Kuala Lumpur Airport Hotel Guide: Your Hotel Options At KLIA And KLIA2 [2023]

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Transiting Kuala Lumpur Airport (either KLIA or KLIA2) and need somewhere to crash? We can help!

We have done this many times and the good news is that there are many options for a hotel inside Kuala Lumpur Airport. Or perhaps you would rather leave the airport and are looking for a hotel near KLIA 1 or a hotel near KLIA2. There are options for this as well!

Below, we have all the best Kuala Lumpur Airport Hotel options whether you are looking for an overnight stop or a sleep during the day or a Kuala Lumpur airport transit hotel for all budgets.


But first, a few points to note. KLIA and KLIA2 are close together so a hotel near Kuala Lumpur Airport will be near to both of them.

If you would prefer to stay in a hotel inside Kuala Lumpur International Airport then it becomes important to know which terminal you are in and to preferably pick a hotel in the same terminal.

We have information here about which airlines fly into which terminal as well as how to travel between the terminals.

If you are trying to work out whether to stay in a hotel inside KLIA or a hotel near airport Kuala Lumpur then here are some things to consider when making your decision:

  • A KL Airport hotel is likely to be more expensive than one nearby
  • A KLIA hotel inside airport is more likely to have day rates and more flexible stay options. For example, you may be able to pay for just three hours
  • Kuala Lumpur itself is about an hour from the airport so it’s not worth going there for a short transit. With 24 hours, I would go into Kuala Lumpur or Port Dickson though rather than staying at a KLIA airport hotel
  • There is nothing close to the airport that is that interesting so it’s usually better to just stay at the airport if you don’t have time to go into KL
  • There is a great hotel option at KLIA (Sama Sama Hotel) so there is no need to stay anywhere but the airport. The only reason I would stay at a hotel near KLIA airport instead is to save money
  • If you are transiting KL with no need to pass through immigration then there are some KL airport transit hotel options in each terminal

Below, we break up our reviews and comparisons by whether the KUL airport hotel is airside (so only accessed when you are between flights with no reason to pass through immigration), at the airport or close by.

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Kuala Lumpur Airport Hotel Guide: Your Hotel Options At KLIA And KLIA2 [2019]

Comparison Of All Kuala Lumpur Airport Hotel Options

Sama Sama Express KLIA★★Transit$$Click here
Sama Sama Express KLIA2★★★Transit$$Click here
Sama Sama Hotel★★★★★Airport$$$Click here
Tune Hotel KLIA2★★★Airport$Click here
Private Resting Suite, Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA2★★★Airport$$Click here
Aerotel KLIA2★★★★Airport$$Click here
Capsule Transit HotelAirport$Click here
Tune Hotel KLIA Aeropolis★★★3km$Click here
Mövenpick Hotel and Convention Centre KLIA★★★★3.9km$$Click here
Orange Hotel Kota Warisan★★8km$Click here
YouniQ Hotel★★★6.2km$Click here
Qlassic Hotel★★★6.3km$Click here

Kuala Lumpur Airport Transit Hotel Options

These options are only for people who want an airside transit hotel Kuala Lumpur International Airport. This means that you will already be checked into your next flight and won’t need to go through immigration.

Sama Sama Express KLIA

airport hotel Kuala Lumpur transit

The Sama Sama Express KLIA hotel is the only choice of an airside KLIA airport hotel for transit. Thankfully, it’s a good choice!

Located in international departures level 3 near gate C5, this hotel also has a lounge attached and you can pay just for entry to this if you wish. However, to get some rest, you can’t beat one of the hotel rooms.

The rooms are available in packages starting at 6 hours. They are all air conditioned with satellite TV, safe and kettle. They all have their own en-suite bathrooms with hairdryers and come in double or twin configuration. There are suite rooms with extra space.

Given you are in the terminal, you have access to all terminal facilities as well

Click here for the latest prices or read our full review here.

Sama Sama Express KLIA2

kul airport transit hotel

The Sama Sama Express KLIA2 is your only choice of an airside Malaysia airport transit hotel in KLIA2. It’s a great place to sleep between flights.

Located in international departures level 3 just after you cross the air bridge, this transit hotel inside Kuala Lumpur airport is also easy to find. It has a separate lounge as well that you can pay extra to access.

There are queen or twin rooms as well as family rooms for four people. You can choose from standard or superior.

