without a sale going on that I still got a great Jetstar business class sale price of around AUD$500.  This was during September school holidays and made it not much more than the $350 being charged at the time for economy tickets in Jetstar and similar to Qantas economy prices. Bargain!

You can also purchase a Jetstar business max when making a Jetstar business class booking which gives you lounge access, frequent flight points, status credits and cancellation options.

This tends to be a lot extra (like over $200 per person) and since I had lounge access anyway to Qantas Club, I did not purchase it. However, if you are a point hacker after more status credits, it’s worth investigating if this is worth it to you. Note that you can only buy this when booking and can’t later.

If you don’t book business class, Jetstar sometimes send an upgrade email about two weeks before when you can upgrade for a good price. However, if you are finding long haul business class tickets on Jetstar business for around the $500 mark like us, I would jump on it.

You can search here for the latest business class prices.

The inflight entertainment
The inflight entertainment

Final Words – Is Jetstar Business Class Worth It?

It really depends how much you pay for it.

For the $500ish we paid, 100% yes. This is a great product and it was worth the small amount extra for the seat, meals, drinks, luggage etc.

I would not pay over $1000 extra though. When looking for Honolulu flights, for example, I could never find Jetstar business class to Hawaii for less than about $1300 each way. This is not worth it, in my opinion.

If you are someone who usually buys all the extras like seat assignment, baggage, entertainment, etc, then it will be easier to make the price worthwhile.

Where I really found Jetstar Asia business class worthwhile is the service. I love being able to eat and drink what I want without pulling out the wallet and I really appreciated just how great the service is. The staff were great and really made it all seem like good value.

I wouldn’t pay the extra money for the seat – while superior to economy, it wasn’t that great. Add in meals and personalised service and BANG Jetstar business class is a great product.

And given what I paid, the annoyances on check-in were fine.

One more complaint I have to add though is if you need special assistance. Last year, I flew Jetstar business class back from Phuket after breaking my leg.

Unfortunately, their special assistance stopped at the elevator before baggage claim in Melbourne. At this point, I was meant to hobble myself out of the lift and out of customs and all the way to a taxi.

By the time I made customs, I literally had a mini breakdown as I felt I couldn’t hop a step further and was in pain. They didn’t know what to do with me and said the airline should have helped. I eventually got out.

The worst part was that when I contacted Jetstar about it later, they said that that is all their special assistance offers. They do not help people exit the secure area and expect you to have someone to help. Despite the fact that no one is allowed in the baggage and customs areas unless they are on a flight with you.

I did have my husband, but I also had three kids (one who was 2) and baggage so they couldn’t help.

If you need special assistance, 100% DO NOT FLY JETSTAR.

Jetstar Business Class Vs AirAsia Premium Flatbed/Premium Up Vs ScootPlus?

I can’t help but compare this product to AirAsia Premium Flatbed, the AirAsia version of business class I flew recently, and ScootPlus, the Scoot version of business class.

They are all at a similar price point, but quite different in reality.

While AirAsia Premium Flatbed will give you some extra services like priority check in and use of their lounge in KLIA2, it’s really about the seat and the seat only. There are no dedicated attendants and, if anything, service is slower than in economy. But they do give you a really great seat.

One seat fully reclined, one upright on AirAsia business class
One seat fully reclined, one upright on AirAsia Premium Flatbed

Whereas Jetstar business class really shines in the service stakes.

ScootPlus is below both. The seat is basically the same as the Jestar business one, but there are nowhere near as many inclusions and the service is not as good.

So if you are choosing between them, like I did for this trip, I recommend AirAsia for an overnight flight where sleep is most important, Jetstar for daytime when you will appreciate the better service. And Scoot only if the others are too expensive and you get a good price.

You can read my full AirAsia Premium Flatbed review here or Scoot here.

Overall, I was very happy with my flight in Jetstar business class and highly recommend this to you when the prices are good. I can see myself flying them a lot more in future!

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By Sharon Gourlay

Sharon is an Australian who has fallen in love with Malaysia! She explores Malaysia multiple times a year, often with her kids, and has previously lived in Penang.