All About Juara Beach, Tioman Island

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Heading to Tioman Island? Trying to work out which beach to call home? Wondering if it’s Juara Beach, Tioman Island?

Or want to know if it’s worth visiting Juara?

Great question! There are so many great places to visit in Tioman and only so much holiday time.

Juara Beach Tioman Island
Gorgeous Juara Beach

In this article, I tell you all about Juara Beach – what it looks like, how to get there and what to do once you’ve made it there. I share lots of photos and everything you need to know about Juara Village Tioman.

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All About Juara Beach, Tioman Island, Malaysia

First of all, Juara Beach has several names and they all basically mean the same thing. You might see Kampung Juara Pulau Tioman, Kg Juara Tioman, Kg Juara Pulau Tioman or Pantai Juara Tioman among others.

Kampung (or its shortening, Kg) means village in English. Pantai means beach. Pulau means island. So any of these variations with Juara mean the beach and town area. The town runs along the beach and has a nice path that runs parallel to the beach.

Juara Beach itself is located along the east coast of the island. It’s got a reputation as being the place for quiet relaxation or as a budget hotel destination.

Juara Beach Tioman Island
The village path runs parallel to the beach

While it can seem more isolated than other areas of the island thanks to being on the east coast, it’s easy enough to get here thanks to a road from Tekek. While it wasn’t busy when we visited, neither was anywhere else we went in late September and it was more built up than some other areas – but that’s only by Tioman Island standards.

When I looked at other articles on Juara Beach before I came, they alll seemed to show a beach without much development at all. I’m guessing things have changed a lot here in the last couple of years because that’s not what we saw.

However, it’s still very low key with great views and a feeling that you are surrounded by nature. It’s just not completely nature anymore.

The photos in this article tell the story better than words of what you will find.

The beach itself is very pretty and is definitely one of the top on the island. It is windier on this side, but I found that good as it kept things a touch cooler. Less good was a lot of coral on the beach so be careful where you step in bare feet.

There are many eating and Juara Beach accommodation options as well as small shops.

Juara Beach is somewhat chopped into two with a headland in the middle. It’s quite a walk from one end to the other.

Juara Beach Tioman Island
You can see the other part of the beach in this photo

This beach is known for being a great surfing spot during the monsoon season, but at any time of year it’s not great for divers or snorkellers, so if you are one of those, staying elsewhere is a better idea. There is some great rock climbing, however.

Juara Turtle Project

This Juara turtle hatchery is the prime tourist attraction on Juara Beach. This is a volunteer organisation that does activities such as collecting eggs and patrolling beaches to help protect sea turtles.

You can tour the centre or you can volunteer yourself. You need to sign up for at least seven nights starting on a Saturday, and you are required to help for 3-4 hours a day. In return, you get dorm accommodation, breakfast and lunch.

There are public releases of turtles from June to November and turtles nest here from February to October. It’s a great place to visit.

Find more information here.

Juara Beach Tioman Island
Juara Beach Jetty

Restaurants And Tioman Juara Accommodation

You won’t have any problems at all finding something to eat and somewhere to stay on Juara Beach with many places lining the beach. Below, there are some recommended Juara Beach resorts.

Juara Beach Tioman Island food
My yummy lunch in Juara Beach

Juara Beach Resort Tioman Review

The Juara Tioman Resort is a budget resort located on the northern end of Juara Beach. There are a variety of room types to choose from including standard rooms, bungalows and family rooms with sea views.

Those looking to relax at this resort can expect air conditioning in every room, Wi-Fi, tea/coffee making facilities and a flat-screen TV. There is also a restaurant and shop on-site. There is a no smoking policy at the resort. The rooms could do with renovating.

A downside is that Wi-Fi is only available in the resort’s reception area, not in rooms. However overall, the resort receives great reviews for their service, cleanliness, facilities, room comfort, views and overall value.

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Juara Mutiara Resort Review

Located slightly to the south of the Juara Beach Resort near the road from Tekek, the Juara Mutiara Resort provides some majestic scenery to look at with budget prices. Backpackers and couples who want a great place to take in some sunshine and enjoy a great beach are in for a real treat.

The rooms at the Juara Mutiara Resort are quite affordable for those who are on a budget. There are a range of room types depending on your needs and budget.

The cheapest option is the budget double room which is only fan cooled but still has a balcony and kettle. Other room types are air conditioned. There are several types with bedding for four making this a good choice for families.

There’s one restaurant on-site and a shop and you have easy access to everything especially being on the road to Tekek. There are many activities as well like kayak hire for an extra charge. There is also karaoke.

While the rooms could do with an upgrade and service is hit and miss, overall the Juara Mutiara Resort is good value for what it offers in such a stunning location.

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1511 Coconut Grove Review

The 1511 Coconut Grove resort is located on the southern end of Juara Beach near the Juara Turtle Project making this a great place for people who like some turtles with their stunning beach scenery!

There is a large variety of room types including two bedroom chalets. Rooms all include free Wi-Fi, balconies, LED TVs, minibars, ceiling fans and bottled water. No smoking is allowed.

Enjoy the local food at the great on-site restaurant with its quaint wooden table and chairs while you enjoy a cocktail or two with your mates on holiday. This hotel also has an outside deck with amazing views.

Reviews of the 1511 Coconut Grove continuously remark on great service, cleanliness and affordability.

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How To Get To Kampung Juara Tioman?

To get to Tioman Island, you need to take either a ferry from the mainland at Mersing or Tanjung Gemok (read more here). The ferries don’t stop at Juara Beach, so you need to get off at Tekek, the main village on the island.

It’s easy to get to Kampung Juara Tioman from Tekek or the western parts of the island where there is a road. You can hire a motorbike and take it over or get a taxi. There are also many tour desks around where you can book a tour with a few stops including here.

We paid RM150 for a return trip in a taxi.

Most accommodation on Juara charges RM30 per person each way for a pick up or drop off at Tekek Jetty or the Airport which is where you’ll arrive on Tioman. Make sure you budget for this as resorts can be bad at letting you know about this additional charge.

Juara Beach Tioman Island
The road from Tekek to Juara Beach

The road is a bit of an adventure – over mountains and through the jungle. The road was in much better shape than I imagined but it’s definitely not built for regular cars. It’s very steep in parts.

You can also get a sea taxi here from other parts of the island. From the west coast, we saw this advertised at a whopping RM120 per person. The sea can be rocky in a boat around here too.

The final option is to walk – there is a 7 kilometre jungle hike for the at least moderately fit. Don’t take the road, there is a special path. Do take plenty of water.

Thankfully, any difficulty in reaching Juara soon is forgotten when you find yourself there. It’s just gorgeous.

I hope you found this Juara Beach review useful. You can find our full list of things to do in Tioman Island here or find our full Tioman Island travel guide here.

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