Top 19 Absolute Best Things To Do In Port Dickson [2024]

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Are you headed to Port Dickson? And now you’re looking for things to do in Port Dickson? Well you’re certainly in the right place!

Whether you’re in the early stages of planning your Port Dickson trip, already in Port Dickson or are just planning a Port Dickson day trip, this Port Dickson blog post covers all the Port Dickson attractions you can visit.

But first, where is Port Dickson?

Port Dickson (also called PD) is located an easy 90 kilometre drive from Kuala Lumpur. It’s even closer to KL Airport making this a great alternative to KL if you’re flying in for a quick stopover.

Port Dickson is also great for weekend trips from Kuala Lumpur or as part of a bigger Malaysian adventure if you’re looking for a beach getaway. There are some great resorts here (read about them here) and there are some fun places to go in Port Dickson which are worth adding to your Port Dickson itinerary.

what to do in port dickson at night
Port Dickson waterfront

In this Port Dickson blog post, we walk you through what to do in Port Dickson, Malaysia so you can plan your perfect holiday in Port Dickson! While I wouldn’t say Port Dickson has must-visit attractions, there is a nice collection of low-key activities in Port Dickson which can help ensure a great trip.

If you need help in working out exactly how to get to Port Dickson from Kuala Lumpur, then read our guide here. We also have a guide on showing you how to get there from Singapore here.

You can also listen all about Port Dickson in our podcast episode here.

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Top 22 Absolute Best Things To Do In Port Dickson [2021]

Top 19 Fun Things To Do In Port Dickson, Malaysia

The following map shows the location of each of these interesting places in Port Dickson. They are in blue. Port Dickson’s top resorts are in red. It will help you work out which places are worth visiting as well as plan your Port Dickson travel itinerary. This is a great tool when planning your Port Dickson places to visit.

For more information about these attractions in Port Dickson, keep reading below.

Things To Do In Port Dickson map
Click the Map to open in Google Maps. You can then access directions to each of the locations discussed in this article.

Army Museum

Port Dickson Army Museum for port dickson 1 day trip
Army Museum

Port Dickson is home to many army camps, but, more importantly to people visiting, it is also home to an Army Museum which is worth adding to your Port Dickson things to do list.

There are two parts to this attraction in Port Dickson. One part contains galleries which cover the Malay peninsula military history and the other part has old military equipment including helicopters and armoured cars. You can even climb on some of them which are excellent if you’re travelling with kids.

The military history includes exhibits from the time the Europeans first arrived to now. There is a recreation of a tunnel used by Communist guerrillas during the Malay Emergency. Some exhibits are just in Malay, but most are in English too, which is great as you can get a real insight into the history.

There are jeeps, helicopters, a train, armoured cars and planes – making it fun if travelling with kids. While the little ones may not be interested in the history, they’ll no doubt enjoy checking out all the military vehicles.

It’s easy to spend a couple of hours at this PD attraction place and it’s probably my pick of the best place in Port Dickson if you have an interest in military history.

Entry is free.
Address: Kem Sirusa, Persiaran Pahlawan, Kampung Baru Sirusa

Click here to read more information about the Army Museum.

PD Ostrich Farm

PD Ostrich Farm at port dickson one day trip
PD Ostrich Farm

The Port Dickson Ostrich Farm is an interesting Port Dickson place to visit which is lots of fun! Particularly if you are looking for where to go in Port Dickson with kids.

Ostriches are the main attraction here. Some ostriches are quite big – they can grow up to three metres tall and 150 kilograms!  Here you can feed them and pet them and also take a ride on one – although this is not something we’d recommend.

If you tire of the ostriches, there are also other animals to see, feed or play with. Some animals run around outside pens or there are some pens you can enter. This means you can get right up close with many of the animals. Some can be picked up as well.

The range of animals at the Port Dickson tourist attraction includes rabbits, guinea pigs, peacocks, turkeys, chickens, goats, donkeys, camels, snakes, horses and fish.

