The Ultimate 2 Days In Singapore Itinerary

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Are you planning a 2 days in Singapore itinerary but have no idea where to start?

Lucky you! Singapore is a fabulous country to visit and although a Singapore itinerary for 2 days will only allow you to see just a glimpse of what this wonderful country has to offer, you’ll nevertheless have a fabulous time seeing some of the highlights.

However, coming up with a 2 days itinerary in Singapore can be tricky with so many wonderful things to do and places to visit. But if you’re wondering what to do in Singapore in 2 days, then you’re in luck because we’ve already done all the planning for you and come up with the classic itinerary in Singapore for 2 days.

Below in this guide, we take you through a Singapore 2 days itinerary which covers some of the most popular places to visit in Singapore in two days. While you won’t see everything during your trip, with this two days in Singapore itinerary will give you a great introduction to the country.

Let’s start!

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Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay

2 Days In Singapore Itinerary

Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands

Stuck on what to do in Singapore for 2 days? Never fear, as we have it covered. This itinerary will ensure you tick off all the top things to do in Singapore in 2 days and drop by all the best places to visit in Singapore in 2 days!

There’s a lot to fit in, so grab a good pair of walking shoes, bottled water, sunglasses and a hat… and let’s explore what is for many visitors their favourite city in Asia. Thanks to a combination of superb climate, cleanliness and a renowned environmental-slant towards design and ethics of the city, along with a multicultural population that brings unique flavour, Singapore is a stand out 2 days short-break destination.

This 2 days 1 night Singapore itinerary includes a mixture of sightseeing (taking in unusual buildings and unique floral displays), an epic shopping spree, stunning city views, and an indepth look at the mixed culture of the city.

Still, wondering what to see in Singapore in 2 days or what to do in Singapore in two days? Let us show you…

Singapore 2-day Itinerary map
Click the Map to open in Google Maps. You can then access directions to each of the locations discussed in this article.

Day 1 – Visit the Most Popular Tourist Attractions

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens By The Bay Singapore
Gardens By The Bay

Start your Singapore 2 days trip at the epic and futuristic Gardens by the Bay. Once a simple green space, it has been transformed into a unique display of plants that has recently become the most recognised symbol of Singapore.

From your hotel, take the MRT – the local underground train system – and alight at Bayfront MRT Station via the Circle Line or Downtown Line.

Most attractions open from 9 am, but it’s worth checking online for the latest updates, and aim to arrive early as you have a busy day ahead on this 2 days 1 night Singapore itinerary. You’ll need to plan out around 3 hours – most of the morning – as there is much to see here!

We recommend starting at the beautiful Flower Dome, a great place to escape the heat and humidity of the morning. The world’s largest glass greenhouse, the Flower Dome features a stunning array of exotic plants from all corners of the globe. With temperatures inside kept at a cool Mediterranean feel, you’ll enjoy discovering unusual species such as the Baobab tree from Madagascar and thousand-year old olive trees.

The Dome hosts an ever-changing display of flowers and plants from five continents, and you can spend time exploring the nine gardens such as Californian Garden, Succulent Garden and South African Garden.

Almost adjacent, your next stop is Cloud Forest. As you enter, you’re surrounded by mist, in this strange, mysterious world! Designed to resemble tropical highlands and mountain climates, Cloud Forest astounds with its 30 metre indoor waterfall and mountain interior. Take a walk up to the top of the waterfall, through surreal mist-filled air, along Cloud Walk and Treetop Walk. Look out for pitcher plants, ferns, pretty orchids and dazzling begonias.

Leave the cool mountain temperatures behind, stepping outside and discovering Floral Fantasy. A 1500 sqm of garden artistry, that’s presented across four landscapes, over 3,000 plants from more than 150 species are presented in unique and pretty designs.

Singapore Flower Dome
Flower Dome

Petunia, fuschia and unusual strains of begonia (‘Darth Vader’!) are just some of the flowers on display. Plants suspend from the ceilings; bubbling brooks flow through the landscapes, caves and rock formations enthral, and watch out for poison dart frogs in the Waltz landscape, that mirrors the feel of walking through a forest in the rain. Altogether, a real must-see in Singapore in 2 days of exploration.

Take a short break at Satay by the Bay, a waterfront hawker centre (outdoors food court) that offers great snacks and drinks – with visitors able to pick their favourite one or two items from each stall, mixing-and-matching as they go.

Now it’s time to search out Floating Baby (The Planet). Aptly named, this clever sculpture is seven tons of gigantic baby that’s remarkably balancing on just the right hand! Needs to be seen to be believed… and still, your eyes seem to be lying! In all, there are more than 40 sculptures scattered around Gardens by the Bay, so see how many you can spot.

