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Looking for theme park fun in a brand new theme park close to Kuala Lumpur? Consider the new Genting theme park, Genting SkyWorlds!

Located about an hour from Kuala Lumpur, the Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park can seem a whole world away, high in the hills in the Genting Highlands. It has a checkered past after it was supposed to be a 20th Century Fox World Malaysia theme park, but the deal fell through partway through building the new theme park.

However, today the Genting SkyWorlds theme park is open with just one ride yet to be finished. You can go on everything else though (in theory), and there is plenty at this Genting outdoor theme park to keep you occupied.

So what is it like? Is it worth visiting Genting SkyWorlds Malaysia?

Genting SkyWorlds review
Genting SkyWorlds

Find out in my full Genting SkyWorlds review below. I tell you everything in this Genting SkyWorlds blog from what attractions are here to what they are like to the Genting SkyWorlds price (and how to get discounted tickets) to how to get to SkyWorlds and what it’s like at the Genting SkyWorlds hotel.

I also share many Genting SkyWorlds photos so you can see exactly what it’s like.

It’s all here, so keep reading!

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Genting SkyWorlds Review

Note that Genting SkyWorlds is an outdoor theme park. Genting Highland also has an indoor theme park which is quite separate to this one. You can read about that here.

This Genting Highland theme park review is only about the outdoor Genting SkyWorlds.

Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park
Genting SkyWorlds

I wrote this Genting Highlands theme park review after visiting in April 2023. At the time, it was still called a “soft opening period” although only one ride wasn’t finished yet.

I had read quite mixed reviews before going. I understood why when I got there.

Despite only having one ride left to officially open, many rides, shops and restaurants were closed. What I really didn’t expect was that most the live entertainment wasn’t running either.

The park itself is beautiful, and there is a lot of potential there. But when I visited in 2023, it just wasn’t worth the ticket price I paid, in my opinion. Too much was not operating, and I was done in a couple of hours. I felt quite ripped off.

However, there were still quite a few rides and the park is beautiful. If you were there with kids (say younger than 12), you’d probably have a great time as the more family friendly rides were generally running and lines were generally very short. You could go on rides quickly which is a huge pro with kids.

Genting SkyWorlds map

I went by myself. I did not want to go on little kid rides, and I was finished far too quick for the entry price. I didn’t even get to go on a single roller coaster.

This put me in a difficult position with writing this review. As it would be a waste of time if I just wrote about what was open on the day I visited as that wouldn’t be that helpful for you as hopefully more is open when you visit.

So I describe everything that *should* be available as well as my personal experiences.

I also want to say that there were more rides shut than what was listed on their site as closed. However, some of these did open by afternoon.

I split up this Genting SkyWorld review by the nine different themed lands at the theme park. Some of the lands still have Fox themed attractions and rides thanks to the settlement deal they reached and some theming is completely unique to SkyWorlds.

Arriving At SkyWorlds

Genting SkyWorlds review Opening show
Opening show

I arrived at the Genting Highlands outdoor theme park right at 10:45am. This was 15 minutes before the opening at 11am when there is an opening show. I wanted to make the most of my time here, but it really wasn’t necessary.

People were already entering through the turnstiles when I arrived, and the show started right in front of us. When the first part of the show was over, we could move a little further in the park but couldn’t leave the first land, Studio City, until 11am.

I had a plan for my visit to make sure I got on my top rides including which ones to use for virtual queue (more about this below) and which ones to head to first when lines were short.

However, the first two I ran to when the park opened were temporarily closed! And I only needed to use my virtual queue once as lines were short or the rides I wanted weren’t open.

Studio Plaza

Genting SkyWorlds review Entry at Studio Plaza
Entry at Studio Plaza

This is where you enter the Genting Highland outdoor theme park.

This is not the area for rides but you’ll find a cafe perfect for picking up a coffee, a popcorn shop and a Chinese eating option as well as a candy and souvenir shop. It’s a good place to stop on your way out to pick up any souvenirs.

More exciting is the entertainment here at Studio Plaza. The opening show just before the park opens was cool (so be here 15 minutes early), and there is a closing show daily at 5:45pm.

Eagle Mountain

Genting SkyWorlds review Eagle Mountain
Eagle Mountain – basically shut at the moment

Eagle Mountain is straight ahead after you enter and is where the fun level goes up – at least it will once the ride opens!

It’s themed to be a Californian desert. There is one ride here, Mad Ramp Peak – Full Throttle Racing, which was the one ride not yet open when I visited.