You can also play in a small playground, ride a horse or try your luck with archery.

If you’re hungry, there is a cafeteria on site.  The cafe has a range of meals including ostrich burgers and satay sticks if you’re so inclined!

This is one of the places to visit Port Dickon offers where you can easily spend a few hours.  There are lots of animals to interact with and it is a popular option for what to do at Port Dickson.

Entry was RM20 for adults and RM15 for kids when we visited with Malaysians paying RM5 less. You pay extra for feed (RM3) or rides.

Address: Lot 1419, Jalan Perdana 4

Click here to read more information about the Port Dickson Ostrich Farm.

Sri Anjaneyar Alayam Temple

An interesting place in Port Dickon to visit is the Sri Anjaneyar Alayam Temple.  This is a Hindu temple located by the roadside with a few stalls. It’s a small temple, but well looked after with peaceful sea views.

The temple was started in 1954 by members of the Malaysia Army. At that time, the shrine was in a remote location surrounded by jungle, but today, it is easy to stop by and check it out.

Address: Batu 5, Jalan Pantai, Kampung Baru Sirusa

Yun Loon/Wan Loong Chinese Temple

Port Dickson Malaysia points of interest at Yun Loon/Wan Loong Chinese Temple

Another best place to visit in Port Dickson is the Yun Loon (or Wan Loong) Chinese Temple. This colourful temple isn’t big, but its rich decorations make for a solid Port Dickson tourist spot.

In addition to the temple building itself, there is a small pond and garden complete with turtles and a large tortoise. The turtles are for good luck and it’s considered a good idea to rub their shells! You can also sponsor baby turtles for good fortune.

It is fun to get up close to the turtles and our kids enjoyed patting them. The good luck is a bonus!

Entry is free, donations appreciated.

Address: Kampung Teluk Kemang, 71050 Si Rusa

Alive 3D Art Gallery

Another of the places to visit at Port Dickson is the Alive 3D Art Gallery. If you have ever been to a 3D art gallery then you will know what to expect. If not, it’s basically murals and paintings where you can pose in a certain position and take a photo and it’ll look like you really are part of the action.

For a 3D art gallery, it is pretty good, and there are an impressive 50 3D/isometric murals that you can be a part of. These are arranged into five zones: aquatic, adventure, animation, exotic and dark. It’s lots of fun and a good choice if you are looking for indoor, air conditioned places in Port Dickson.

Make sure you come with other people as this is not a solo attraction – you need someone to take your photo. It’s busy on weekends but can be quiet on weekdays.

When we visited, entry cost RM25 for adults and 20 for kids. Malaysians are RM5 cheaper.

Address: No. 38-40, Jalan DS 2/1, Bandar Dataran Segar, 71010 Lukut

You can buy discounted tickets for this attraction by clicking here.

Wild West Cowboy Indoor Theme Park

The Wild West Cowboy Indoor Theme Park is a small theme park with a few rides for young kids. Otherwise, you will find arcade games, an escape room, 5D cinema with short films, a skunk interactive show and AR shooting games.

Note that apart from the escape room, this attraction is best suited to families with young children who could spend a good half day here. There is only one escape room and lines can be long.  This attraction is probably not the best in Port Dickson for people without children or families with older children.

The Wild West Cowboy Indoor Theme Park is located near the Alive 3D Art Gallery, so these can be good Port Dickson attraction places to visit together.

Address: 59-64, Jalan Ds 2/7, Bandar Dataran Segar

You can buy discounted tickets for this attraction by clicking here.


karaoke Port dickson things to do

Karaoke is always lots of fun and there are many places in Port Dickson where you can do this.

A great Port Dickson place to go for a sing along is Bintang Family Karaoke which is near the Grand Lexis.

Many hotels also have their own karaoke rooms. Some Port Dickson hotels that offer this are Lexis Port Dickson, Lexis Hibiscus, Grand Lexis and Avillion.

