If you are looking for the best 5 star hotel in Port Dickson then we have ALL the options for you! Some of our favourite hotels in all of Malaysia are in Port Dickson and, although there aren’t many luxury hotels in Port Dickson, there are some really top rate options.

The best part is that the 5 star hotel Port Dickson options are maybe the best value in the world especially if you want a luxury hotel Port Dickson complete with your own over-water villa or private pool or both!

Best 5 Star Hotel In Port Dickson, Malaysia [2019]

To help you work out which 5 star hotel in PD is for you, below we don’t just list all the options but also display them all in a handy comparison chart. This way you can quickly see if a luxury hotel in Port Dickson that you are considering is the right price and is the right choice for you.

So whether you are looking for the cheapest Port Dickson luxury resort, the top Port Dickson 5 star resort or just want one of the 5 star hotels in Port Dickson Malaysia with private pool, you can easily find what you are looking for below.

Comparison Of Each 5 Star Hotel In Port Dickson

Name Private Pool? Over-water villas? Rating (/10) Price (USD) Book
Avillion Port Dickson No Yes 7.7 $59 Click here
Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson Yes Yes 8.1 $183 Click here
Grand Lexis Port Dickson Yes Yes 8.0 $104 Click here
Thistle Port Dickson No No 7.6 $83 Click here
Tasik Villa International Resort Yes (Family & 2BR Villas) Yes 8.0 $72 Click here

Note: Prices for each 5 star resort in Port Dickson can vary from what is listed here depending on the time of year and how far in advance you book. These are just a rough guideline to help you compare. Click the book buttons above (or click here) to get the latest prices and I recommend booking ahead for the best price for the options on this Port Dickson 5 star hotel list.

Luxury Hotel In Port Dickson List

Each of the 5 luxury hotels in Port Dickson, Malaysia are below.

5 star mystery hotel Port DicksonAvillion Port Dickson ★★★★★

Great – 7.7/10

5 star hotel at Port DicksonLexis Hibiscus Port Dickson ★★★★★

Excellent – 8.1/10

Port Dickson 5 star beach resortGrand Lexis Port Dickson ★★★★★

Excellent – 8.0/10

5 star hotel at Port DicksonThistle Port Dickson ★★★★★

Great – 7.6/10

Tasik Villa International Resort ★★★★★

Excellent – 8.0/10

Map Of 5 Star Hotel Port Dickson Options

We hope you found your perfect Port Dickson 5 star hotel resort. Click here to find more options for the best hotels in Port Dickson or here for our full guide to Port Dickson.

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