Pangkor Laut Resort Review🏝️: Everything You Need To Know About Staying Here

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If your idea of the perfect Malaysian vacation includes luxury, nature, privacy and a perfect tropical island, Pangkor Laut Resort & Spa Village could be exactly what you are looking for!

Located in the Straits of Malacca, Pangkor Laut Island (or Pulau Pangkor Laut in Malay) is a 298 acre private island with gorgeous coastline and thick jungle. It’s home to just one resort and the word that popped into my head on the ferry ride here was PARADISE. It really feels like you have found it here.

The 5-star Resort Pangkor Laut is definitely a special place. While you can find some fabulous resorts and islands in Malaysia, this one definitely stands out to me thanks to its relative isolation and just being so gorgeous and well done with amazing service and maybe the best beach in the country. I think it’s my favourite!

Pangkor Laut Resort Emerald Bay
The absolutely gorgeous Emerald Bay

Of course, being so special comes with a high Pangkor Laut Resort price. Is it worth it? Should you just stick with easier destinations like a resort in Langkawi?

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Below, I walk you through my full Pangkor Laut Resort review with absolutely everything you need to know about this resort including the room options, what to do in Pangkor Laut Resort, all the facilities, the dining, the weather in Pangkor Laut, how to get there and all my experiences staying at the Pangkor Laut Resort in Malaysia.

You can also see a full video walk through of this resort. Then you’ll know for yourself whether a Pangkor Laut Resort package is worth your holiday time.

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Pangkor Laut Resort Review

The Pangkor Laut beach Resort is part of the YTL luxury resort brand. I found it well managed with friendly and helpful staff and totally deserving of its 5 star rating. Pangkor Laut Resort reviews always rave about the staff, dining, the whole experience so I am not alone with enjoying this resort. I really can’t say enough good things about the staff and the service.

Pangkor Laut Resort Looking at the resort from the jetty
Looking at the resort from the jetty

For example, after check-out, I panicked and thought I had lost my phone. I went back to ask if I could have the key back to check the room. A staff member dropped everything and came straight to the room with me and helped me look everywhere for it and was so relieved when I found it in my handbag. She didn’t even make me feel embarrassed 😀

Pangkor Laut Resort Malaysia Location

So where is Pangkor Laut located? The Pangkor Laut Resort location is on the tiny island of Pangkor Laut which is to the south west of the bigger Pangkor Island. This is in the Straits of Malacca off the west coast of Peninsula Malaysia basically between Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

You can see exactly where on this Pangkor Laut Resort map.

Pangkor Laut Resort map
Click the Map to open in Google Maps. You can then access directions to the location discussed in this article.

How To Go To Pangkor Laut Resort

Pangkor Laut Resort Check-in area at Marina Island
Check-in area at Marina Island

To get to Pangkor Laut Resort, you need to get to the resort’s office at Marina Island Pangkor. You can drive here (there is parking close by), get a taxi or get buses here. I took a taxi from Ipoh airport which cost RM170 for a coupon taxi on arrival.

The easiest way to get here is to take a private taxi from anywhere in peninsula Malaysia. We can book a taxi for you with a safe and trustworthy local operator.

Click here for more details and prices.

The address for this office is Jalan Jeti Kompleks, KM 1, Teluk Muruh 32200 Lumut, Perak, Malaysia.

Once you have made it here, there are set ferry times for the resort or you can book a private ferry at any time through the resort.

When I visited, the Pangkor Laut ferry schedule left for the island at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm and returned to the office at 10:30am, 11:30am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm and 2:30pm. However, the ferry does seem to leave somewhat when required as I arrived at the office at 11:20am and I was told next ferry was at 12pm – then they put one on at 11:30am anyway as there were a few of us.

The ferry takes about 20 minutes and it’s recommended that you arrive at the office 20 minutes prior to departure.

The boat to Pangkor Laut – although they say ferry, it’s on the small side

They advertise the ferry cost as RM160 return but this is without service charges and taxes (like the price of everything on the island). It was about RM170 in reality. Kids are half price. I did think this was too expensive and should be included in your Pangkor Laut accommodation price since you don’t have an option.

