Desaru Ostrich Farm: Everything You Need To Know [2024]

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Visiting Desaru and looking for things to do? Interested in ostriches? In either case, consider visiting the Desaru Ostrich Farm.

The Desaru Ostrich Farm is a short drive from the beach area. Here, you’ll find over 200 ostriches at one of the biggest ostrich farms in Malaysia. It’s the place to get up close with ostriches as you wander round the farm.

You can learn about these creatures while feeding them, taking photos and smaller kids can ride an ostrich. There’s also a shop and an interesting restaurant.

Desaru Ostrich Farm Waiting to be fed
Ostriches waiting to be fed

Below, you’ll find my full Desaru Ostrich Farm review, so you can work out if this is somewhere you want to visit. I include everything you can find and do here as well as what it was like to visit.

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Desaru Ostrich Farm Review [2024]

Desaru Ostrich Farm entry

I visited this Ostrich Farm Desaru with my two kids aged 6 and 11.

The farm had quite a lot of visitors when we came here, although it was still easy to buy our tickets and get into the park.

Desaru Ostrich Farm Introductory talk
Introductory talk

On entry, there was a seating area and a man who told us how to feed the ostriches, how we had to be careful of them and stay behind the barricades as they can kick people to death. He also pointed out where the baby ostriches were (right next to us).

Desaru Ostrich Farm One month old ostriches
One month old ostriches

We were then able to wander round, feed the birds and take photos as we wished.

I had read before visiting that the farm had ostrich “caretakers” who take visitors round the farm both looking after the ostriches and acting as tour guides. However, this was not my experience at all.

We just walked where it felt like we could and I didn’t see any information about the birds.

Desaru Ostrich Farm Feeding ostriches
Feeding ostriches

If you want food for the ostriches, you have to buy it when you get your ticket. There are leafy greens and/or corn kernels that you can feed them.

You can also take photos with the ostriches, and really interact however you like since no one seemed to be supervising.

Desaru Ostrich Farm Farm Walk along the farm
Walk along the farm

There’s a big open area with ostriches fenced in around you as well as some chickens.

The smaller ones are grouped by how many months they are – you can see they grow bigger pretty quick!

Desaru Ostrich Farm ostrich rides
Ostrich rides

There’s also an ostrich riding place in the centre. This is only for people under 20 kilograms. So small kids.

There’s a walkway off this main area between some paddocks where you can see more ostriches. There is also an ostrich egg you can stand on.

When you’re done, you leave. We spent about 20 minutes.

Desaru Ostrich Farm shop

There is a shop with some interesting ostrich themed stuff. A lamp made out of an ostrich egg shell looked pretty cool to me.

If you are hungry, there is also a cafe. You can try eating ostrich with some ostrich satay sticks, burgers and some other options. You can also try something less deadly like an ostrich omelette. While I didn’t have one, I’m told the omelettes taste the same as one with chicken eggs, but the ostrich eggs make it a little smoother.

Desaru Ostrich Farm cafe menu
Cafe menu

If you want to try ostrich, I suggest you eat here before going through the farm as it’s really hard to want to eat these creatures after visiting 🙂

There is car parking on-site which was quite full when we were there.

Desaru Ostrich Farm Video Walk-Through

In the following video, you can experience what it’s like to visit Desaru Ostrich Farm as well as the whole Desaru Coast for a weekend. This is a video walk-through of all the top attractions in Desaru (including this farm) and a stay at the Hard Rock Hotel Desaru. It’s the best way to get an idea of what you’ll see here.

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Where Is Desaru Ostrich Farm?

Desaru Ostrich Farm Inside farm
Inside the farm

Desaru Ostrich Farm Address: Jln Teluk Ramunia, Kampung Changi, 81600 Pengerang, Johor, Malaysia

The Ostrich Farm at Desaru Johor is about 25 minutes drive southwest of Adventure Waterpark or an hour and a quarter from Johor Bahru Sentral. While it is possible to get buses here, that is very time consuming and not worth it, in my opinion.

You can drive yourself or take a taxi. It may be hard to get a taxi back from here, so I recommend you organise a taxi for the return trip.

You can also hire a car in advance for the day if you are coming from Singapore. We did this and visited a few attractions including this Ostrich Farm on our way between Singapore and our hotel in Desaru.

We can organise this for you with a safe and reliable local operator.

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Below is a Desaru Ostrich Farm map. Click on it and it will open in Google Maps so you can see where it is.

Desaru Ostrich Farm map
Click the Map to open in Google Maps. You can then access directions to each of the locations discussed in this article.

Desaru Ostrich Farm Opening Hours

This Ostrich Farm in Desaru opens 10am – 6pm daily.

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Desaru Ostrich Farm Entrance Fee

Desaru Ostrich Farm entry prices
Entry prices

The Desaru Ostrich Farm admission price is RM20 for adults and RM15 for kids. This does seem overpriced especially because there are extra costs.

Like you also have to pay extra for food (RM5) or an ostrich ride (RM30).

Final Words

If you want to interact with ostriches, this is the place to go! You won’t have any problems finding an ostrich to hang out with if you have some food 🙂

Personally, I found this overpriced as it’s quite simple and not really worth the 30 minutes each way from the resort area of Desaru. HOWEVER, my kids did think it was cool and they were glad we came. So maybe it is worth it for families.

It’s a shame there’s not more information on ostriches or just something to make this more than an ostrich-feeding experience.

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