AirAsia Premium Red Lounge Review And Overview

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Flying AirAsia out of KLIA2 and looking for a lounge or a way to kill time between flights? Or maybe you are flying AirAsia premium flatbed or premium flex (which includes entry to this lounge) and you are wondering what it’s like?

Air Asia Premium Red Lounge klia2
The entry to the AirAsia Premium Red Lounge

Whatever your question, in this AirAsia Premium Red Lounge review, I will do my best to answer it for you!

I’ll give you full details of what you can find inside the KLIA2 AirAsia lounge, what food and drink you get access to and whether it’s worth your time and money to visit this AirAsia lounge Kuala Lumpur in my AirAsia Red Lounge review.

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AirAsia Premium Red Lounge Review And Overview

AirAsia Premium Red Lounge Review

A bit of an anomaly among budget airlines is the fact that AirAsia has its own lounge at its home base, KLIA2. This AirAsia lounge KL is not as strong or good as a full service airline lounge but it is still a nice lounge and it’s worth considering a visit.

If you are flying AirAsia’s version of business class, premium flatbed, you get entry for free and this is a nice bonus. But if you are in transit or have time to kill, the AirAsia KLIA2 lounge could be worth your time and you can pay to access.

Air Asia lounge KL
The AirAsia lounge in Kuala Lumpur as you walk in the door

AirAsia Lounge KLIA2 Location

The AirAsia Premium Red Lounge KLIA2 is located just over the sky bridge between gates P and Q. After you cross the bridge and go through duty free, you’ll find it on the left just before the escalators downstairs. Look for the first image above.

The lounge is located before you go through security so make sure you leave plenty of time to get to your gate although I find this can usually happen in about 20 minutes if you hustle and don’t meet any long lines.

Inside The AirAsia Red Lounge

The AirAsia business class lounge is not large but it is a decent size compared to other options at the terminal (primarily Plaza Premium lounges which you can read about here).

There are several seating zones with good views over the tarmac available. There is also an AirAsia VIP lounge contained within the bigger lounge which is a private, glassed in room.

VIP are in Air Asia red lounge
VIP lounge AirAsia

There are plenty of places to eat, relax or charge your devices. If you want to use a computer, these are here too.

There is a bathroom with showers but there are only two cubicles per gender and, despite there being hardly anyone in the lounge when I visited, I found waiting to go to the toilet quite tedious thanks to a lack of toilets.

Worse was when I got in one and everything was wet and kind of yuck. Not good when I really wanted to put on some leggings for the flight.

Air Asia premium lounge seating zone
One of the seating areas and computers

As a plus for families, there is a room upstairs in the lounge which would be perfect for toddlers or babies to crawl around and play without disturbing anyone. There are some cushions, beanbags and not much else, and I can imagine this working very well with my toddler.

The downside is that I have heard that at times, people nap here. So it wouldn’t work as well for toddlers then. But if you want a nap, it could also be perfect. It is out of the way.

Under the stairs is an area to store bags.

Dining Options In The AirAsia Lounge KLIA2 Review

It was breakfast time on our visit and there were breakfast foods including cereal, toast, best scrambled eggs ever (according to my daughter), pre-made sandwiches, nasi lemak, congee and noodles.

Kuala Lumpur airport AirAsia lounge eating options
Cereal, toast, scrambled eggs. Not exactly inspiring but it gets the job done
Air Asia lounge Kuala Lumpur food
AirAsia X business class lounge Asian eating options

It’s not a huge range but it was enough for us to find something we were happy to eat.

The drink range is disappointing – we only found coke, diet coke, orange juice and some hot drink options. More soft drink options or water would be good! I don’t understand this limitation.

There is beer but at an extra charge of RM15 per Tiger can. There are no other alcohol options.

AirAsia business class lounge KLIA2 and AirAsia red carpet lounge drinking options
If you like coke, which admittedly I do, you are in luck! Otherwise, drink options are lacking

AirAsia Lounge Access

The AirAsia premium lounge KLIA2 is free for premium flatbed or premium flex fliers. Otherwise, you need to pay for entry.

At the time of publishing, there are two choices here – to pre-book or buy on entry. On entry, the AirAsia red premium lounge costs RM85. Online beforehand, you can buy entry for RM75. Kids under three are free.

All entry types are for three hours and then it is RM27 an hour.

Final Words

This is a nice, low-key lounge where we enjoyed having some peace and quiet before our flight.

We enjoyed spending some time here and having a quick diet coke and bite to eat but I wish there had been more drink options. We had access to the premium lounge AirAsia thanks to flying premium flatbed but I would consider paying for it if I was flying alone and wanted some time out from the terminal and/or a shower and it wasn’t busy.

I would also consider it when flying with our toddler. Since there is a good area for him and he is free, it is a good deal.

Otherwise, RM85 can get you a fair bit of food and drink in the food court a couple of minute’s walk away.

If you are wondering how the AirAsia red lounge KLIA2 compares with the Plaza premium lounges, I found it nicer and more relaxing but with less food and beverage options and they didn’t taste as good. It is also cheaper than Plaza Premium, however, and I would only pay the extra for Plaza Premium if you want beer or a bed.

You can read my Plaza Premium reviews here.

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