So you’re heading to Redang Island? AWESOME! This is a stunning part of the world.

However, the downside of visiting an island is that it’s an island! Which can make getting there more difficult. Especially when there is no bridge and barely any flights like in case of Redang.

The upside is that this keeps things less busy and developed and getting from Kuala Terengganu to Redang Island is easy – you just need to know how to do it!

Below, I detail exactly how to get from Kuala Terengganu to Redang Island.

If you are coming from elsewhere, you can read our full guide for how to get to Redang here or click here to download your full PDF guide to Redang.

How To Get From Kuala Terengganu To Redang Island

There is only one way to do this – you will need to take a Kuala Terengganu ferry to Redang.

Kuala Terengganu To Redang Ferry

Shahbandar Jetty to Redang

Shahbandar Jetty from the entry. Tickets are straight ahead and marine fee at the white building to the left.

When it comes to taking a ferry from Kuala Terengganu to Redang Island, there are two options. You can take a ferry from Shahbandar Jetty, which is located centrally in Kuala Terengganu, or from Merang which is located 30 kilometres north of Kuala Terengganu.

Below, I walk you through each option so you can make the best decision for how to get the ferry from Kuala Terengganu to Pulau Redang for you.

The ferry timetables and prices that I mention are for public ferries. Some resorts run their own ferries as well at times of their choosing. If this is the case for you, check with your resort before arrival the Kuala Terengganu to Redang ferry schedule and book a time that suits you.

Note that this is usually for an optional fee. We were going to stay at the Taaras before they quoted a ridiculous price to use their ferry. So for some resorts, a public ferry can be a much more economical way to go.

Make sure you are clear which Kuala Terengganu jetty to Redang you need to go to. If you are booking your ferry via your resort, check with them which place to go. If you are booking yourself then you need to decide which one of the following Kuala Terengganu to Redang Island ferry services are for you.

Option 1: Merang To Redang Island

How to get from Kuala Terengganu to Pulau Redang via Merang
30km overland journey to Merang
45 minute boat ride to Pasir Panjang

This tends to be the better option for people arriving by flights with more ferry times and options in the afternoon.

Getting From Kuala Terengganu to Merang

Kuala Terengganu bus station

Kuala Terengganu bus station

The cheapest way to Merang is via bus. You can catch a SP Bumi Bus from Kuala Terengganu Bus Terminal to Merang jetty.

There is a bus every hour and it costs about RM10.

A much easier way is to take a taxi. This costs about RM60 and takes about 45 minutes. An easy way to do this is to use the Grab app. This works like Uber. This is also the best option if you are coming from Kuala Terengganu Airport.

Ferry From Merang To Redang

The jetty at Laguna Redang on Redang Island

The jetty at Laguna Redang on Redang Island

At the time of publishing the ferry schedule from Kuala Terengganu to Redang via Merang had ferries at 8am, 9:30am, 10:30am, 1pm and 3pm. The fare was RM55 each way. The timetable coming back to Merang is similar.

This can vary, particularly in low season so make sure you click here to see the latest timetable and prices.

The process of getting a ticket and boarding a ferry is quite simple.

  1. Buy your tickets here. It’s also possible to buy tickets at Merang jetty.
  2. Arrive at the jetty half an hour before your scheduled departure.
  3. Show a copy of your e-ticket at the counter to get your boarding pass.
  4. Pay the Marine Park Conservation fee. Current costs for foreigners are RM30 for adults, RM15 for children. Malaysians pay RM5 and RM2 for kids.

The area is not big and this is straightforward. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to ask locals. They are happy to help.

The ferry itself is comfortable and fast in modern boats. It takes 45-60 minutes depending on exactly where you are going on the island. Public ferries can drop off at various places. Click here to see the options and times.