You can’t book this in advance. Turn up, check-in and you’ll have a spot on the next available ferry. They manage this really well and it’s very easy.

The boat ride itself was great. There is a lot to look at as part of it is along the Pangkor Island coast and then you get a nice look at Pangkor Laut before arrival as well. There are life jackets for everyone.

Pangkor Laut Resort from the ferry on our way there
Pangkor Laut Resort from the ferry on our way there

You can find my full guide to how to get to Pangkor Island here. The information in this article about how to get to Marina Island is exactly the same whether you are going to Pangkor Laut or it’s big brother, Pangkor Island.

YTL Pangkor Laut Resort Check-In

Pangkor Laut Resort Reception

The first part of check-in occurs at this office before you take the ferry. On arrival at their office at Marina Island, they took my luggage from the taxi and I didn’t see it again until I got to my room.

I had thought the whole check-in process would take place here, but it’s really just the part where they take a deposit and check your passport. I was surprised that they didn’t mention any fee for the ferry and you wouldn’t necessarily know there was one if you hadn’t read everything on their site beforehand.

They gave me a cold flannel and a nice welcome drink and there is a nice lounge to wait for the next ferry. I only waited a few minutes and I was off.

When our ferry arrived at the island, we were met by friendly staff and escorted to the reception area. Here, the rest of the check-in process took place. I was too early to get my room key but I did get a lot of information about the resort. I also made a reservation for dinner that night and for the included guided jungle trek the next day.

It was a lot of information, and I was happy for the sheet they gave me with opening hours for restaurants and some other information. However, my one big complaint is that I was only shown a map and not given one. This lead to drama for me later as a quick glance at a map was not enough for me to remember where everything was.

Later on that day, I downloaded one I found on the internet which turned out to be out of date and I waited 40 minutes for a shuttle to a restaurant which turned out to be a one minute walk away. Oops.

Here’s a copy of the latest map:

Pangkor Laut Resort map
Pangkor Laut Resort map

I had a few hours before I could enter my room but this wasn’t a problem. I took some photos, had a leisurely lunch and then a leisurely swim in the pool and the time passed too quick!

Resort Pangkor Laut Rooms

Pangkor Laut Resort Beach villa
Beach villa

There is a big range of room types from a Pangkor Laut Resort sea villa to a hill villa Pangkor Laut Resort and the totally fancy and out-of-this-world Pangkor Laut estates.

Pangkor Laut Estates

The Estates are a series of eight houses that are meant to recall ” the romantic lifestyle of a British estate manager of old Malaya.”

The Pangkor Laut Resort estate options are all in the northern part of the island, separated for privacy, which have from one to four bedrooms with living and dining areas as well as private pools and great views. Three of the Estates are beachfront.

They have on-call butlers and buggy rides around the island.

Unfortunately, I did not stay in one of these but they look and sound divine.


Pangkor Laut Resort garden villa outside
My garden villa

Fortunately, I was not really disappointed as the villas are great too. There are seven villa types which mostly are differentiated by where they are located, but they do vary in what they offer with some extra special suite options too.

There are garden and hill villas which are located inland with the hill villas promising great views. While beach and sea villas are about the water action.

A beach villa Pangkor Laut Resort has views and is close to the Royal Bay beach (not a swimming beach). They are larger, but did not seem as private to me as other options.

The sea villa Pangkor Laut Resort is one of the rooms pictured on top of the sea below. These look gorgeous and have a large balcony with lounge chairs to take it all in. They also have bathrooms with oversized tubs and a shower that opens onto the sea. I wish I had picked one of these! They are smaller than the other room types, but still big at 55 square metres.

Pangkor Laut Resort Sea villa
Sea villa

They do spread for quite a stretch so you can be a bit of a walk from everything. The upside is if you get a villa a bit further away, it’s much more private.

You can also stay in a Pangkor Laut Resort spa villa. These are also built over the sea with direct access to the Spa Village (more about this soon!).