It will be one of the most thrilling Genting SkyWorlds rides when it opens as it’s designed to be the “world’s first dual-powered roller coaster bike ride”. It’ll race around Eagle Mountain at high speeds and looks like it’ll be really fun.

Of course, being California themed means there is a burger bar here and a themed souvenir shop.

Central Park

Genting SkyWorlds review Central Park - where you can enter Night at the Museum: Midnight Mayhem ride
Central Park – where you can enter Night at the Museum: Midnight Mayhem ride

The next land takes you to the opposite side of the US with New York themed, Central Park. This land was more fun thanks to a few different rides and much more, although not much was happening here when I visited so it had an empty feel.

I feel like once the park is fully opened with more guests, this will be the place to be though.

There is the Night at the Museum: Midnight Mayhem ride which is great for families. The idea is that you are going through a museum where Dexter (I think he is a monkey?!) is on the loose and you need to help out the night guide. The journey is in a little car with 3D glasses and you need to shoot the various exhibits which have come to life. It’s cute, well done and a lot of fun.

For more of an adrenaline rush, there is the ESD Global Defender where you go on a “hybrid aerospace fighter”. For this ride, you can only go on it using the virtual queue, there is no walk-up entry.

Genting SkyWorlds review ESD Global Defender
ESD Global Defender

It’s a fun ride, but you just kind of spin round and round while going upside down sometimes.

You can then head onto the Independence Day: Defiance which is based on the movie Independence Day. You have to help defend earth from an alien invasion. I was looking forward to this ride, but sadly, it was shut when I visited.

There are a few entertainment options as well that I was looking forward to but I wasn’t able to see any of them 🙁 🙁 🙁

Lake of Dreams is meant to be a cool water fountain show. It is meant to run a few times a day. I checked out the app for times when I arrived at the park and made sure I was there for the first one.

However, it didn’t run then. A sign where the show takes place only had it running around 4pm on the day I visited and did not align with the app or other signs at the park. I was well and truly done with the park by then so I didn’t get to see it.

Another show that is meant to run here is Aqua which takes this fountain show to a whole other level. It’s only meant to run a few times a week with water, sea creatures, mermaids and more. I wasn’t able to see this either.

I was also hoping to see The Chinese Arts where acrobats do tricks and amaze the audience. This didn’t seem to be running at all either.

I also read that there are a couple of rock and roll shows a day in this area… But again, nothing. It would be great if SkyWorlds updated their website to be transparent about all of this.

There are many eating and shopping options here as well as a small arcade with games.

Liberty Lane

Genting SkyWorlds review Liberty Lane
Liberty Lane

The smaller Liberty Lane is up next and you are back in California in San Francisco. There is one ride here – Invasion of the Planet of the Apes. This was probably my favourite ride.

It’s a 3D ride in a pod that takes you round a warehouse, on the Golden Gate Bridge and into the “water”. You are helping save the apes from humans bent on killing them all.

I found it really awesome actually. It was shut when I first entered the park, but thankfully it was soon running.

There are a couple of eating options and a shop.

Robots Rivet Town

Genting SkyWorlds review Robots Rivet Town
Robots Rivet Town – small but fun

Next up is the family friendly Robots Rivet Town where you enter a city of robots!

There are two kid friendly rides with the Bigweld’s Zeppelins (where you ride a zeppelin around and around) and Rivet Town Roller which is more thrilling.

I actually really enjoyed the Rivet Town Roller. I nearly laughed my head off on this 🙂 I only realised accidently that pushing a lever in front of me would make me spin upside down. It was quite a shock and quite enjoyable.

There is also a donut/cake shop here and a gift shop.

Andromeda Base

Genting SkyWorlds review Andromeda Base
Go upside down and high in the air at Andromeda Base

You leave the robots behind here and head into space at the Andromeda Base. There are three rides here which all take the thrill-level up a notch.

You can start by getting the Terraform Tower Challenge – a tower of terror ride – out of the way! There are great views, but then you come crashing down.

It’s then easy to go on the Alpha Fighter Pilots ride which is a space battle simulation. This is another fun ride that goes round and upside down, a little like the ESD Global Defender.

Then there is the Boot Camp Training. This is less thrilling, but it looks fun. It was closed when I visited. It’s an obstacle course suitable for families.

For entertainment, there’s meant to be cool Space Walkers which perform tricks – but this wasn’t running either.

There is a juice bar here and a Grab ‘n’ Go, perfect if you don’t want to waste any time eating at this park. There are also a couple of arcade games.

