EXACTLY How To Go From Singapore To Redang Island [2023]

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Heading to Redang Island?


This is one of my favourite places in the world thanks to the most stunning beaches I have seen anywhere, amazing underwater environment and jungle interior.

Part of what makes it so special is that it’s an island which is a little removed from the rest of the country. This same thing is what also makes it a bit harder to get to.

There is always going to be two steps when it comes to how to get from Singapore to Redang (otherwise known as Pulau Redang) simply because there are currently no flights to Redang Island so you need to travel overland or fly to one of the ferry terminals and then take a ferry across to Redang Island.

Thankfully, this process is not hard and getting to Redang Island from Singapore is straightforward if you know what you are doing.

Looking towards the Laguna Redang Resort
Looking towards the Laguna Redang Resort on Redang Island

Below, I break up exactly how to get to Redang Island from Singapore, so you know exactly what you need to do, when, whether you are looking for a Singapore to Redang bus, taking a flight from Singapore to Redang Island or a ferry from Singapore to Redang.

Let’s start!

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How To Go From Singapore To Redang Island

There are two options for how to go to Pulau Redang from Singapore because there are two places where you can catch ferries to Redang Island.

Below, I first describe how to travel to Redang from Singapore via the jetty in Kuala Terengganu. I then describe how to travel from Singapore to Redang via the jetty in Merang.

There is not much of a difference between the options and the time taken is about the same. Going via Shahbandar Jetty in Kuala Terengganu can be more convenient, but more ferries run from Merang which can make this a better choice particularly if you don’t want to spend a night in Kuala Terengganu as ferries run later.

If your resort has booked your ferry, make sure you know which jetty it departs from.

Map: Singapore To Pulau Redang

The fastest overland way to travel to Redang Island from Singapore is shown below.

Singapore To Redang Island map
Click the Map to open in Google Maps. You can then access directions to each of the locations discussed in this article.

Option 1: Travel via Kuala Terengganu

There are two parts of the journey from Singapore to Kuala Terengganu, learn exactly how to travel each part below.

Part 1: Singapore to Kuala Terengganu

To get to Redang from Singapore, you have to stop in (or drive through) Kuala Terengganu first. The cheapest travel option is to take bus from Singapore to Redang.

Buses leave the Queen Street Bus Terminal in Singapore. These buses leave every 30 mins, and they travel over the border and stop at Johor Bahru. You can also take Causeway Link buses.

Click here to see the latest timetables and prices.

This first trip usually takes around 1.5 hours, but it’s a bit longer on days that the border is busy. Buses then leave from Johor Larkin Terminal every 4 hours, and drive 9 hours to Kuala Terengganu, costing about RM50.

Click here to see the latest timetables and prices.

From Johor Bahru, you can also book a private taxi here that will transport you straight to the ferry terminal in the fastest time possible.

Or you can catch a bus once a day from the Golden Mile Complex and drive approximately 10 hours to Kuala Terengganu’s bus terminal. This bus costs around RM180.

Click here to see the latest timetables and prices.

Kuala Terengganu bus station
Kuala Terengganu bus station

The first option gives you more freedom in the times you can leave and it will also save you more than RM100. From the bus terminal in Kuala Terengganu, it’s about an 8-minute walk to reach Shahbandar jetty.

Those wanting to fly to Redang Island from Singapore can take a plane to Kuala Terengganu Airport.

Click here to see the prices for your dates.

In total, the flight time to Kuala Terengganu is between 3 and 4 hours as you need to fly via Kuala Lumpur. This is still much quicker than a coach to Redang from Singapore. Although, the cost can make it too costly for some.

From the airport, Shahbandar Jetty is a 20-minute taxi drive. Taxis charge according to time and distance, and fees to the jetty start at around RM25.

The journey to Kuala Terengganu from Singapore can also be done by rental car or taxi cab. Driving will take you around 7.5 hours. In this case, it would be faster overall to drive straight to Merang and take the shorter ferry trip.

You can book a private taxi from Johor Bahru to Kuala Terengganu here.

Shahbandar Jetty to Redang
Shahbandar Jetty from the entry. Tickets are straight ahead and marine fee at the white building to the left.

Part 2: Shahbandar Jetty To Redang Island

Once at Shahbandar Jetty, you’ll need a ferry to complete your journey from Kuala Terengganu to Redang. The ferries depart three times a day. The trip takes around 1.5 hours.

