Langkawi Parasailing [2023]: All Your Options

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Langkawi, an archipelago located in the Andaman Sea, is a stunning destination known for its turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and lush rainforests. Among the many activities you can indulge in on this island paradise, parasailing is an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

That’s because Langkawi is the perfect place to parasail. When parasailing, you can see this beautiful scenery from a different direction.

parasailing price Langkawi
Parasailing in Langkawi

There are some great operators and opportunities to try out parasailing whether you want to head to the closest beach or would love to parasail from one of the beautiful islands surrounding Langkawi and turn it into a half-day or full-day trip. Either way, we have you covered.

Below, you will find all your parasailing Langkawi 2023 options including a comparison of them and full reviews.

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Why Go Parasailing In Langkawi Malaysia?

Parasailing is so much fun. You get to soar high above the sea while enjoying breathtaking views of the coastline. The feeling of being suspended in the air while being pulled by a boat is simply exhilarating. As you rise higher, you’ll be able to see Langkawi’s stunning beaches, verdant hills and crystal-clear waters from a unique perspective.

Aside from the adrenaline rush, parasailing in Langkawi is also a safe and well-regulated activity. Trained instructors ensure that all safety measures are in place and equipment is well-maintained. With the right safety precautions in place, you can enjoy this adventure without any worries.

Parasailing in Langkawi is an unforgettable experience. The stunning scenery, the thrill of the ride, and the safety measures make it a fantastic activity that should be added to everyone’s Langkawi itinerary.

Comparison Of Parasailing Langkawi Tours

Here’s a quick comparison of all your parasailing in Langkawi, Malaysia options including the Langkawi parasailing price for each.

Below, you’ll find more information about each of these Langkawi parasailing choices.

Tour NameBest For…Starting PriceBook Now
Parasailing Pantai TengahPeople who are staying in the Pantai Tengah area who want to try parasailing quickly RM270Click
Parasailing Pantai CenangPeople who are staying in the Pantai Cenang area who want to try parasailing quickly RM300Click
Paradise 101 + ParasailingIf you want to also have an island half- or full-day trip in addition to parasailingRM296Click
Paradise 101 + Double ParasailingIf you want to also have an island half- or full-day trip in addition to parasailing and two of you want to parasail togetherRM480*Click
Paradise 101 + Triple ParasailingIf you want to also have an island half- or full-day trip in addition to parasailing and three of you want to parasail togetherRM720**Click
Paradise 101 + Parasailing + Banana Boat/KayakIf you want to also have an island half- or full-day trip in addition to parasailing and want to out other water sportsRM430Click
The parasailing Langkawi prices above are correct at time of publishing. Check for yourself by pressing “Click” above.

* is the total price for two people
** is the total price for three people

Langkawi Parasailing Options

It’s important that you only parasail with licensed operators that take safety seriously and know what they are doing.

Here are some options…

Parasailing Pantai Tengah

Enjoy 15 minutes soaring above the coastline by this popular Langkawi beach.

You’ll reach heights of up to 500 feet as the boat pulls you along by the beach.

Up to two people can share this experience and it includes hotel pick-up if you are staying in the Pantai Tengah area. Otherwise, you’ll need to transfer yourself to this beach.

You can pick the time you parasail and it’s all very flexible.

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Langkawi parasailing cost
Parasailing in Langkawi

Parasailing Pantai Cenang

This option will take you parasailing in Langkawi beach at the popular Cenang.

It lasts around 8-10 minutes and also includes a safety briefing. You’ll take a banana boat or speedboat ride to transfer you to the boat from which you will parasail.

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Paradise 101 + Parasailing

Paradise 101 is a beautiful, private island that is perfect for people wanting to chill in a beautiful place or try out different water sports in addition to parasailing. It makes for a great half- or full-day trip.

Entry to Paradise 101 and return boat transfers to this island from their jetty in Langkawi are included in all the Paradise 101 options. You also get access to the facilities at Paradise 101 including toilets, showers, volleyball and other games. There is also a restaurant and a bar with music and you can easily spend a day here. A welcome drink is provided on arrival.

You can pay for other activities such as jet skiing, banana boats and kayaking. There is also a zip line and an inflatable obstacle course on the sea called Aqua Park.

You can stay as long as you want at the island.

As for the parasailing at Langkawi, this Naam parasailing Langkawi package includes ten minutes of parasailing, a lifejacket and full safety briefing.

You’ll reach altitudes of up to 500 feet and take-off and landing is directly to and from the boat so you won’t get wet. Although if you would like to get wet, you can ask for optional dips in the water.

Click here to sign up now as a single flyer.

If you would like to parasail with friends or family, you can also do this.

There are double and triple options that include everything above. The only difference is that two or three of you will parasail together.

Click here for double flyer options.

Click here for triple flyer options.

Parasailing, Batu Ferringhi, Penang
Tourists enjoy parasailing in Batu Ferringhi beach

Paradise 101 + Parasailing + Banana Boat/Kayak

This parasailing Langkawi package is very similar to the above and you get all the same things:

  • Access to Paradise 101
  • Return boat transfers from Langkawi to the island
  • Welcome drink

Unfortunately, you only get 5 minutes of parasailing, BUT you also can choose between:

  • 10 minutes banana boat ride
  • 30 minutes kayaking

So this option is great if you would like to try either a banana boat ride or kayaking in addition to parasailing.

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Final Words

Langkawi is a great place to parasail, and I hope you have found this list of options useful so you can book your own parasailing adventure.

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By Sharon Gourlay

Sharon is an Australian who has fallen in love with Malaysia! She explores Malaysia multiple times a year, often with her kids, and has previously lived in Penang.