There are also suite options over the sea which are basically bigger versions of the villa options. They’ll give you a separate bedroom and living areas.

Pangkor Laut Resort Hill Villas
Hill Villas

The top villa option is the Pavarotti Suite which is named after Luciano Pavarotti as he was a huge fan of this island and resort. It’s a two bedroom suite which is 242 spare metres – so big! – on a hill in the rainforest with amazing views.

Click here to see the latest prices now.

There are 140 villas which can sound like a lot but remember that this resort has nearly 300 acres of land so it doesn’t feel crowded.

Garden Villa Pangkor Laut Resort

Pangkor Laut Resort My amazing outdoor bath tub in garden villa
My amazing outdoor bath tub

I was staying alone so opted for the relatively budget-friendly Pangkor Laut Resort garden villa. While it’s the budget friendlier option, it still kicks goals. It’s great. All Pangkor Laut rooms are.

At 71 square metres, it’s big. It’s in a garden setting close to all the facilities. My room was right behind the reception/library area so very easy to get around and still very quiet.

Pangkor Laut Resort garden villa entry
Entry to my garden villa with cupboards to each side and connecting door to next villa straight ahead

My villa had air conditioning, a day bed (which could double as an extra bed, it’s single bed sized), flat-screen TV, minibar, tea and coffee making facilities, bathrobe, toiletries and everything you would expect of a 5-star resort including ironing facilities, hair dryer, everything you could need.

There was a lot in this room and I kept discovering more things! Like mosquito repellent in the bedroom and some balm in case you get bitten. There’s also a desk and chair and plenty of cupboard space. It felt like the entry way to the room was a giant walk in wardrobe.

Pangkor Laut Resort Main bedroom area in garden villa
Main bedroom area

There were a couple of noodle cups and drinks in the minibar for purchase. These were on the expensive side, and it’s definitely cheaper to drink at one of the bars.

Pangkor Laut Resort Pangkor Laut Resort garden villa entry in garden villa with cupboad with gowns
Cupboards with gowns and tea and coffee making facilities

I loved that the “curtains” were wooden boards. Fantastic for privacy and I didn’t have to worry about waking up with the sun.

Depending on whether you get a ground floor or first floor villa depends on exactly how your Pangkor Laut garden villa is set up. A ground floor villa gets you a bathtub in a private courtyard while first-floor villas have a bathroom that open out to a view of the surrounding gardens.

I had a “ground floor” villa although it was still above the ground. So I had a huge bath outside. I’m usually not a bath person but I had one as soon as I got into my room. I couldn’t help it. Just too gorgeous!

Pangkor Laut Resort bathroom in garden villa
Bathroom area with amazing outdoor bath. Toilet is to the left and big shower to the right

The balcony was fantastic – it was big and wrapped around the villa. On here was a table and two chairs, another day bed and hanging space`. The downside of my garden villa was that this balcony looked into the restaurant area so wasn’t very private.

The only other downside was the power points. This room is older style and while it suits its surroundings and is well maintained – I would certainly not describe it as aged – the lack of accessible power points was a little annoying. And it was weird how the basin taps were below it and to the side. These are obviously small issues though, and I did love this room.

Pangkor Laut Resort Balcony of my garden villa
Balcony of my garden villa

Each villa has its own wifi signal, so I had great internet except it was super slow to upload my photos. I did this easily on the faster internet at the reception/restaurant areas without a problem.

As I said, the garden villas are located close to most of the resort’s amenities so are also a great choice if you want to limit walking. While the hill villa views would be amazing – I would have loved their views when there was a thunderstorm with lightening – some were very high up so this is definitely a choice for the able bodied.

Malaysia Pangkor Laut Resort Facilities

Of course, you won’t come to the Pangkor Laut hotel without trying the facilities. So what is there?

There is plenty to get you active and entertained – all covered in this Pangkor Laut blog.

Infinity Pool

Pangkor Laut Resort Infinity pool
Infinity pool

My personal favourite facility is the infinity pool. While I love looking at a great beach, I am usually a pool person and this one doesn’t disappoint.