And finally, we’ve left the best until last. Head over to Supertree Grove and the OCBC Skyway. Fast becoming the most recognised symbol of Singapore, the Supertrees are those weirdly shaped “trees” that are covered in plants and green foliage that take centre-stage on promotional adverts for the city.

In total there are 18 iconic Supertrees around Singapore, with 12 of them here at the Supertree Grove cluster. Ranging 25-50 metres in height, each is uniquely decorated and provides excellent shade in the late morning heat of the day. Take a walk on the OCBC Skyway that connects a couple of the gigantic evergreens, where you’ll feel lost amongst the plants in an Avatar/Pandora biosphere!  Breath-taking in its beauty, this is one of the best places to visit in Singapore in 2 days.

Orchard Road

Orchard Road Singapore
Orchard Road, Photo by Hannah Sibayan on Unsplash

Time to move away from the calm and serene Gardens by the Bay, and transfer to Orchard Road – Singapore’s luxury shopping mecca. Reachable by a short 10 minute taxi ride or by the MRT to Orchard Station on the North South Line, Orchard Road is a chaotic, loud, exciting contrast to your earlier activities!

Wallet and walking shoes at the ready, Orchard Road is 2.5 km of upscale shops, megastores, department stores and dining venues. Famous the world over, this iconic shopping street houses designer clothing, cutting-edge streetwear, hip and chic new designers, and houses all in some of the world’s most eye-catching malls.

Check out ION Orchard, a 66,000 sqm mall or The Paragon, regularly noted as one of the top five luxury shopping malls in the city. Mandarin Gallery, adjacent to the Mandarin Orchard Hotel, is your couture stop, and newbie 313@Somerset Mall is fast becoming the most popular one-stop-shop with a wide variety of international young fashion shops. And for Asian antiques, Middle-Eastern carpets, jewellery, art and silks, head to Tanglin Shopping Centre.

You’ll find original Chinese emporiums – Tangs being the oldest department store in Orchard Road – through to modern megamalls such as Knightsbridge Mall, made from steel and glass, with dazzling shop frontages.

With 3 MRT stops lining the route (Orchard, Somerset and Doby Ghaut), you can dip in and out of the road or walk its length discovering hidden-away boutique stores.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer Ferris Wheel At Night View
Singapore Flyer Ferris Wheel

Phew, time for a break!  And it’s possibly time for a quick ride back to your hotel to drop the shopping bags, before taking the MRT on the Downtown Line to Promenade Station. A short 5 minutes walk will soon have you in front of the mammoth Singapore Flyer, the iconic observation wheel that dominates the city’s skyline.

Take a 30 minute ride around the ferris wheel, in an air-conditioned glass capsule that – on a clear day – offers views across to Malaysia and Indonesia, alongside magnificent city-views. Look out for the snaking Singapore River that meanders through the city and the mythical Merlion – with a lion’s head and body of a fish – that is widely used as the city’s mascot.

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Marina Bay Sands Skypark

Singapore Skypark
Marina Bay Sands Skypark

You’re now reaching the end of the afternoon and there’s no better place to watch the sunset than from the top of Marina Bay Sands, at the famed Skypark.

A modern-day marvel, Marina Bay Sands is a spectacular sight, seeming to almost cradle the city under the shadow of its three 55-storey towers. And, spanning across the top of the towers, is your next destination on this itinerary of things to see in Singapore in 2 days, the wonderful Skypark.

Said to resemble a giant surfboard, the Skypark Observation Deck is open to the public and offers jaw-dropping 360-degree city views. Only a 10 minute walk from the Singapore Flyer, for a small fee take the elevator at Marina Bay Sands from Front Tower 3 up to the 57th Floor.

Enjoy the astounding views, as the sun sets on the horizon and bathes the city in golds and ambers. Facebook and Insta update time!

Discounted tickets to the SkyPark can be purchased here.

Day 2 –  Experience Singapore’s Local Culture

On Day 2 of your two days in Singapore, what to do today? We’re going to take you deep into the culture of the city, to some of the most pulsing areas that highlight the mixed ethnicity of Singaporeans. There are still many places to see in Singapore in 2 days, so let’s get going again!

Split into three main ethnic groups, Singapore is a diverse city. Chinese, Malay and Indian regions of the city reflect strong cultural differences, from religion to daily life and every-day customs.

Little India

Little India Singapore
Little India

Start your exploration this morning by taking the MRT to Little India Station. Aim to arrive around 10 am when the area starts to come alive, and enjoy walking the streets of what we feel is one of the friendliest and most vibrant districts in Singapore.

