Looking For A Port Dickson Water Park?

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If you’re ready for some water fun in Port Dickson that goes beyond splashing around in the hotel pool or the ocean then you will love this article! I discuss your options for cooling down at a Port Dickson water park.

Port Dickson Water Park Options

Primaland Port Dickson Water Park

Port Dickson Water Park

Primaland Water Park is the best water park in Port Dickson. At least it was until it shut for renovations.

I wrote a Primaland Port Dickson review awhile ago, but unfortunately now it is out of date. It was a fun, but low key, water theme park and it was a good addition to the water fun in Port Dickson especially if you have kids.

A completion date for this is not known, but I will update this article when it is. Hopefully, it is soon!

Primaland Port Dickson Resort & Convention Centre

The home of Primaland water theme park Port Dickson is still open and you can still stay at the Primaland Resort Port Dickson (also known as Primaland Hotel).

Without the water park, there are better choices. However, you can see more information and the latest prices here if you are interested!

Water JPark

Note: As of June 2022, this is closed.

port Dickson water park JPark
The big slide

At the Lexis Hibiscus, there is another Port Dickson water park option which is open.

Here, there are a lot of big inflatables and you can go down slides, play water volleyball and run around on big inflatables, peddle a boat or just float and relax.

There are many different things both on the beach and in the sea. They are in all different sizes so it’s perfect for young kids as well. If you ever wanted to go down a slide straight into the ocean, Water JPark has you covered.

port Dickson water park JPark
Some of the inflatables to use on land – best suited to kids

We visited this park on a weekday and there was far less available then –with basically no sea parts of the park open. This left only the big slide that was really suitable for adults. Our young kids had fun with the smaller slide, the inflatibles as pictured above, and some pedal boats in a pool.

Passes range from 20 minutes to all day and the price depends on what you want to do and for how long. Prices start at MYR32 for an adult which is on the expensive side. The day pass is better value but make sure you visit on the weekend where more activities are available.

Both guests of the Lexis Hibiscus and non-guest can use the facilities.

JPark is located on the Hibiscus Walk and you can also find water sports, like jet skis and banana boats here. There is a hawker centre with a variety of eating options and a shop as well. It’s also located right next to Pantai Cermin.

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