The main pool is long and in front of the Royal Beach Club right by the beach in the centre of everything. I love it!

Note that it is quite deep getting up to 1.75 metres.

There’s also a kids pool here.


Pangkor Laut Resort gym

Next to the pool is the gym. Personally, not a place I want to hang out on my holiday, but it looks good if it’s your cup of tea with great views over the water. I also didn’t see anyone in here so you could maybe get it to yourself.


Pangkor Laut Resort Tennis courts
Tennis courts

There are tennis courts, a volleyball court and a squash court all located close by if you fancy a game.

Games Room

Pangkor Laut Resort Games room
Games room

There’s also the hotel Pangkor Laut Resort Malaysia games room. Here you can play table tennis, a game of pool or foosball. There are also places to sit and a big TV.

It was a very cool space and I can imagine spending some great time here had I visited this hotel in Pangkor Laut with my kids.

Water Sports

Pangkor Laut Resort Water sports area
Water sports area

It’s also possible to hire non-motorised watercraft like kayaks and paddle boards. I was surprised these weren’t available for free like in most resorts where I have stayed but they are easy to access and there’s a big roped off area where you can use them.

Pangkor Laut Spa Village

Pangkor Laut Resort Amazing Spa Village pool area
Amazing Spa Village pool area

The Pangkor Laut Resort spa is definitely worth a visit. Here, you can really relax and unwind with massage and beauty treatments. It’s quite a “village” too with many pavilions and huts as well as bath houses, napping pavilions and more.

There are many different treatments and you can meet with a specialist at the beginning of your stay to get a recommended program.

When I visited, massages started at RM325 for a 50-minute treatment.

You can also find another infinity pool here which looked divine right by the water. I stuck to the main pool as it was more convenient for me but I’m sure this adults-only pool would be great too.

Shuttle Service

Pangkor Laut Resort shuttle bus
One of the shuttle buses

There’s also a shuttle service between the main resort area, the Spa Village (you can also walk here) and Emerald Bay, the main beach.

This is easy to catch – simply wait for one to come.

The downside is that they can take a loooooong time to come. Like I waited 40 minutes for one and then only a car came with just a few seats and not the usual mini bus which made things tricky.

When it was quick, it was absolutely awesome, but after that long wait, it turned me off going to Emerald Bay as much as I would have liked.

Other Facilities

Pangkor Laut Resort Gift shop
Gift shop

There’s also a library where you can find something to read, and a tour desk with various activities around the island. You can pick up a souvenir at the gift shop or have your clothes washed.

Water taxis can also be booked back to the mainland or Pangkor Island.

Pangkor Laut Resort Library area
Library area

There’s also karaoke.

For families, there is a babysitting service.

Pangkor Laut Resort YTL Dining

There is not a lack of dining options at Pulau Pangkor Laut Resort and Pangkor Laut reviews always mention how great and consistently good the food is between outlets. I have to say that I (mostly) agree!

There are six places where you can eat which I cover below. You can also have a private dining experience which can be on the beach or rocks.

Feast Village Pangkor Laut Resort

Pangkor Laut Resort breakfast buffet stations
Two of many food stations at breakfast. Here, they are making fresh rotis and fresh fruit juice

Feast Village is where you will head for breakfast. It has a range of choices so you can pick whether to have Asian options or more western options.

I found breakfast to be absolutely amazing. Maybe my best breakfast ever. There is so much on offer here that initially, I did not even realise all the different food stations that are available (keep walking round and don’t think the main buffet area is all there is).

Pangkor Laut Resort Delicious roti canai at breakfast
Delicious roti canai at breakfast

There were many different styles of food and while I could have stuck with the usual western options, I had the most delicious nasi lemak (Malay-style breakfast) and then had a second Indian breakfast with a freshly made roti canai. Just so so so so so so so good. Honestly, I could have been happy at this breakfast buffet for every meal!