Bintang Family Karaoke Address: Batu 2, Jalan Seremban, Tanjung Gemok

Kota Lukut (Lukut Museum and Fort)

Lukut Museum and Fort

Another place you might like to go to during a trip to Port Dickson is Kota Lukut.  This is a historic fort with a museum on top of a hill just north of Port Dickson town.

Built by a Bugis warrior, Raja Jumaat, in 1847, this fort was created so he could watch tin trade in the area. Today, not much remains except for a few ruined walls and stones.

However, the grounds have been transformed into a pretty park area with watchtowers and gazebos. The museum at the bottom of the hill is the main Port Dickson famous place which exhibits historical and cultural artifacts from the mining era of this region. It concentrates on the period from the early 1800s to 1880.

Entry is free.

Address: Lot 730, Jalan Besar, Taman Pd Jaya

Pusat Ikan Hiasan Teluk Kemang

Pusat Ikan Hiasan Teluk Kemang is a marine conservation centre and aquarium. Located by popular Teluk Kemang beach, this centre is easy to visit and is free! The downside is most information is only in Malay, so this is a better option of things to do at Port Dickson if you speak Malay.

There are numerous small aquariums and you can see marine life such as clownfish, sea horses, stonefish, turtles and coral reefs while learning about marine life conservation.

This is a government research centre, and they also help with conservation and releasing turtles into the wild.

Being close to Teluk Kemang Beach this attraction is a great idea when you need a break from your Port Dickson beach activities.

Entry is free.

Address: Batu 7, Jalan PantaiTeluk Kemang

Telok Kemang Observatory

telescope at one of the best places to vist in Port Dickson
Orion reflector telescope on display at Telok Kemang Observatory

When you are thinking about what to see in Port Dickson, you might not consider an observatory; however the Telok Kemang Observatory is well worth checking out.

Located in the Klana Beach Resort (which is one of our choices for the best hotel in Port Dickson), non-guests can also visit twice daily for an informative talk and look through telescopes at 3-5 pm and 10:30 pm-12 am making this an option for what to do in Port Dickson at night. But note that shows can be limited in the rain.

In the afternoon, you can view the solar observatory, at night, the night sky. Note that the talks are in Malay, but it can still be an interesting Port Dickson what to do for English speakers.

There are also some astrology artefacts and vintage telescopes. The building itself looks quite futuristic.

However, at the time of publishing this, it is temporarily closed for building maintenance. Click here to see if it’s open again when you are reading this.

Regina Mall

If shopping or some easy family activities are on your list of Port Dickson Malaysia things to do then the Regina Mall is your best bet.  

You can buy whatever you need here, including groceries and you can also go bowling or sing karaoke.

Address: Jalan Pantai

Cape Rachado/Tanjuan Tuan

Cape Rachado Lighthouse,
Cape Rachado Lighthouse

Cape Rachado is home to a historic lighthouse built in 1863 and is worth considering for your things to do in PD list. To reach here, you need to walk for about 15 minutes on a good path but note that it is mostly uphill.

At the top, you will be rewarded with great views of the Straits of Malacca and you can also visit some of the pretty coastline.

This area is also home to a 75 hectare forest reserve with good bird and wildlife spotting. There is a pretty and generally quiet beach as well although it’s not recommended to swim here. You can read more about visiting Tanjung Tuan here.

Entry is RM1.

Address: Rumah Api, Tanjung Tuan, 78200 Alor Gajah

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Beach Port Dickson, Malaysia
Blue Lagoon

Visiting a beach should definitely be on your what to do in PD list and Blue Lagoon is definitely a great option.

Blue Lagoon, also called Tanjung Biru, is a lovely beach in the Port Dickson area which is popular, but more secluded than most Port Dickson beaches thanks to being about 17 kilometres south of Port Dickson town close to the Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve (read more about that above).

This means that this is the best place Port Dickson offers to see some wildlife on the beach such as squirrels and monkeys.