All rooms come with air conditioning, flat screen TV with cable channels and en-suite bathrooms with toiletries. They are quiet and comfortable and are highly recommended.

As an added benefit, room rates usually include a meal.

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KL Airport Hotel Options

Sama Sama Hotel

KLIA 1 hotel

The Sama Sama Hotel is by far the best hotel near KLIA. Located adjacent to KLIA, it is easy to reach with a connected walkway from the terminal or you can catch a free buggy ride from level 2 of the airport.

Don’t confuse this with the express hotel in KLIA1 airport. This hotel is much larger with more facilities and is outside the terminal.

This hotel has great rooms with a wide range of configurations including family rooms. Rooms are a good size and come with everything you could want including tea and coffee making facilities, TV, desk area, safe, minibar and more.

There are also suites available and a Premier Lounge that certain room types can access. This has extra benefits like a special breakfast and pre-dinner cocktails.

There are a range of facilities at this Kuala Lumpur International Airport hotel. We particularly love the pool area. The pool is just beautiful. A great size and it’s surrounded by trees and next to a bar and restaurant. It’s very easy to forget that you are right next to a major airport when you are here.

There is also a gym, jacuzzi, sauna and tennis court and you can have all the stresses of travel massaged out of your body at the day spa.

You can read our full review here or click here for the latest prices.

Tune Hotel KLIA2

hotel KLIA 1

This Tune Hotel is an easy choice for an airport hotel KLIA2.

Located right next to the terminal, it’s a short walk along a covered walkway to get here. The Tune Hotel is also relatively flexible with overnight rates as well as day rates and some shorter ones.

We tend to use this hotel near KLIA2 airport for overnight stays and ones inside the terminal for shorter stays as they are totally flexible on check-in times.

The Tune Hotel KLIA2 is a great standard and rooms are generally clean and comfortable. There are a wide range of room types with doubles, twins, family and connecting rooms. The rooms are small, but have everything you need.

Note than unlike other Tune Hotel options, this hotel comes with air conditioning, towels and internet included.

There is a great downstairs area with bar, restaurant, pool table, library and a small convenience store. It’s well set up and spacious and a good area to kill some time.

You can read our full review here or click here for the latest prices.

Private Resting Suite, Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA2

hotel Kuala Lumpur airport KLIA2

This Kuala Lumpur airport hotel per hour is perfect for short layovers where you still want some privacy and a shower and a bed.

This airport hotel Malaysia is actually inside the Plaza Premium Lounge on level 2M in the Gateway shopping centre of KLIA2. There are four Plaza Premium Lounges at KLIA2 so it can be confusing. Look for the one next to Thai Odyssey massages.

Called private resting suites, these compact hotel rooms are perfect for a nap or longer rest between flights. They are the top choice if you are looking for a Kuala Lumpur airport hotel day room. You can check in at any time and your hourly package starts from this point.

This makes it very convenient for a quick transit. We used it for a six hour stopover and it was perfect.

The rooms include en-suite bathroom and towels. There are a variety of configurations including family rooms. Unfortunately, they are not well sound proofed and it can get noisy. There are no windows.

A big benefit of this hotel is that you also get access to the attached lounge. So there are food and drinks readily accessible.

You can book for 3+ hours and it’s far cheaper to book in advance on Agoda than to book direct or on arrival

 You can read our full review here or click here for the latest prices.

Aerotel KLIA2

hotel area KLIA

This hotel inside KL airport is another option for travellers wanting a flexible KLIA hotel per hour.

The Aerotel is located on level 2M in the Gateway shopping centre of KLIA2 like the option above, but on the opposite side of the floor.

It offers a variety of room types from singles to family rooms with one double and two single beds. All rooms have air conditioning, tea and coffee making facilities, TV, wifi and en-suite bathrooms

This hotel inside Malaysia airport has pricing packages starting from 3 hours which include a meal as well. Unfortunately, it also suffers from problems with noise from the surrounding areas.

Click here for the latest prices.

Capsule Transit Hotel KLIA2

Your final choice of a KL International Airport hotel in KLIA2 is the capsule Transit Hotel. Located inside KLIA2 in the Gateway shopping centre on level 1, this is another convenient option.

This hotel is unique in that the rooms are actually containers! This KLIA2 hotel option is for guests who are happy to keep it simple but want some sleep.

