21 Best Places To Visit In Melaka

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Going on a Melaka trip and want to know all the best places to visit in Melaka? We have you covered! Below you will find our guide to all the best attractions in Melaka.

Melaka (also spelt Malacca), is a port city about an hour and a half’s drive south of Kuala Lumpur, and is a great place to visit. It has an interesting history thanks to periods of Malay, Dutch, English and Portuguese rule due to its strategic trade location on the Straits of Melaka.

The best part is that it’s easy to explore and learn more about this past on a holiday in Melaka by visiting all the most interesting things to do in Melaka, Malaysia. So – if you’re looking for the best place in Melaka to explore, read on! 

22 Best Places To Visit In Melaka

With a UNESCO heritage listed heart, Melaka is a great place to just wander. Many of the places of interest in Melaka are within walking distance of each other and you can find many of the Melaka best place to visit options this way by just wandering the old area. 

There are also some fun and fascinating Melaka, Malaysia tourist attractions just out of the central area including theme parks and other Melaka place to visit family attractions for people who have more time.

Below, you will find our Melaka travel blog with all the places to visit in Malacca that we loved. It also has everything you need to know about what to do in Melaka as well as the best places to stay for your ultimate Melaka vacation!

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Top 21 Best Places To Visit In Melaka

Here are the top places to go in Melaka. Read through and select the ones that fit your interests and timeframe.

Sultanate Palace

Sultanate Palace Melaka - the best place Melaka?

This Melaka famous place is located at the foot of St Paul’s Hill, the Sultanate Palace was built in 1985 as a replica of the original wooden palace that once belonged to Sultan Mansur Shah. Sultan Mansur Shah was once the ruler of Melaka between 1456 to 1477.    

Today the palace is home to the Cultural Museum showcasing Malay history and offers tourists a rare insight into what the ancient Malay Kingdom was once like.

In the Cultural Museum, there are over 1300 items from Melaka’s past including photographs, weapons, drawings and musical instruments. This place to visit at Melaka is also surrounded by stunning landscaped gardens.

An interesting fact worth knowing about the Sultanate Palace is that it was built without any nails. Instead, the structure was put together by a series of wooden grooves and slots to hold everything in place.

Entry is RM2 for Adults and RM1 for kids.

Address: Jalan Kota, Bandar Hilir

St. Paul’s Church

St. Paul's Church Melaka - place to visit Melaka

Located on the top of St Paul’s Hill are the ruins of this interesting place in Melaka that’s well worth a visit – St Paul’s Church. The Church is the oldest church in Malaysia and, in fact, Southeast Asia being built in 1521 by the Portuguese. Originally known as Our Lady of the Hill (Nossa Senhora do Oiteiro), the church was enlarged in 1556 and renamed the Chapel of Mother of God (Madre de Deus).

When the Dutch colonised Melaka, the church was no longer used as a place of worship and today only ruins remain of the church. However, this is still one of the interesting places in Melaka well worth visiting.  

The views from the top of the hill are worth it alone. Here you can see all across Melaka and even right out to the coastline.

In order to reach the church, you will pass various other historical places in Melaka including museums and monuments so be sure to give yourself enough time to explore everything of interest to you.

Entry is free.

Address: Jalan Kota, Bandar Hilir

Christ Church

Christ Church Melaka - places to visit at Melaka

Next in our Melaka places to visit list, and located opposite the Stadhuys (see below) on Jalan Gereja (also known as Church Street), Christ Church is an instantly recognisable red brick building which was built by the Dutch in 1753 to celebrate the Dutch occupation.  

Today, Christ Church is one of the most popular tourist places in Melaka and remains the oldest operational Protestant Church in Malaysia.

Inside the Christ Church, you will find 200-year-old handmade pews, decorative fanlights and plaques in honour of the Dutch soldiers and locals.

Christ Church is located near Chinatown across the bridge from Jonker Street and directly opposite the Historical Museum and Ethnographical Museum.

Entry is free.

Address: No. 48, Jalan Gereja

A’Famosa Fort/Porta de Santiago

interesting place in Malacca

Located on St Paul’s Hill just before you reach the ruins of the St Paul’s Church, you will find the Porta de Santiago (referred to as A’Famosa Fort by locals), which was once used as a fortress in the war and is now a historical monument.  

This monument is perhaps the most famous place in Melaka to visit and the most photographed structure in all of Melaka.

Built in 1511, this fortress was built with long ramparts and four major towers. One of the towers was a four-storey keep while the others were the home of the captain, officer’s quarters and an ammunition storage room. Today, most of the fortress has been destroyed with the exception of a small gatehouse, yet it remains the oldest surviving European structure in all of Asia.

Entry is free.

Address: Jalan Parameswara, Bandar Hilir, