Qantas 787 Business Class Review + A330✈️: Is It Worth It?

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Thinking about spoiling yourself in Qantas business class and want to know whether it’s worth it? Already booked and want to know exactly what to expect in Qantas Boeing 787 business class or Qantas A330 business class?

You are in the right place!

I absolutely love flying business class. However, I also like to know what to expect. And given how much it costs, I want to make sure I’m always having the top experience I could be having for the cost involved.

There is where I can help! In this Qantas 787 business class review, I don’t just walk you through what it is like to fly Qantas business class on the 787-9, but also give you a Qantas A330 business class review as I have flown on both of these as well as Qantas A380 business class.

While in many ways the experiences are similar, the business class seats always differ a little. I also find the service can be different too.

Qantas business class seat on 787
Business class seat on the 787

Below, I share everything there is to know about flying Qantas business class in this full Qantas business class review. It is primarily based on my most recent experience in the Boeing 787-9, but there is Qantas A330 international business class review and I have also flown Qantas business class to Singapore on the A380.

You will find what it’s like checking-in, boarding, at the Qantas business class Singapore lounge, on-board and at the luggage claim carousel. I also have video reviews of both the experience on Qantas business 787-9 and A330 which will show you exactly what it’s like.

Please note: I have recently flown business class on Qantas, Emirates, Jetstar, Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines. Since I am reviewing these options, I may be more critical than what you may be especially if you have not flown business class much. All options are great, but I want to let you know exactly what to expect so you can make an educated decision on flying them yourself. It truly feels like a privilege to get to have such great flight experiences.

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Qantas 787 Business Class Review

Details Of My Flight: Qantas 787-9 Business Class Review

Qantas business class seat on 787
Great amount of leg room

This 787-9 review Qantas business class was written after flying from Singapore to Melbourne on an overnight flight. It was scheduled to depart Singapore at 8:15pm and arrive in Melbourne at 6:40am. The flight is scheduled for 7 hours and 25 minutes.

However, the flight did not go to plan. The day before, I received a message that the flight was now departing at 1:30am. This was quite a bummer as we had a separate flight from KL to Singapore on the same a day and it meant a transit time of ten hours.

As always seems to be the case, while we waited for the flight, it was delayed further. Strangely, the delays were messaged and emailed, but they took a lot longer to be reflected on the departure boards in the lounge. We tried to relax and sleep in the lounge, but it’s a killer departure time if you want to avoid jet lag.

I travelled with my 7 year old son, and we booked it using Qantas frequent flier points. I also have gold status.

We sat in seats 6E and 6F in the middle.

Full Video Of Business Class Qantas Review In 787-9

The best way to see what it’s like for yourself is to watch the following video of our Qantas international business class review:

Check In At Singapore Changi Airport

Qantas airlines business class review check-in area at Singapore changi
Check-in area at Singapore Changi Airport

Check-in is super easy at Singapore Changi Airport with dedicated check-in desks or you can use the self service booths. On my previous flight on the A330, I was there quite early and barely any other customers were around so it was very quick.

After you check-in, there are self-service gates for immigration and security takes place at the gate so it is quite quick to get to the lounge.

On this most recent flight, we were travelling carry on only and flying in to Singapore from KL on a separate booking. I was able to check in for the flight via the Qantas app and didn’t have to leave the secure area.

Lounge Access: Qantas International Business Lounge Singapore

Qantas business class lounge Changi Qantas lounge signs in Changi AIrport
Keep following the signs and you’ll soon be at the lounge

The Qantas business lounge is easy to find. Just follow the signs.

The lounge itself is one of my favourites. It’s big with plenty of different seating areas, multiple food areas and multiple areas where you can get yourself a drink. There’s also a big bar with plenty of delicious options.

Qantas business class lounge Singapore
Qantas Business Class Lounge Singapore

I had a great East Side Garden drink to start of my stay and found plenty I wanted to eat. The made-on-demand meals are the best.

However, the best part was the service. Every time I have been here, it has been top rate. It’s like I’m in a little piece of (very well serviced) Australia and it makes me excited to be heading home.

Qantas business class lounge Singapore Eating areas
Eating areas

I’ve also loved it how staff sometimes go around the lounge offering special things like ice cream. I always feel spoiled to be here.

You can read my full review of this Qantas business lounge here.

Boarding Experience

Qantas business class Business class line to enter the gate at Singapore Changi Airport
Business class line to enter the gate at Singapore Changi Airport

While it’s great to get to the lounge quickly as there isn’t security before this point, the premium experience feels less premium at the gate when you have to line up to pass security.

The lines can be long and annoying. They do have a business class line to enter the gate, but there is no policing of this and it can be longer than the economy line, so there isn’t really any priority at this point.

On boarding the plane, there is priority boarding which is much nicer.

Once onboard, we were soon in our seats, and it didn’t take long for someone to welcome us with the choice of a champagne or sparkling water.

They also came round fairly quickly with our in-flight pyjamas. I absolutely love these and put mine on straight away! The only downside is that the smallest size was a medium-large.

My son also wore the PJ top as a big nightie.

787 Business Class Qantas Seats Review

Qantas 787 business class cabin
Qantas 787 business class cabin

The cabin is in a 1-2-1 configuration. The seats have a fair bit of privacy and I struggled to see other people (which is why I didn’t realise immediately that they had forgotten me with the meal service).

It is quite narrow to enter some of the seats, but that’s the only downside I experienced. I think the seats are awesome! I could easily talk to my son next to me by leaning over, but we couldn’t move between our two seats in the middle.

Qantas business class seat 6e on 787
My seat – 6E. It is a tight entrance, but otherwise, I love this seat

The seats themselves are very comfortable. The seat controls allow you to find the perfect recline for you with lots of options. They lie fully flat, and I found the bed comfortable as well with plenty of foot room. I am 1.64 metres and was unable to touch anywhere near the end of the bed. It’s definitely one of the longest spaces I have experienced in business class.

Qantas business class seat controls
Seat controls

There is plenty of storage space around the seat with plenty of places to place your things including storage space around the top side of the seat, a big area on the bottom side and a pocket on the back of the seat in front. There’s also the ottoman area in front.

The tray table is a good size and able to be moved. There’s also plenty of space around the seat for filling in forms or placing a drink.

Qantas business class Reclined seat 787
Reclined seat

The seat had the mattress protector folded and waiting on the seat when we boarded as well as a pillow and blanket. Everything was quality and the mattress protector is definitely worth fitting on the seat before sleeping.

My last night flight from Singapore to Australia on Qantas already had the mattress protectors on the seat when I boarded. I wish this had been the case this time especially as we took off just after 2am. They also didn’t come through the cabin offering to place them on the seats after take off, at least not for us. It was a little annoying having to walk right round the cabin to put it on for my 7 year old.

I did feel very cosy and comfortable when I laid down to sleep.

Qantas business class Amenitiy kit, headphones and water bottle on boarding
Amenity kit, headphones and water bottle on boarding

When we boarded, there was also the food and drink menus, amenity kits and a bottle of water sitting at our seats. The incoming passenger cards for Australia were handed out after take off.

Boeing 787 Qantas Business Class Singapore To Melbourne Food And Drinks

As I just stated, our menus were waiting at our seats when we boarded and we had a welcome drink quickly after.

Qantas business class food menu
Food menu
Qantas business class Drinks menu
Drinks menu

I was disappointed to see the food options. I’m used to some great choices and the option of a multiple course meal on this journey. However, it was just snack options for the dinner service. Even worse was that I ordered a laksa and then was told that they had forgotten to load laksas in Singapore so I ended up ordering a sandwich.

There was also the usual Qantas breakfast menu that you can fill in. This is something I love about Qantas on this route as you can pick between a full breakfast or light breakfast option. Your wake up time in the morning depends on which one you pick. This is so handy as the possible sleeping time on this flight is quite short and it helps you have some control.

My 7 year old particularly liked filling in this menu for himself.

Qantas business class breakfast menu
Breakfast menu from Singapore

It’s also much better than Singapore Airlines from Singapore to Melbourne overnight where there wasn’t any food served in the morning (read more about it here). Although, they did serve a proper dinner.

Dinner orders were only taken after take off which was a first for me on this evening flight. Usually, it’s before take off so they can get it to you faster. I was told it would be fast or I would have gone straight to sleep and not bothered. I asked to order a drink too, but they said they were doing a drinks service soon.

However, over an hour later, I still had nothing. I saw someone in front of me getting a second drink, so I asked for one. Then they realised they hadn’t served me dinner and I had been forgotten. I was very tired by this point (it was about 3:45am!) and quite frustrated/upset. This is not what business class is meant to be about.

So the quick meal took over an hour and a half and turned out to be a dry/hard sandwich with a side of bread that wasn’t really edible. Super disappointing.

Qantas business class dinner
My dinner – bread with a side of bread

At least my son had just wanted chocolate. They brought this to him immediately, so he was asleep by the time I was served.

I finally got a drink when my meal appeared. The upside was that they found a better wine, but I didn’t really want it by this point anyway.

The morning breakfast service was much smoother. They noticed when I work up (just over an hour before landing) and brought my breakfast as ordered straight away. They also asked me what I wanted to do with my 7 year old’s order since he was still asleep. A+ for this part of the service.

Qantas business class breakfast
My breakfast

My breakfast was just ok. My tummy was all out of whack (this was about 11am Melbourne time).

I think it’s very disappointing to not get one full meal service on a flight this quick. This business class cabin is also not that big, and I think missing me on the meal service was quite an oversight. When they realised, they did rectify it very quickly, but still! They missed me with both food and drinks, and I felt very ignored.


Qantas business class Amenity kit
Amenity kit

One of my favourite parts of this Qantas airlines business class review is that Qantas offers pjs for adult business class passengers. They are great! And I always love the chance to get some. They really help me relax onboard.

There were also amenity kits waiting for us at our seats. These contained socks, ear plugs, eye mask, lip balm, moisturisers, a toothbrush and toothpaste.

The toilets had some nicer hand wash and moisturiser, but otherwise it wasn’t special.

Qantas business class bathroom

Qantas Business Class Service

Whenever I talked to the staff, they were great. I think they weren’t quite as upbeat as usual, probably thanks to the crappy departure time.

However, I am very disappointed by how long it took me to get (bad) food and a drink. It’s pretty easy to see if you have served someone or not, and someone should have noticed.

Flying Qantas Business Class With Kids

Since I took this flight with my 7 year old, I thought it may be useful for other parents to review his experience as well.

He had a fabulous flight and just loved it! No complaints from him at all. I may have ruined him for economy for life though!

I obviously wish we hadn’t had the delay. 8:15pm is a much better departure time than 2am! But he handled it well, thankfully. This was definitely helped by having access to the business class lounge.

He slept most of the flight.

Disembarking And Luggage

It was quick and easy to disembark on arrival.

We flew carry on only so I didn’t get to see if our priority baggage came out as priority.

Qantas business class Reclined seat 787
Reclined seat

Final Words: 787-7 Qantas Airways Business Class Review

All up, I have mixed feelings about this flight.

The seats were great and I had a good sleep. I rate it A+ on this front and I wish I could always fly in this cabin for overnight flights.

However, obviously the long delay sucked. The service and food 100% could have been better. I think the biggest downside of this flight was the poor meal and the lack of attention to make sure it was served in a timely manner and wasn’t dry and hard.

This is the complete opposite to my experience in the Qantas A330 business class to Sydney which had some of the best service I’ve had on a flight ever.

So I would definitely fly Qantas business class again and hope that I get the A330 experience. I think the seats were better on the 787 though.