Shops are abundant, full of bright saris and bangles, and the smell of incense and dried herbs is heavy in the air.  Indian music blasts from most doorways and henna artists offer elaborate designs for those who have the time and patience.

Serangoon Road runs throughout Little India and is one of the oldest roads in Singapore. Here you’ll find the strikingly colourful Chinese House: Tan Teng Niah Residence. Supposedly built in 1900 (with a restoration in the 1980s), it is believed to be the last Chinese villa in the city. Today, the building is used as commercial space, but you can still admire the ornate architecture and is a famed spot for great street-photography in Singapore.

Next up, something more in keeping with India, and one of the oldest temples in Singapore – Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. This Hindu sacred place is dedicated to Mother Kali – the destroyer of evil – and miraculously survived the Japanese air raids during WWII. Eye-catching, the temple has an external tower full of colourful and intricate statues and inside you’ll find several holy shrines that feature the Goddess in different forms.

Just along from the Temple is the Indian Heritage Centre. This four-storey building offers year-long exhibitions dedicated to educating visitors about Indian and South Asian culture. You’ll also find an interesting collection of artifacts that layout South Asian history from the 1st century through to the present day.

Arab Quarter

Arab Quarter
Arab Quarter

As you reach the end of Little India you’ll find yourself suddenly engulfed in aromatic Middle-Eastern smells… you’ve reached the Arab Quarter, known as Kampong Glam.

Home to Singapore’s Muslim community, this neighbourhood is equally delightful with paved streets and small alleys full of interesting boutique-style shops, selling one-off items, Arabic carpets, glitzy lamps, and a myriad of other items! A real shoppers delight, take time out to people-watch from the alfresco seating area of any one of the many Turkish and Arabic restaurants, whilst you relax over lunch.

Time to get going again and wander the streets, perhaps in search of the famed street-graffiti that’s found randomly throughout the area. Floating pigs, snakes and more decorate the walls, in outlandish colourful designs. Arab Street is the most famed street in the area, but you’ll find many entice you with their shops and bright colours.

Eventually, make your way to the Sultan Mosque, hard to miss as it towers over the shophouses and the sun reflects off its glowing golden dome. Initially built in 1826 the mosque is open to the public. Able to hold up to 5,000 worshippers the interior is vast, cool and intricately decorated, with colourful carvings.

The Malay Heritage Centre is just behind the Mosque, within the same compound, and holds a museum-like permanent exhibition that is highly recommended. Introducing all things Malay, it relates through historical artifacts, interactive panels and some rare national collections, the history of this region of Singapore.


Chinatown Singapore

We’re now heading to the last stop for today, but this is still an absolute must-do in Singapore in 2 days itinerary… The wonderful, colourful, aromatic Chinatown!

With the Chinese making up over 70% of Singapore’s population, Chinatown is, of course, the core neighbourhood of the community. Jump off the MRT at Chinatown to be engulfed in lanterns, crowds of people, and bold red-and-gold everywhere!

Rich in culture, start at The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, a sprawling 4-storey temple in the heart of Chinatown. Complete with a bell and drum tower, the highlight for most visitors is the solid gold 2 metre stupa on the 4th floor.  Here is where the sacred Buddha Tooth is said to be kept.

Not your standard temple, you will also find a museum, teahouse and theatre on site. Built only in 2007, the temple is replicated from Tang Dynasty architecture and has an elegant, rich exterior. Spend time at the museum to learn about Buddhism, visit the solemn prayer hall or relax at the tranquil rooftop garden. In our opinion, definitely one of the highlights of Singapore things to do in 2 days.

Nearby you’ll soon spot the Chinatown Heritage Centre, right in the heart of Chinatown at Pagoda Street. Here you can learn the history of old Chinatown and the hard life of its migrants, as you pass through displays of old photos and artifacts.

Wander the streets, marvelling at the unusual architecture of the shops and temples, enjoying the sounds and flavours at the street markets.

Moving on, as darkness falls, thoughts turn to dinner. Chinatown has numerous eateries but dine at the best-of-the-best – either of the famed Chinatown Hawker Centres: Chinatown Complex Food Centre or Maxwell Food Centre.

Chinatown Complex is the largest hawker centre in Singapore, with over 260 outlets!  Something for everyone here with highlights such as Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle. This is the stall that famously earned one Michelin Star for three consecutive years, being the first Hawker Stall in history to earn such awards.

The second centre, Maxwell’s, is equally well known. Famed for its famous Chicken Rice stalls (as featured on the late Anthony Bourdain show) – Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice. A busy spot – with both tourists and locals – expect a buzzing, lively atmosphere that transports you from Singapore to the centre of China!


