Kota Bharu Travel Guide

Kota Bharu is the largest city in Malaysia’s north-east. It’s a transport hub and a popular place to go through on the way to Perhentian Islands.

However, Kota Bharu is more than somewhere just to pass through. It has some interesting, low key attractions and is a vibrant town that is worth some of your holiday time.

Kota Bharu

Below, we share everything you need to know for an excellent Kota Bharu stopover!

Kota Bharu Attractions

There are some fun activities and things to do while you are in Kota Bharu even if you just have half a day. Find our guide below.

Kota Bharu Acommodation

There are some great budget and midrange accommodation in Kota Bharu. Find our guide below.

Kota Bharu Travel

Kota Bharu is easy to reach from most of peninsular Malaysia thanks to having its own airport and being at the end of the “jungle railway” from Johor Bahru. In addition, there are many buses here from many places.

Below, you can read our guide about travelling between Kota Bharu and Perhentian Islands.

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