Pangkor Laut Resort Feast Village
Feast Village at dinner

It also opens for lunch and dinner with buffet options. I did not try this at other meal times and was told it was RM160++.

Fisherman’s Cove

Pangkor Laut Resort Fisherman’s Cove
Fisherman’s Cove

This is the premier place to eat a delicious seafood dinner that’s not just fresh but also focuses on sustainable fishing.

It’s in a beautiful location by the water (actually all the restaurants are in beautiful locations!). I did not get the opportunity to eat here.

Kids are not welcome here and dress code is resort smart casual.

Uncle Lim Pangkor Laut

Pangkor Laut Resort Uncle Lim’s Kitchen
Uncle Lim’s Kitchen in the evening

Uncle Lim’s Kitchen is mentioned in many Pangkor Laut Resort Perak reviews as being the best dining option so I reserved this for dinner as soon as I arrived. It specialises in Nyonya and Hock Chew Chinese-style home cooking and uses locally available products that can be personalised to your taste buds.

The kitchen team is headed up by Chef Lim Fang Tat who is known as “Uncle Lim”. He’s actually been working at the restaurant since it opened in 1985.

Pangkor Laut Resort Uncle Lim’s Kitchen menu and prices
Uncle Lim’s Kitchen’s menu with prices

I was a little disappointed by my meal, a beef redang. While it was very nice, it wasn’t anything that spectacular like I had been hoping especially with the big price tag.

Pangkor Laut Resort Beef redang in Uncle lims restaurant
Beef redang

Royal Bay Beach Club

Pangkor Laut Resort Royal Bay Beach Club
Royal Bay Beach Club

Behind the pool with views of the beach, the Royal Bay Beach Club is open most of the day and evening and is a great lunch spot or place to get a drink.

Asian and western dishes are available for lunch including burgers and pizzas.

Pangkor Laut Resort Royal Bay Beach Club menu and prices
Royal Bay Beach Club menu

I made a mistake and picked a western option when I ate here as I was craving fries! It was just ok. Definitely pick the Asian options.

Chapman’s Bar

Pangkor Laut Resort Chapman’s Bar
Chapman’s Bar and Emerald Bay

Another place for either lunch or a great drink, Chapman’s Bay is located on the beautiful beach at Emerald Bay. It has a similar selection of Malaysian and western dishes and definitely has my favourite setting of any of the restaurants.

It also has happy hour drinks before dinner time which are two for one.

Pangkor Laut Resort Chapman’s Bar menu and prices
Chapman’s Bar – menu

The bar itself is named after a British Colonel who hid here from the Japanese in World War II.

I absolutely loved having a drink here as the sun set and the happy hour made it even sweeter.

Straits Bar

Pangkor Laut Resort Strait's Bar
Strait’s Bar

In between Uncle Lim’s Kitchen and Feast Village, you can also buy yourself a sundowner or after dinner drink at Straits Bar. This small, but classy bar, is an easy place to enjoy.

Jamu Bar

Pangkor Laut Resort Jamu Bar
Jamu Bar

Last but not least, the Jamu Bar is located in the Spa Village looking over the water. This is the place to go for healthy salads and drinks.

It’s adults only.

Click here to see the latest prices now.

Pangkor Laut Resort Restaurant Prices

I know I’m always a little concerned about eating costs when I book a secluded resort like this and I have no choice but to eat at their restaurants.

If you are like me and wondering about Pangkor Laut food prices that’s what this Pangkor Laut Resort blog is for.

The prices are high. I was shocked to pay so much to be honest. RM104 for a beef redang is crazy. Be prepared! I have put some of the menus up above to give you an idea. Lunch prices were generally all about RM60++, but dinner could be a lot. Drink costs were also very high.

Note that all prices on the island (and pictured here) are without a mandatory service charge (10%) and a service tax (6%). This is the first time in Malaysia I have seen prices not include everything and I found it quite annoying.

I didn’t see anywhere to buy snacks. I recommend taking some snacks and drinks with you.