While this place to visit in PD is one of the more popular beaches, it doesn’t detract from its beauty thanks to the surrounding forests which also offer some nice shade. There are also great facilities here with toilets, market stalls and a hawker centre. You can hang out for the whole day easily.

The water is calm and shallow, making Blue Lagoon extra good for non-swimmers or families. Water sports are also kept away from the shore and, at low tide, many rock pools are available to explore.

If you’re after a lovely beach, an opportunity to spot some wildlife as well as some Port Dickson beach water activities then Blue Lagoon should definitely be on your list of places to visit.

Click here for more information about Blue Lagoon.

Pantai Saujana (Saujana Beach)

Pantai Saujana, Port DIckson when looking for what to do Port Dickson
Pantai Saujana, Port Dickson

Pantai Saujana is one of the best places to visit in Port Dickson if you are looking for a good beach. It’s also a good choice in the evening if you are looking for things to do in Port Dickson at night thanks to the Saturday Night Market across the road. In general, it’s a great place to hang out in the later afternoon and as the sun sets.

The beach itself is about a kilometre long and centrally located. There are changing rooms, toilets, a playground and food and drink sellers. The sand is soft and powdery and it’s kept clean. Water skis and banana boats are available.

More information here.

Pantai Cahaya Negeri And Mangrove Walk

pantai cahaya negeri port dickson to do
Lover’s Bridge over to the mangroves

For a beach with a twist, visit Pantai Cahaya Negeri which is not only one of the prettiest beaches in Port Dickson with white sand, but there is also a recreational park and a cool bridge (called “Lovers Bridge”) over the water.

pantai cahaya negeri port dickson
Walking among the mangroves

The bridge takes you to a mangrove island where there is a boardwalk through the mangroves. It’s especially interesting for kids to be up close to the mangroves and to be walking over the water.

Other Beaches

pantai bagan pinang port dickson on this list for what to do in Port Dickson 2021
Pantai Bagan Pinang

There are also many other beaches you can visit with Port Dickson beach activities.

Read our full guide to Port Dickson beaches here.

Go on a day trip

best time to visit kl
Kuala Lumpur

Port Dickson is well located for some great day trips.

You could explore the capital, Kuala Lumpur, or nearby Melaka.

If you want a fun day at an amusement park, Sunway Lagoon is another possibility. These options are all within an hour and a half away.

Read more about Sunway Lagoon here.

Other Port Dickson Attractions

There are a couple of other places of interest in Port Dickson that you may want to visit.

We have not visited these personally, so we can’t verify if they are the absolute best things to do in Port Dickson. However, they may be something you would like to add to your things to do Port Dickson list.

  • Extreme Park. Extreme Park advertises activities such as go-karting, paintball target shooting and ATV. Unfortunately, there are many complaints about this online from things not working to height requirements to the fact the activities only last for five minutes.
    Address: Palm Spring Resort, Jalan Pantai Batu 13 KM 21, Mukim Pasir Panjang
    Find more information here.
  • Windmill PD Farm. Recently opened this is another Port Dickson interesting place to visit for the animal lovers.  Here you can feed, touch and play with the animals.
    Address: Lot 3636 Batu, 9, Jalan Pantai
    Find more information here.

Best Hotels In Port Dickson

pool in the room port dickson at Grand Lexis
Our Port Dickson hotel room with private swimming pool at the Grand Lexis

There are some fabulous places to stay in Port Dickson.

You can read our full list of the best hotels in Port Dickson here or find the best options summarised below!

Lexis Hibiscus

views at Satellite Restaurant & Bar Lexis Hibiscus
Views at Satellite Restaurant & Bar of the Hibiscus

The Lexis Hibiscus is truly a stand out option in Port Dickson. It even holds two Guinness World Records for the resort with the most pools and the resort with the most over-water villas!

There are many room types here, including many over-water villas with their own private pools. These are arranged in a hibiscus shape like shown above. It’s awesome!

Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson Sea View Panorama Pool Villa Our private pool, sauna and outdoor area
Our private pool, sauna and outdoor area

The villas themselves come with two big beds, a glass panel for seeing into the water below, their own sauna, outdoor deck and pool. They also come with all the extras you would expect from a 5-star resort.

There are also many facilities at the Lexis Hibiscus including a pool, many restaurants, indoor play centre/kids club, playground, water sports, karaoke and more. The dining is truly superb at this hotel as well.

This is our family’s favourite place to stay in Malaysia, and I highly recommend it. You can’t help, but have a great time here.

Click here to see the latest prices or read our full review here.

Grand Lexis

our hotel room with swimming pool in port dickson
Our bedroom area

The Grand Lexis is also another top choice with its own over-water chalets with private pools.

The rooms are great and spacious with two large beds, a kitchenette, large bathroom and very private pool area with its own outdoor shower.

The resort also has many facilities, including a big swimming pool and a shallow pool with a water playground. There is also an indoor playground, karaoke and many outdoor activities like segways, archery, an inflatable maze and mini electric car.

We have also absolutely loved staying here and hanging out in our own pool.

Click here to see the latest prices or read our full review here.

Avillion Port Dickson

Avillion Port Dickson
Avillion Port Dickson

The Avillion Port Dickson is located right next to Saujana Beach and is situated within beautiful grounds with much to explore.

There is a range of room types, including beautiful over-water chalets as pictured above. They come complete with awesome day beds where you can watch and hear the ocean as well as king-sized beds and everything you would expect from a top hotel. I also love the outdoor (but very private) bathrooms.

There are also one, two and three bedroom villas and options on land.

The resort itself has many facilities including multiple pools, a water slide, many dining and drinking options, a kids’ area and a petting zoo. We have also loved hanging out here with our kids.

Click here for the latest prices or here to read a full review.

Read our full list and all the details of the best hotels in Port Dickson here.

Port Dickson For Kids

lexis hibiscus port dickson pool
Hanging out with my boys in our private pool at the Lexis Hibiscus. Heaven!

Port Dickson is an excellent place to visit with kids – we know as we have been there many times with our three kids.

Kids can enjoy all of the Port Dickson activities above. As with everywhere in Malaysia, kids are made to feel welcome and Port Dickson has an excellent range of family friendly accommodation linked to above.

We have particularly enjoyed staying at the Lexis hotels with their private pools and the Avillion Port Dickson.

Port Dickson Day Trip

If you are looking for what to do in Port Dickson day trip as you are only spending the day in the area, I recommend visiting a beach (Blue Lagoon is my pick) and then two other Port Dickson places of interest from the list in the Port Dickson day trip blog above.

Some of the best place at Port Dickson options are the Army Museum, Ostrich Farm and Cape Rachado.

If you are visiting on a Saturday, stay for the evening and visit the Saturday Night Market at Saujana Beach.

How To Get To Port Dickson

Want the Easiest (and BEST) Way to travel to Port Dickson?

We can book a taxi for you from anywhere in peninsular Malaysia directly to your hotel in Port Dickson for a great price.

You can pick your own departure time, relax and know everything will go to plan.

Click here for prices and online booking.

Port Dickson’s proximity to Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Kuala Lumpur makes it an easy place to reach although it can be somewhat complicated on public transport.

Port Dickson is also just a bus ride from Singapore, making it a popular weekend spot.

We also can organise a private taxi for you to take you from anywhere in peninsular Malaysia or Singapore to your hotel. Click here for more information and prices. It’s by far the easiest and nicest way to get here.

Read our full guide on getting to Port Dickson from Kuala Lumpur here or Singapore here.

Final Words

Port Dickson is an easy, fun place for a holiday. There is a nice coastline, great resorts and many places to see in Port Dickson. None are particularly must see which means you can take your trip here as easy or as fast as you like.

I hope you enjoy your PD trip as much as we have. Some of our best times in Malaysia have been hanging out at the great resorts here and taking it easy. Make sure you take the time to soak it all in and enjoy it too!

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You can read our full guide to Port Dickson here.

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