The “capsules” are small areas with a bed within the containers. You have a curtain to shut for privacy. You can rent either single or queen capsules in either mixed or female only areas. There is also a triple capsule suite which has a door for more privacy.

If you book a capsule, you also get access to shared bathrooms with showers and a locker.

If you don’t want to sleep but want a shower and KLIA2 luggage storage, you can pay for this separately here too.

The downside of this KLIA2 transit hotel compared to the others is that prices are relatively high and you don’t get an actual room with your own bathroom so it doesn’t offer as much value. It also has stricter check-in times than the Plaza Premium Lounge option above and it has a noise problem particularly if you have only a curtain door.

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Hotel Near Kuala Lumpur Airport Options

These are all options for a hotel around KLIA. You will need to organise a transfer with the hotel directly or get a taxi to get to them. They are all within ten kilometres.

Tune Hotel KLIA Aeropolis

cheap hotel KLIA Kuala Lumpur

The Tune Hotel KLIA Aeropolis is the former hotel near KLIA 2 when it was the LCCT terminal.

Now, this KLIA budget hotel is a short drive from the airport and offers a free shuttle bus every two hours from the Tune Hotel KLIA2.

Double rooms are available which are compact but have everything you need with en-suite bathrooms, towels, air conditioning and wifi. There is a restaurant on-site.

If you are looking for a cheap hotel in Kuala Lumpur near airport then this is a solid choice.

Click here for the latest prices.

Mövenpick Hotel and Convention Centre KLIA

cheap hotel Kuala Lumpur airport

If you are looking for a quality Malaysia hotel near airport then this might be your pick.

Located about ten minutes drive from the airport and with free shuttles every two hours from both terminals, this hotel near Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 offers a range of rooms and facilities and is my choice for a near KLIA hotel.

You can choose between a wide variety of rooms from doubles to royal suites. They all come with tea and coffee making facilities, minibar, air conditioning and more.

On-site, you will find a pool, gym, tennis court, day spa, outdoor play area and kids club in addition to the convention centre. If you are hungry, there are six restaurants to choose from. There are both male and female pools and gyms, and you are walking distance to a mosque. This is a Halal rated hotel.

Click here for the latest prices.

Orange Hotel Kota Warisan

hotel near KLIA airport budget

If you are looking for a budget hotel near KLIA Sepang, here’s a solid contender!

Located 8 kilometres away, the Orange Hotel has a shuttle service every hour. Breakfast is available on-site. The shuttle and breakfast are an extra charge but great value.

All rooms have air conditioning, TV with satellite channels, wifi and en-suite bathrooms. Room types vary from single rooms to family rooms with two large double beds. They are simple but clean, comfortable and modern.

There are shops and restaurants within walking distance of the hotel.

This is the best cheap hotel near KLIA2 with the cheapest prices as well as the best review ratings. You can save money by choosing a room without a window. It’s also cheaper to have a room in a separate building with only a luggage lift.

Click here for the latest prices.

YouniQ Hotel

airport hotel Kuala Lumpur airasia

Another option for a cheap hotel near KLIA airport is the YouniQ. Located a 15 minute drive away, it has similar prices to the Orange Hotel above.

There is a shuttle service to the airport which is currently RM5.50.

Along with a unique, modern look, this hotel also has a gym, free laundry facilities and a restaurant on-site.

Rooms feature air conditioning, TV with Astro channels, safe, tea and coffee making facilities and en-suite bathroom. Room types vary from double to quadruple options and there are also dorm beds available for budget conscious travellers.

Rooms at this cheap hotel in Malaysia near airport are compact but modern, comfortable and clean.

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Qlassic Hotel

The final option in this hotel close to KLIA airport guide is another budget option. Located near the YouniQ Hotel, this hotel is also a 15 minute drive away. There is a paid shuttle service available.

Rooms are air conditioned with flat screen TVs, kettles, wifi and en-suite bathrooms. Rooms come in double, twin, triple and family options with two double beds. You can save money by staying in a room without a window.

Rooms are on the small side but well maintained and comfortable.

There is a mini mart and restaurant on-site and restaurants within walking distance.

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Map Of All Kuala Lumpur Airport Hotels

Kuala Lumpur Airport Hotel Locations map
Click the Map to open in Google Maps. You can then access directions to each of the locations discussed in this article.

We hope this guide helps you find your best hotel near KLIA international airport. You can read more information about KL Airport in our guides here.

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