Angry Bird Park Johor Review + Cheap Tickets

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NOTE: Unfortunately, this park has permanently closed.

The Angry Bird Park Johor Bahru is the first of its kind in Malaysia. It’s basically a fun take on an indoor play centre with a lot of Angry Bird theming to make it more interesting.

Located in downtown Johor Bahru, close to the causeway to Singapore in the Komtar Centre, it’s also a very easy place to visit.

Angry Birds Activity Park Johor Bahru
Angry Birds Activity Park Johor Bahru

The Angry Birds Activity Park Johor Bahru, Malaysia is definitely worth considering if you are in this part of the world with kids. Below, you will find my full Angry Bird Park Johor Bahru review along with information on how to buy the cheapest Angry Bird Park Johor ticket.

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Angry Bird Park Johor Review + Cheap Tickets [2019]

Angry Bird Park Johor Bahru

Angry Bird Park Johor Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (shut 1-2pm and 5-6pm on weekends, public and school holidays)

There are basically three sessions at the Angry Bird town Johor. They shut the centre down in between times to clean but you can come back again multiple times over the day.

The Angry Birds Johor Bahru is easy to find on level 3 at the Komtar Centre. Simply go up to level 3 and follow the signs to the Angry Bird Johor Bahru location. You can’t miss it!

Once you are inside, you’ll find a whole Angry Birds Land Johor Bahru!

Angry Bird Park Johor Bahru Review

There are quite a few different parts to the Angry Bird Park at Johor. I’ll walk you through each in this Angry Bird Theme Park JB review and give you our impressions. Here’s a map of the place to give you an idea:

Angry Bird Park Johor Bahru
Angry Bird Park Johor Bahru

Different areas and different parts within the areas are focused on different age groups to make sure all kids are covered. I visited with my 7 year old so my thoughts are mostly based on that.

The Angry Bird Theme Park in Johor starts with a playground area for little ones. There is the Red Bird Sona which gets kids running and doing maths and a toddler play area. There is a little building full of foam TNT boxes you could use to build something and a very cool balance bike area. My 3 year old would have loved all of this!

Part of the younger kids area
Part of the younger kids area

Next to this is the go kart area. I had imagined electric go karts and been looking forward to it, but actually, they are pedal go karts. There are a few different sizes and my 7 year old did get into it as long as I timed him.

Angry Birds Go Kart Track
Angry Birds Go Kart Track

It is a fun track under an upper walkway which takes you to the Angry Bird nest!

Next to this is another fun playground area with a big slide.

At the end of the walkway is the Danger Zone. This turned into a disappointment as the Space Drop Airbag – where you jump off a platform on to an airbag was at first not manned so we waited a long time just to give up as staff watched on doing nothing elsewhere.

Then when someone was there later, they wouldn’t let my very tall 7 year old do it as he was too short.

Angry Birds Malaysia Space Drop Airbag
Angry Birds Malaysia Space Drop Airbag

It’s not much of a jump and I think the height limit is too high – I believe it was 140cm (my kid is 136), given the age of kids likely to visit.

Underneath, there is a cool soccer game where you have to kick the ball at lit up panels. We had fun with this.

Hit the lit up panel with a ball
Hit the lit up panel with a ball

Next door is the Lazy Bird Scoot area where you can go up and down small hills on scooters. This said for 11+ year olds and there were no scooters or people in sight.

Then we visited the Zero Gravity Utopia which is by far and away the best bit!

There is a giant pit full of foam that you can jump off platforms into the foam or jump from trampolines or swing off ropes. It is great! My 7 year old is usually really cautious and I was shocked how into this he was.

We definitely found Utopia with this giant foam pit!
We definitely loved Utopia with this giant foam pit!

I was frustrated I had a broken toe when I visited as I wanted to get into it too! It looks really fun. Surrounding it are more trampolines and a tight rope that looks impossible, but fun.

This whole upstairs area is very cool although I am not sure how well it would work if it was busy. For us, it was fabulous.

After this, there were two final things to try out. The first, the Laser Maze, was unfortunately shut,

The last was the Piggy Shooting Gallery where we shot foam balls at targets. Also lots of fun once we worked out how to use it.

Piggy Shooting Gallery
Piggy Shooting Gallery

There is also a cafe and shop on site where you can eat and buy Angry Bird themed merchandise. We did not try them out beyond buying the compulsory socks in our Angry Bird Park Johor review,

What Age Group?

I can see this park being fun for all ages – I would have loved to have gone crazy in the Zero Gravity Utopia area and tried the Space Drop Area. However, I think it’s probably about 4 – 10 year olds that will get the most from this park.

It was great for my 7 year old and I can see my 3 year old getting into enough for it to be worthwhile still.

I think my 7 year old would have had even more fun had his 9 year old sister been there to join in.

The Angry Birds Activity Park
The Angry Birds Activity Park

Angry Birds Park Johor Bahru Ticket

The Angry Bird Activity Park Johor ticket price is currently RM75 if you buy at the centre.

However, it is much cheaper if you get an Angry Bird Park Johor promotion which you can do by clicking here.

Every person in the family will need a ticket including adults. The only exception to this is kids under three years old.

In addition to the Angry Birds Park JB ticket, you will also need to pay for socks which currently cost RM6. Adults need to buy these as well and you need to buy them at the shop at the front of the park before entering.

While this is annoying after already paying entry fee, at least they are cool socks I can see us using many times.

Note that adults can’t visit Angry Birds in Johor alone. They need a kid to enter.

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Hotel Near Angry Bird Park Johor

My top choice for a hotel near Angry Bird Park Johor Bahru is the Doubletree Hilton which is located very close to the Komtar Centre. It’s about a 5 minute walk.

This 4-star hotel is perfect. It’s modern, clean and comfortable with many eating options and an amazing pool area! There are a range of room types. We stayed in their double option and found it quiet and had everything we need.

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You can also find our full review of the DoubleTree here or find more choices of where to stay in Johor Bahru here.

Final Words

The Angry Birds Nest!
The Angry Birds Nest!

The Angry Bird Theme Park Johor Bahru is worth considering if you are in the Johor Bahru area and the kids need to let off some steam or you have some time to kill.

While it’s not the best indoor playcentre I have been to, it is right by the top and we had a great time. It’s just a shame it costs so much – I get annoyed when I’m charged so much for adults as well and then the socks on top.

We visited for our Angry Bird Activity Park JB review on a Sunday night and there was barely anyone there – perfect! But one gripe I did have is that they kicked my son off the go kart track after two circuits despite the fact no one else was there! We did go back later for another two laps later no problem though.

I was not impressed with staff at the centre. We spent a lot of time waiting for someone to help us (who would never come despite people standing around) and feeling ignored. We only saw staff helping local families.

So is the Angry Bird Park Johor entrance fee worth it? I think it depends how many people are in your family somewhat – if all 5 of us had visited and I was paying over RM300 for socks and entry, we would need to spend all day to make that worthwhile.

For my 7 year old, I think it was. Particularly if we had been able to visit earlier in the day so we could have spent more time and if I hadn’t had a broken toe so I could play too! He 100% recommends Angry Birds at Johor to other kids.

I hope you have found this Angry Bird Activity Park Johor Bahru review useful and it helps you make your own decision about visiting! We did enjoy it and would go again.

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What do you think of this Angry Bird Park Johor blog? Would you go to Angry Bird in JB?

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