Ice Age

Genting SkyWorlds review Frozen Treats at Ice Age
Frozen treats at Ice Age

Ice Age is a fun land to visit which is based on the movies by the same name.

A good place to start is Ice Age: Expedition Thin Ice which takes you through ice caverns, lava tunnels and more to save some lost campers. It’s a fun, family-oriented ride. This ride had quite a line later in the day, so I was glad I did it early.

Acorn Adventure is a super fun roller coaster with some splash. I could see the track around the park and it looked awesome! It is one of the rides I headed to when the park first opened, but alas, it had technical difficulties and did not open.

Genting SkyWorlds review Ice Age
Hanging out in Ice Age

Sid’s Rock ‘N’ Slide is a fun ride shaped like a big log that you sit in while you twirl around the place.

Finally, there is Mammoth Fun Zone which is a kid’s play area for toddlers and preschoolers.

There is also a fun show here for families called Ice Age: Time Warp as well as some food outlets. The fruity icy treats at Crash and Eddie’s Frozen Treats looked unreal.

Of course, there is also a shop with lots of Ice Age merchandise.


Genting SkyWorlds review Epic

This land is themed around the movie, Epic. There are two family friendly rides. Epic Voyage to Moonhaven which is an indoor boat ride with plenty to see and watch as you float around.

The other ride is Epic Hummingbird Flyers which looks quite pretty and involves you flying around in a hummingbird.

The whole land is done very well and looked quite cool. This is a good area for families with younger kids (as are Rio and Ice Age).

There are also some very cool looking treats at Mub & Grub’s BIG Bites and a gift shop.


Genting SkyWorlds review Rio

Last is the land of Rio which is themed to be the neighbourhood of Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro.

This is another family friendly land with Blue Sky Carousel, Rio Carnival Chaos! (a teacup ride) and Samba Gliders. While the latter is a vertical roller coaster, most kids will love it as it’s not super scary.

I was sadly disappointed by it. It is the other ride I headed to first just to be told there were technical difficulties. This one did start again and the line was long so I used my virtual queue.

However, I wasn’t able to take this ride.

While at every other ride I did at the park, I could leave my bag somewhere when I was on it, this was an exception. They wouldn’t let me go on it unless I paid RM20 for a locker!!!!


I was too mad at this point to pay another ringgit after the big entry fee. Since I was there alone, I had to miss it. This is a crazy price to leave a bag for 10 minutes and felt like blatant profiteering.

Genting SkyWorlds review lunch for rm25
My lunch at Rio – RM25 for this

For entertainment, there are samba dance performances and a samba festival which are lots of fun. This was running and I watched one of the shows while I had my lunch at the chicken shop.

There’s also a taco shop, fried chicken shop and, of course, a gift shop. There are some arcade games too.

Genting SkyWorlds App And Virtual Queues

I highly recommend you download the Genting SkyWorlds mobile app via App Store, Google Play or AppGallery before you visit this Genting Malaysia theme park. This app helps you navigate the park, work out what’s happening when and where it is and also allows you to access Virtual Queues (referred to as VQ).

With the app, you can easily reserve a time slot at the rides. When it hits your time, you can head straight to the front of the queue and save a lot of lining up.

Genting SkyWorlds review One of the billion shops at SkyWorlds :)
One of the billion shops at SkyWorlds 🙂

I downloaded the app and created my account before even leaving Australia so I was set to go. Once I had entered the park, I could add my ticket using the number on my Klook ticket. Then, I was all set to use VQ.

It is possible to access VQ without a smart phone. There are VQ kiosks where you can do that. But it is so nice and easy with the app. I was able to place myself in virtual queues while I waited in line at other rides. When I needed to cancel it (which I did a lot since there turned out to be no queue or, in the case of Samba Glider, because I wouldn’t pay RM20), this was easy to do and I could use it for something else.

I love efficient use of my time 🙂

What is very cool at SkyWorlds Genting is that many of the rides are available on VQ. In fact, it may have been all of them. This makes it very easy. However, you only get to reserve three places in the standard entry ticket at no extra cost. I couldn’t find a way to buy extra places, but it was unnecessary when I visited anyway.

Something to really take note of, however, is that a few rides can only be accessed by VQ. So you do need to make sure you register this way. They are currently ESD Global Defender, Ice Age: Time Warp (entertainment rather than a ride) and Boot Camp Training.