Pangkor Laut Resort from the jetty
Looking at the resort from the jetty

Pangkor Laut Resort Video Review And Walk Through

Things To Do In Pangkor Laut Resort

Another thing I can be concerned about when visiting a secluded resort is whether I’ll get bored. While I personally may struggle with weeks at the Pangkor Laut private Island Resort, you aren’t likely to get bored on a shorter trip. There is plenty to do here.

In addition to the Pangkor Laut Resort activities mentioned above – like the pools, spa village, tennis courts, kayaking and more, there are many other Pangkor Laut Island things to do as well. Here are some of them.

Note: If you are thinking about day tripping to Pangkor Laut instead of staying here, you can’t. Only Pangkor Laut Island hotel guests can visit here.

Relax At Emerald Bay Pangkor Laut Resort

Pangkor Laut Resort Emerald Bay at sunset
Emerald Bay at sunset

The top choice of Pangkor Laut activities has to be to visit Emerald Bay.

This beautiful beach is a short shuttle through the jungle from the main part of the resort. It’s home to the best beach and loveliest spot, in my opinion.

In fact, I think this is one of my favourite spots in Malaysia (which means possibly the world!). The beach is just sooooo pretty. The photos do not do it justice. It’s surrounded by jungle and you’re looking out to the ocean with nothing but the blue sea in front.

Pangkor Laut Emerald Bay is also great for swimming and just relaxing with beautiful views. There are lounge chairs here as well as Chapman’s Bar so you can have a drink or some food while you relax.

It’s quiet and does feel very private, even with the bar.

I can’t emphasise enough how great this spot is. The first photo in this article is also of this beach area.

Go Jungle Trekking

Another of the popular Pangkor Laut things to do is to go jungle trekking. You can go for a walk yourself or there are twice daily guided treks from the library that take about an hour depending on what trek you take. This is free for guests so make sure you check it out.

This is a great way to learn more about the surrounding virgin rainforest that is over two million years old. A naturalist takes the walks and talks about the plant and animal life on the island.

There are two possible paths and which one the group treks take depend on fitness levels and daily conditions. One is 500 metres and one is 2.4 kilometres with stunning views.

They both end at Emerald Bay. Long trousers and sleeves as well as mosquito repellent are recommended for jungle trekking.

Do Yoga Or Tai Chi

Pangkor Laut Resort Yoga area
Yoga area

There are twice daily yoga and tai chi sessions at the Pangkor Island Laut Resort (with one rest day a week).

Take The Chef’s Kitchen Experience

A “signature experience” at Pangkor Laut Resort hotel is to take the Chef’s Kitchen Experience.

On this tour, you visit nearby Pangkor Island to buy fresh ingredients from a fishery, dried seafood markets, a noodle maker and a floating fish farm. Back at the resort, your chef will help you cook a great meal with your ingredients and the best Asian herbs and spices.

Finally, of course, you get to eat the meal you created.


Fishing enthusiasts won’t want to miss the chance to go fishing nearby in the straits of Malacca on either a motorised boat or Oriental junk.

There’s the choice of deep sea or leisure fishing.

Absolutely gorgeous Emerald Bay
Absolutely gorgeous Emerald Bay

Go Island Hopping

The resort also offers an island hopping tour. Take your choice of a motorised boat or Oriental junk and explore the small islands nearby in the Straits of Malacca and enjoy swims along the way to keep cool.

The tour includes a gourmet picnic basket to eat on the boat.

Take A Sunset Cruise

Most evenings, you can take a sunset cruise on a teakwood Oriental junk. The cruise circles around the island and includes drinks as you watch the sunset.

Visit Pangkor Island

Foo Lin Kong Temple Pangkor
Foo Lin Kong Temple

A quick water taxi away is Pangkor Island, Pangkor Laut’s big brother. In fact, there are great views of Pasir Bogak, the main beach on Pangkor, from Pangkor Laut Resort.

This island has a much more local and lively vibe and there are some low-key attractions to check out like Foo Lin Kong Temple above, the floating Mosque, a Dutch Fort and much more as well as some great beaches.

