Are you wondering about the best time to visit Redang? This beautiful tropical island east of Malaysia is known for pristine coastlines, white sands and lush jungles. Visitors come from all around the world to dive in the crystal-clear waters.

When determining the best time to go Pulau Redang, you’ll need to learn about the two seasons. Much like the rest of Malaysia, the island has a dry season and a monsoon season. Although the weather is hot year-round, the monsoon season is far from the best time of year to go to Redang.

In this article, we share exactly when is the best time to visit Redang Island. We’ll also explain the differences between the wet and dry seasons. That way, you’ll be certain you know the best time to go to Redang Island.

Best Time to Visit Redang Island

The best time to visit Redang Island is from late March to October. The water will be calm and clear during these months, creating the perfect conditions for diving. During the monsoon season, which covers the remaining months between November and March, most of the tourist facilities shut down.

While private boats are sometimes available, it can be difficult to even get to the island during these months. Normal ferries don’t run on their regular schedule, and speed boats can capsize due to the turbulent waters. Even if you could get to the island, you wouldn’t be able to dive due to the low visibility.

If you want to visit at a time when less tourists are around, schedule your trip at the beginning or end of the dry season.

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The start of the wet season can vary a little each year, so there’s always the risk that you’ll encounter a few late or early storms. The water is rougher during these times as well, but it’s nowhere near as bad as during the height of monsoon season.

Most people visit Redang between May and August. The busiest month is June. The school holidays are during that month, making it a peak time for Malaysian families to plan their getaways.

Redang Island Weather

The island has two distinct seasons: dry and monsoon. It sometimes rains at the tail end of the dry season, which takes place between late October and early November. The hottest months are April, May, and June, with the ultimate highs taking place in mid-April. During that time of year, temperatures go up to 32.4 degrees Celsius and rarely drop below 24.9 degrees at night.

Redang Island During Dry Season

Between April and October, temperatures range from 29 to 32 degrees. Green turtles nest between May and August. However, during the peak tourist season in June, you’ll be more likely to see other humans in the water than turtles. The waters can get crowded as many people attempt to dive and snorkel. The Marine Park is usually the busiest area on the island.

If you prefer privacy, visit during September or early October. Redang is generally quiet, and the seas are calm. It’s a great time for a couple to visit on a romantic holiday.

Our last visit was in early October and everything was perfect and not crowded.

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Redang Island During Monsoon Season

Between November and March, temperatures range between 28 and 30 degrees. Poor visibility and intense underwater currents make diving dangerous if not impossible. Most ferries shut down during wet season, and the boats that do run are subject to delays whenever a storm comes through.

If you want to catch a boat during this time, you’ll most likely have to pay a large amount of money. Most boat operators don’t want to risk their own lives on the dangerous waters. It’s recommended that you don’t risk yours, either.

If, for some reason, you desire to be on Redang during monsoon season, your best bet will be to stay for the long term. If you arrive during dry season and book long-term accommodations, you could potentially stay. However, you’ll be limited to the local supply of food, and there won’t be much to do.

Final Words About the Best Time to Visit Pulau Redang, Malaysia

If you want to experience the best Redang Island has to offer, visit during August, September or early October after peak tourist season has died down. The island is enjoyable all throughout the dry season, but you’ll have a better experience if you aren’t sharing the waters with crowds of tourists.

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