Option 2: Shahbandar Jetty To Redang Island

How to get from Kuala Terengganu to Pulau Redang via Shahbandar Jetty
Shahbandar Jetty is in Kuala Terengganu
Ferry time 1.5 – 2 hours
Only operates March October

Travelling from Shahbandar Jetty is generally the most convenient option since it’s in Kuala Terengganu which is a transport hub. In fact, you can walk here from the central part of the city (although I recommend taking a taxi with luggage in the heat).

The downside is that it’s usually more expensive and ferries run less often. When we were there, ferries only ran in the morning and cost RM55 for adults and RM25 for kids.

Ticket booth to Redang Island

Ticket booth to Redang Island

On arrival at the Jetty, it’s hard to go wrong as it’s a very small area. Straight ahead of you is the general ticket booth for a boat from Kuala Terengganu to Redang as well as one to the left (see photo above).

ticket booths at Shahbandar Jetty

Resort ticket booths are behind the general one. You can’t miss them!

If you are getting your tickets via your resort, walk straight ahead and they each have a booth lining the back area.

Once you have your ticket/boarding pass, you need to pay the Marine Park conservation fee. You do this at one of the booths to the left where you enter. Look for K2. Here’s a photo:

Where to pay the Marine Park Conservation fee at K02

Where to pay the Marine Park Conservation fee at K02

Current costs for foreigners are RM30 for adults, RM15 for children. Malaysians pay RM5 and RM2 for kids.

Directly behind you is an area which says LOBBY on the doors. This is an air-conditioned area where you can wait. There is also a food stall here and toilets.

Waiting area at Shahbandar Jetty for Redang Island

A small part of the waiting area

The Kuala Terengganu to Redang ferry time is about 1 hour and 30 minutes or may take up to 2 hours depending on the weather. Our boat boarded about 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

You exit from the lobby area to walk to the boat which is a bit of a walk including across a car park.

Walk to Shahbandar Jetty for Redang boat

The walkway to the actually jetty

The ferry itself is comfortable. We caught the Laguna Redang one and it was all very smooth sailing.

Arriving at the jetty 30 minutes early is plenty of time if you already have a ticket.

Laguna Redang ferry to Redang Island

The Laguna Redang ferry. Other ones are similar

Inside the ferry to Redang

Inside the ferry to Redang

How To Go From Kuala Terengganu Airport To Redang Island

To get from Kuala Terengganu airport to Pulau Redang is quite straightforward. I recommend you take a taxi to either jetty mentioned above and then the ferry process is the same as described above.

There are taxis waiting at the airport or you can use the Grab app to get one. Merang Jetty has more ferries throughout the day so this can be the best option when working out Kuala Terengganu airport to Redang jetty.

Expect a taxi to cost around RM25 from the airport to Shahbandar Jetty or RM60 to Merang Jetty. There is also a bus that leaves the airport hourly to Merang Jetty which costs RM4.

When going in reverse, how to go Pulau Redang from Kuala Terengganu airport is the same. Catch the ferry back to the mainland and there will be waiting taxis that can take you to the airport.

I do recommend a stopover in Kuala Terengganu though if you have the time. Read more about visiting Kuala Terengganu here.

Driving Your Own Car?

There is paid parking easily accessible to both jetties that includes basic security to look after your vehicle. At Shahbandar Jetty, this is very limited at the jetty itself but there are other lots a short walk away.

Final Words

Long Beach, Redang Island from Laguna Redang

The journey is worth it – My first view of Long Beach on arrival at the Laguna Redang.

Travelling from Kuala Terengganu is very smooth and easy as long as you have a ticket and know which jetty to depart from. It’s also important that it’s the right season. Ferries often don’t run at all during the monsoon.

It’s easy to work out ferry timetables and prices by clicking here or contacting your resort.

I hope you have a great time on Redang!

Click here to read our full guide to things to do in Redang or here for our guide to how to get to Redang from elsewhere in Malaysia. If you are coming from Singapore, find instructions here. You can also find our full Redang Island travel guide here or you can download your full PDF guide to Redang here.

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