Sky Bridge Pinnacle@Duxton

With contented stomachs, take a short walk to Pinnacle@Duxton – reputedly the world’s tallest residential building. For a minimal fee, visitors can ride up to the viewing platform on the 50th floor. Here you’ll enjoy sprawling city views, alive with twinkling lights—a perfect way to end your two days in Singapore.

Best Place to Stay in Singapore

For this short Singapore 2 days 1 night trip, we recommend staying close to the action to minimise your travel times. Below we’ve listed our three top picks – for Best, Mid-Price and Budget accommodation.

BEST – Marina Bay Sands Review

Without a doubt, the hotel of the moment and Marina Bay Sands has a buzz about it! Towering high above the city, cradling the snaking Singapore River, the hotel is a union of three hotels joined together by a state-of-the-art Skypark on the 57th Floor.

Offering luxurious rooms, plus suites that come with Butlers, room types are covered for all group sizes. Deluxe, Premier, Family and Club-Floor rooms are available, and larger groups can splurge on a Bay Suite, with 2-bedrooms and living area.

Guests of all three towers can enjoy the use of the famed rooftop pool, at the 57th Floor. And if you have time, there’s a marina-facing Banyan Tree Fitness Club, 24-hour Casino and even a MARQUEE nightclub.

Beneath the hotel is The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, home to reputedly the most extensive collection of designer boutiques in Asia. There’s also countless restaurants for casual and fine-dining, and even celebrity chefs!

A stay at Marina Bay Sands would most definitely be a standout feature of your Singapore travel itinerary 2 days – a unique hotel that offers a wonderful add-on experience to your Singapore 2 days 1 night itinerary but may make you wish that you had longer to stay in the city!

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MID-RANGE – Park Hotel Clarke Quay Review

This upscale hotel overlooks the Singapore River and is a short walk from the Clark Quay entertainment area. Inspired by Singapore’s colonial past, this is our pick of mid-range selection.

Rooms and suites (with separate sitting areas) offer river or city views from floor-to-ceiling windows and most come with free WiFi, flat-screen television, and tea and coffee making facilities. A Club Lounge is also available for those seeking perks such as snacks and evening drinks.

Two elegant restaurants are on site, along with a bar, fitness centre and business centre. There’s also a 25 metre award-winning outdoor pool and adjoining spa, with poolside bar/grill.

The hotel offers car rental services, free parking, laundry and dry-cleaning services, and a 24 hour reception.

A tropical retreat by the Singapore River, with classical architecture inspired by Singapore’s colonial past, the hotel is a popular mid-range option.

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BUDGET – The Quay Hotel Review

In a pretty part of Singapore, Clarke Quay, the 6-storey Quay Hotel is less than 1 km from the city centre and walking distance to the Singapore River. Offering a strategic location for almost all of the city’s main tourist places, this is a standout budget choice.

Guests can enjoy 24-hour room service, 24-hour security, a convenience store and daily housekeeping, along with free Wi-Fi in all rooms.

Rooms come in all sizes – Deluxe Double, Superior Twin, Standard Single, Deluxe Family, Theme Rooms and basic rooms without windows. The majority of rooms have a flat-screen television and complimentary coffee.

At night, there’s a line-up of bars and restaurants immediately on your doorstep. Thus, comfortable and conveniently located, the Quay Hotel is a great budget-accommodation choice.

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Find a solid budget/mid-range hotel at Hotel Boss Singapore as well. Read our full review here.

Getting Around Singapore

Jalan Besar MRT station
Jalan Besar MRT station

With so many things to do in Singapore for 2 days, you need a fast and efficient travel service. Look no further than the MRT – Mass Rapid Transit – subway system that crisscrosses the city. Safe, clean and easy to navigate, the MRT has Stations at all the main tourist spots and is cheap to ride too!

Once you hop off the MRT, explore the neighbourhoods on foot unless the heat gets to you and then it’s usually simple to hail down a taxi.

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A taxi is the best way to cross the border as you don’t have to leave the air-conditioned comfort of your vehicle.

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Final Words

Merlion Park, Singapore
Merlion Park

Is 2 days in Singapore enough? Possibly not, but by following our 2 days in Singapore what to do itinerary, you will have more than a taste of the city!

Clean, green and friendly, Singapore holds itself as the standard by which all other cities should aim for. Small and compact, it’s the ideal short-break destination and is filled with unique sites and diverse culture.

Whether you speak English, Malay, Tamil or Hokkien, Cantonese or Mandarin… or even Singlish… you’re welcomed to Singapore!

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this 2 day Singapore itinerary. If you have a little more time, check out our 3 day Singapore itinerary here or for those with even more time you’ll find our ultimate 5 day Singapore itinerary here.

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