Qantas Business Class A330 Review

Qantas business class A330 review Business class cabin on the A330
Business class cabin on the A330

Details Of My Flight: Qantas Business Class Review A330-300

This was a Qantas business class Singapore to Sydney flight that I paid for. It was scheduled to depart from Singapore at 9pm and to arrive in Sydney at 7:50am. It was scheduled to take 7 hours and 50 minutes.

I sat in seat 4A which is a great choice for a solo traveller. It’s right by the window so it offers extra privacy.

I loved the seat and found this flight experience much better than the A380 business class I flew from Sydney to Singapore.

I like the smaller business class cabin on this flight. I find that I always seem to get better service, across all airlines, when I am in a smaller business class cabin compared to a bigger one.

Much of this flight was similar to my flight on the 787-7. The seats, meal service, etc are very similar, although the food offered and service was better on this flight. You can learn more by watching my Qantas business class A330 review video below.

Full Video Of Qantas A330-300 Business Class Review

Final Words: Is Qantas Business Class 787 Worth It?

Qantas business class A330 review my seat
My seat on the A330

I really love travelling Qantas business class. It is definitely one of my favourites.

I had my problems on this flight, primarily with the delay and meal service. However, I did love my seat and, when compared with other business class products, I do think this is a great choice.

However, Qantas does need to work on consistency. I have flown on three different aircraft in business class with them between Melbourne/Sydney and Singapore in the last year and they all had different service and food levels.

While this 787 was my worst experience, it still wasn’t bad. I still enjoyed the experience and was happy I was flying them.

Qantas Business Class Vs AirAsia/Jetstar/Scoot Premium Classes

ScootPlus seating
ScootPlus seating – really not comparable

If you want to compare Qantas business class to AirAsia, Jetstar or ScootPlus premium classes, in my opinion, there is no comparison.

AirAsia’s premium flatbed seats are not bad and come the closest out of these options to Qantas’ seats, but they are not as good. And they lose on service, food and beverages and pretty much everything else. Read more about it here.

Jetstar has great service as well, and I always feel special in their business class. However, the seat is nowhere near the standard of Qantas’ and there isn’t all the extras and as much “premium” feel as flying Qantas. Read more about Jetstar business class here.

ScootPlus is not comparable at all. Although the upside is that it’s often a lot cheaper. Read more about it here.

This Qantas business class international review definitely crowns Qantas the winner 🙂

Qantas Business Class Vs Singapore Airlines/Malaysia Airlines Business Class

Singapore Airlines Business Class seat and cabin
Singapore Airlines Business Class seat and cabin

This is a much closer competition and who you are probably more likely to compare. I have recently flown all these airlines in business class to/from Singapore including Singapore Airlines on the exact same Singapore to Melbourne route.

When it comes to how they compare, Singapore Airlines and Qantas have been far superior experiences for me over Malaysia Airlines. I am not a fan of Malaysia Airline’s seats. The service is better on the other two airlines too.

Before this latest flight on the 787, I struggled to pick a winner between Singapore Airlines and Qantas. I honestly loved them both. I do love that Qantas gives you pyjamas which maybe puts them slightly ahead, but then I love the Singapore Airlines “book the cook” which allows you to pick from a huge range of main meals for your flight in advance.

The Qantas lounge in Singapore won for me, but Singapore Airline’s would have been better had it not been so busy.

It may come down to the aircraft as I found the service on Qantas as good as Singapore Airlines on the A330 but I wasn’t as impressed on the A380 and 787. The Qantas seat wins over the Singapore Airlines one though… And the mattress cover on Qantas helps make the seats more comfortable for sleeping.

Shall we call it a draw?! I would pick whichever one was cheaper of those two options and be super happy either way.

I hope you have found this full Qantas business class Melbourne to Singapore review useful. You can also read my Singapore business class review here, Jetstar business class here and Emirates business class here. You can find all my planning guides (including flight reviews) here.

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