I visited Pangkor Island and stayed a few days after my Pangkor Laut holidays but it’s also very possible to do this as a day trip from the resort. Once on the island, you can easily hire a taxi to take you around the island visiting the sites. I highly recommend you do this.

You can read more about the things to do on Pangkor Island here.

Pangkor Laut Snorkeling And Diving?

The water quality is not the best to go Pangkor Laut diving or Pangkor Laut Resort snorkeling. It is possible to organise snorkeling or diving through water sport companies on Pangkor Island though.

Pangkor Laut Weather

Pangkor Laut in Malaysia is in the tropics so you can expect hot and humid weather year round. It can rain at any time of year but downpours generally don’t last more than an hour or two.

The weather Pangkor Laut Island Malaysia does differ a little throughout the year. December to February are the coolest months with high temperatures averaging 29-30 degrees Celsius. The driest months are June to August. The wettest months are November and December.

The sea temperature only changes between 29 to 30 degrees so it’s always pleasant to swim.

The best time to visit Pangkor Laut Resort is really any time since the weather doesn’t differ that much. If you really can come whenever, January to February has an advantage as it’s a little cooler and it’s also the least busy time for tourists.

I visited in October. It only rained at night (although it rained a lot at night), and I loved it.

Pangkor Laut Resort Walkway between the Spa Village and the main resort area
Walkway between the Spa Village and the main resort area

YTL Pangkor Laut Resort Promotion

Before I stayed here, I obviously looked up the best Pangkor Laut price. I found the Pangkor Laut Island Resort packages on the hotel’s site itself not nearly as good as the price I could get on Agoda and I saved about RM200 per night by booking on Agoda rather than through the hotel.

Click here to see the latest prices on Agoda now.

The room rate came with breakfast.

The other bonus of booking on Agoda was that I also got AgodaCash after staying to go towards my next hotel booking.

There was no downside to booking on Agoda.

Click here to see more information now.

I will add that you need to be aware that prices at this resort are high (see some of the menus above), so it will cost more to stay here than the room price. It’s worth it though!


Check-out was just as smooth and easy as check-in. Someone came to my room and took my suitcase, and it ended up on the ferry with me. I paid my bill and then took the ferry back (after I thought I lost my phone and went looking for it as per the story above!!).

I can’t emphasise enough how friendly and helpful the staff were.

views in the evening of Pangkor Laut Resort
Views in the evening of the resort from the jetty

Final Words

If you’ve ever pictured a beautiful island escape in the tropics, you probably pictured here!

Pangkor Laut Malaysia is a fabulous place to stay. While it is a little trickier to get to than some resorts in Malaysia, it’s not hard to get here and it’s relative isolation adds to the experience.

I stayed here alone but I can see it would be fantastic for a romantic break, a honeymoon or I’d love to bring my family back. My kids would love it, although a family stay here would be tough on the bank balance. There were lots of couples here and quite a few families. It did keep a quiet enjoyment kind of vibe.

My only real complaint is that I wish more was included. I have not stayed somewhere where kayaks are an extra cost, for example. Plus, since you have to get here by the resort ferry, it really should be part of the stay cost. I don’t like having forced extras.

I also think everything on the island cost too much. And while I absolutely loved it and don’t begrudge a cent I spent, it does turn me off coming here with my family of five.

I definitely do have to come back though. I loved it so much and Emerald Bay is just so spectacular. For a couple, the cost is manageable and well and truly worth it.

I hope you found this Pangkor Laut Resort review helpful and you have a great stay here as well.

Click here to see the latest prices now.

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By Sharon Gourlay

Sharon is a certified Malaysia travel expert and can't get enough of travelling and talking about Malaysia since she first visited 21 years ago. She travels around Malaysia multiple times a year both alone and with her kids. She used to call Penang home and especially loves this food paradise. Sharon also has a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies, a Certificate III in International Travel Sales and has been certified by Tourism Malaysia as a Malaysia Travel Expert. Through this site, she'll help you have the perfect trip to this amazing destination.