Cable Car Genting Highlands: All About Taking The Awana Skyway

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Heading to the Genting Highlands and heard the best way to get there is via cable car?

I have to agree. The Genting Highland cable car (called Awana Skyway) is my favourite way to arrive in the Genting Highlands. It’s quick, easy and scenic, although it can get busy at peak times.

Could there be a better way to travel?

Genting Highlands cable car
Boarding the gondola

So if you are wondering if it’s worth taking the Genting Highlands cable car or what you’ll find when you get there, keep reading! This is my full review of the Awana Skyway cable car including the Awana Skyway operating hours, the Genting cable car price (and how to get tickets), how to get to the cable car, what you’ll see and what it is like.

By the end, you’ll know everything you need to know about the whole experience of taking the Awana Genting Highland cable car.

What Is The Cable Car Genting Highlands?

Awana SkyWay Getting in the gondola
Boarding the gondola

The Awana Skyway is a gondola lift system connecting the Awana terminal (where you can arrive by bus or park your car) with SkyAvenue in Resorts World Genting. It also stops along the way at Chin Swee Temple.

This system was opened in 2016 after replacing a previous system. It travels over 2.8 kilometres up to the mountain peak at 6 metres/second and can take up to 3,600 passengers per hour. It takes about ten minutes to reach the top. It ascends about 620 metres to 1,725 metres above sea level.

This cable car Genting Highland service has been built to be a scenic experience, and there can be great views from the gondolas, weather dependent.

Why Take The Cable Car To Genting Highlands?

There are two main reasons to take the Awana Genting Highlands cable car.

One is if you need to get to Resorts World Genting Highlands. This is a great way to do this from the same building as where buses arrive from KL. It’s a quick and easy way to get to the top where all the main attractions in the Genting Highlands are located.

Inside Awana Bus Terminal
Inside Awana Bus Terminal. Just keep following the Skyway signs

You can read our full guide of how to get from KL to Genting Highlands here which includes how to get the bus to Awana Skyway.

Secondly, it’s for the views and experience or if you want to visit Chin Swee Temple.

There can be great views of the 130 million year old rainforest surrounding the area and the highlands themselves. It’s fun, and it’s also worth taking it to easily visit Chin Swee Temple.

What Is The Awana Skyway Price? How To Buy Awana Skyway Ticket

Ticket counter at Awana
Ticket counter at Awana

There are four options for your ticket and this determines the cable car Genting price. A standard Genting cable car ticket price is RM10 at the time of publishing or RM18 return. This is a shared service.

You can also chose to take the standard gondola but with express boarding. This is a good idea at busy times where unfortunately, there can be a long wait with the standard ticket. This costs a little more.

You can also purchase a glass floor gondola ticket which will give you extra views as you ascend the mountain. This can also be a way to have a faster boarding experience during busy times.

There is also a six person maximum in this gondola type compared to 8-10 in standard gondolas which can make it more pleasant and easier to get photos. This costs a little more again.

Awana SkyWay Turnstile area at SkyAvenue Station
Turnstile area at SkyAvenue Station

Finally, you can chose to have your own private gondola either glass floored or standard which comes with express boarding. You pay this per gondola and can have up to ten people for a standard or six for a glass floor.

There are discounts on the cable car to Genting price for Malaysian senior citizens and extra charged for oversized baggage.

You can purchase your tickets at either end – so at the Awana Station or SkyAvenue Station.

However, the easiest way is to buy your Awana Skyway ticket online here on Klook first. You can then simply scan it on arrival at the station. This is what I did and it saved long lines at the ticket counter.

Click here to buy your ticket now.

What Are The Genting Cable Car Operating Hours?

At the time of publishing, this cable car Genting opening hours were 7am – 11pm Sunday to Wednesday and 7am – 1am Thursday to Saturday night, as well as the night before public holidays.

Awana SkyWay terminal
Leaving Awana SkyWay terminal

How To Take The Cable Car In Genting

It’s very simple to take the Genting Highland Skyway. Simply head to Awana Skyway station, at the bottom, or SkyAvenue station if you are already at Resorts World Genting.

You can buy your cable car Genting ticket at either of these places or it’s even simpler if you buy it online first.

Click here to buy it now.

If you arrive by bus at Awana, you simply need to go to level 4 of the same building to take the cable car.

It’s directly above where you descend from the bus and there are escalators and signs the whole way. You can’t get lost. The ticket counters are at the entry and there it’s clearly signposted where to go to board.

Awana SkyWay The boarding area at Awana Terminal after scanning ticket
The boarding area at Awana Terminal after scanning ticket

Like I said before, if you bought your ticket online, go straight to the turnstiles in the boarding area.

You can take one airline sized carry on bag on the cable car. There is luggage storage at the Awana terminal for an extra fee or you can pay extra to take bigger baggage with you on the Sky cable car Genting.

Once you are in the boarding area, simply line up until it’s your turn to walk straight on as the gondola opens its doors.

Awana SkyWay Inside a regular gondola
Inside a regular gondola

If it’s not busy, like when I last visited, they weren’t putting ten people in a cabin and small groups got to ride privately.

Awana Skyway Review

Riding up the mountain in Awana SkyWay
Riding up the mountain in Awana SkyWay

I found it very easy and smooth to get the Awana Skyway both up and down from Resorts World Genting. At both ends, there are plenty of signs to direct you where to go and I had minimal lines at both ends on a weekday.

I bought tickets online beforehand with Klook which made it ultra easy as well since the lines for tickets were longer than the lines for the cable car itself.

I was travelling by myself and only had to share a gondola with one or two others.

Awana SkyWay Riding in thick fog!
Riding in thick fog!

The views were great to start with but quickly, we were engulfed by fog. It was crazy how foggy it got and by SkyAvenue, I couldn’t see anything. It was also quite windy which made a scary sound into the cable car 😀

So while I didn’t really get to see the rainforest. It was still an experience.

I would definitely take it again and don’t see why you would take any other method of transport up to Genting.

Stopping at Chin Swee Station

Awana SkyWay Arriving at Chin Swee Station
Arriving at Chin Swee Station

Halfway up, you can choose to get off at this station and check out Chin Swee Caves Temple. It’s included in the price of the ticket to stop here or you can also choose to stay in the gondola.

Unfortunately for me, it was so foggy that it wasn’t worth doing this on this trip.

Awana SkyWay Chin Swee Station
Chin Swee Station

You can read more about it in our guide to things to do in Genting Highlands here.

Awana Skyway Video Review

You can watch our full video review here so you can really understand what it’s like taking the Awana Skyway.

Final Words

Awana SkyWay Arriving at SkyAvenue Station
Arriving at SkyAvenue Station

Taking the Awana Genting cable car is an easy and enjoyable way to start and finish your Genting Highlands trip. It’s scenic and fun and easy to do. It’s also quite affordable so a win in every way.

The only downside is that at peak times, lines can be long and slow. Thankfully, this wasn’t my experience, but if you do plan to go at a peak time, like on the weekend, I recommend you buy an express Genting Highland cable car ticket or glass floor ticket for a more pleasant experience.

I hope you enjoy your ride on the Awana Skyway.

Click here to buy your tickets now.

Check out my guide to all the Genting Highland attractions here so you know what to do when you get there. You can also find our full guide to travelling from KL to Genting Highlands here and all travel guides to Genting Highlands here.

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