Genting SkyWorlds review asteroid arcade
Asteroid Arcade – part of Central Park that didn’t seem to be open yet

This makes getting three places not much of a bonus since you may feel like you have to use them for that. Hopefully, this changes.

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Where Is Genting SkyWorlds?

Genting SkyWorlds Address: Genting SkyWorlds, Genting Highlands, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

Not surprisingly, the Genting SkyWorlds location is in the Genting Highlands. You can click on the Genting SkyWorlds map below to see where it is located in Google Maps.

Genting Skyworlds Theme Park map
Click the map to open it in Google Maps. You can then access directions to each of the locations discussed in this article.

The Genting Highlands is not in Kuala Lumpur. It feels a world away thanks to being at an altitude of over 1,800 metres. It’s much cooler than in KL and can often be covered in clouds.

SkyWorlds is part of Resorts World Genting which is a huge world of entertainment and things to do. You can read our full guide to visiting there here.

It is only about an hour north of Kuala Lumpur by taxi. I took a Grab taxi home from here which only cost around RM68, although note that Grab taxi prices are highly dependent on the time of day and how many people are currently requesting taxis.

It’s also easy (and fun) to take public transport up here. You can take an easy bus from KL Sentral or some other places and then a cable car the rest of the way to the theme park.

Click here for a full guide to travelling from Kuala Lumpur to SkyWorlds and the Genting Highlands.

Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park Opening Hours

Genting SkyWorlds opening hours are 11am – 6pm daily.

Genting SkyWorlds Ticket Price

The Genting theme park price is determined by your height/age and where you buy your ticket.

Child tickets are available for kids 90-110cm. Kids below 90cm are free. Adult tickets are required once a child hits 110cm.

Seniors 60+ years old can buy a senior ticket which is the same cost as a child.

Genting SkyWorlds review Andromeda Base boot camp
Boot camp anyone? Andromeda Base

At the time of publishing, a full-priced ticket costs RM189 for an adult or RM161 for a child/senior. This is what you will pay if you buy your ticket on arrival.

If you buy your ticket at least one day in advance, you can buy a discounted ticket from Klook here. This is about 20% off so a great saving.

It’s so easy with a Klook Genting SkyWorlds ticket booking too. You can simply scan the ticket to enter and don’t need to line up at the sales counter.

Click here to check out the discounted tickets now.

Something I love about Genting SkyWorlds tickets is the rainy day guarantee. At the time of publishing, if it rains for two hours continuously between 11am – 3pm, you get a free return ticket to use within the next 12 months. If it rains between 3-5pm, you get 50% off the next visit.

Note that you do need to be using the Genting SkyWorlds app to take advantage of this offer.

You can leave the park and come back again within your day.

Genting SkyWorlds Hotel Review

If you want to stay overnight in Genting Highlands while you visit SkyWorlds, you can’t get a closer option that the Genting SkyWorlds hotel. You can see how close it is in the photo above.

This hotel has a range of room types including king rooms for two, quad rooms with two queen size beds and sixers rooms with three queen sized beds making this a great option for families and couples. Note that the sixers room has a queen sized bunk.

All rooms have air-conditioning, tea and coffee making facilities, mini-fridge and everything you would expect in a quality hotel.

There are also suite options which have living areas and are better presented.

The Genting SkyWorlds Hotel has parking for guests, a ticket desk and character appearances. While it doesn’t have a ton of facilities, you are right next to SkyAvenue Mall and everything Genting Highlands offers so it’s easy to find restaurants and many shops nearby.

The hotel is quite big so there can be a lot of walking required to get to your room depending on where it is located which is something to consider for less able-bodied people.

Click here for the latest prices or find more reviews of hotels in Genting Highlands here.

Final Words

I really wish I could say that I loved this park, and it’s a great place to visit.

I feel like SkyWorlds has all the pieces there to become a really great park.

However, currently, it is not. I found it quite disappointing.

Genting SkyWorlds review Lake of Dreams
Lake of Dreams – or Lake of Broken Promises on my visit!

The upside was the small queues – I did quite a few rides and ate lunch in the two hours I was there. I even saw two shows!

However, I also only went on two rides that I thought were really good, and I am still fuming at the fact that I would have had to pay to go on Samba Gliders.

I had a list of five rides I really wanted to go on that were meant to be open and I only got on two of them. This simply isn’t good enough with the current ticket price.

For people with kids, this may be the perfect time to go though. The lines are short, and there is a good range of family friendly rides. The park is beautiful, and there is a lot to love about it.

I look forward to when it opens properly and everything is operational.

Click here to see the latest ticket prices.

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