Your ticket will cost around RM55, and you’ll need to pay the marine park fee as well. This is about RM30 for adults and RM15 for children, although for locals it’s much cheaper.

Click here for more details on getting from Kuala Terengganu to Redang Island including photos of each step.

Where to pay the Marine Park Conservation fee at K02 Shahbandar Jetty
Where to pay the Marine Park Conservation fee at K02 at Shahbandar Jetty

Option 2: Travel via Merang

Another way to travel from Singapore to Redang is via Merang, here’s how you can do the trip this way.

Part 1: Singapore to Merang

To get to Merang from Singapore, you’ll have to first reach Kuala Terengganu. So, you’ll need to choose between the bus options above, or take a 3-hour flight for RM200+.

From the airport, you can catch a bus to Merang. The buses run hourly and cost RM4, the trip takes just 45 minutes. You can also take a taxi which takes about 30 minutes.

If you arrive at the Kuala Terengganu bus terminal, you can use the Grab app to take a taxi or catch a bus from the terminal.

If you choose to drive yourself or take a taxi from Singapore, you can simply drive straight through to Merang from Singapore. This will take you about 7.5 hours.

You can get a much more affordable taxi by first taking the bus over the border from Singapore to Johor Bahru and then booking a private taxi here on to Merang.

Laguna Redang ferry to Redang Island
The Laguna Redang ferry. Other ones are similar

Part 2: Merang Jetty To Redang Island

Ferries from Merang depart five times a day with more afternoon options. The trip takes 45 minutes and costs RM55 per person. There is also a marine park fee that has to be paid before you board the ferry.

Click here for the latest ferry prices and schedules.

Click here for more details on getting from Merang to Redang Island.

Inside the ferry to Redang
Inside the ferry to Redang

Option 3: Singapore To Redang Island Flights?

There is no longer a flight on Berjaya Air from Singapore to Redang Island. In fact, there are no options for a direct flight from Singapore to Redang Island or from anywhere else.

This means if you want a flight from Singapore to Pulau Redang you need to fly to Kuala Terengganu via Kuala Lumpur.

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The flights are around an hour-long each and will cost RM200+. Once your trip to Redang Island from Singapore by air is complete, you can get a bus from the airport to Merang Jetty for RM4.

There is a bus every hour, and the trip to the jetty is around 45 minutes. Or you can take a shorter taxi ride. From the jetty you can then take a ferry to Redang for RM55. Ferries are available five times a day and the trip is 45 minutes long.

Option 4: Singapore To Redang Ferry?

There is no direct ferry to Redang from Singapore. To get a ferry to Redang Island, you can travel by bus and then ferry, as I’ve detailed above.

Redang Island To Singapore

To get from Redang Island back to Singapore, you’ll mostly just reverse your steps.

The only way off the island is by ferry, which departs 3-4 times a day, depending on whether you’re heading to Merang or Shahbandar.

Laguna Redang Jetty
Laguna Redang Jetty for boats back to the mainland

The ferry to Shahbandar takes 1.5 hours on average, and costs around RM55. From here, you can then walk back to the bus terminal and choose whether to take the direct bus for RM180 to the Golden Mile Complex or rather take the cheaper bus via Johor Bahru.

Taking a ferry to Merang Jetty instead is a quicker 45-minute trip, and costs the same amount, with ferries departing more often. Although, from Merang you’ll need to take a taxi or bus back to the KT bus terminal, which is an additional trip.

If you decided to fly from Singapore to Redang, you can take a taxi or bus back to the airport in Kuala Terengganu, and fly via Kuala Lumpur back to Singapore. The flight will take you around 3 hours and cost RM200+. Click here to see this option.

Final Words

Long Beach Redang Island
I could not get enough of the gorgeous beaches in Redang – the journey is worth it!

The journey to Redang, Malaysia from Singapore is easier than it may seem.

Even though cheap flights to Redang from Singapore are hard to find, a flight is undoubtedly the quickest choice. For the cheapest travel, a bus via Johor Bahru offers a smooth ride and low cost.

Whichever way you’re going to Redang from Singapore, I’m sure you’re going to love this little island as much as I do!

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By Sharon Gourlay

Sharon is an Australian who has fallen in love with Malaysia! She explores Malaysia multiple times a year, often with her kids, and has previously lived in Penang.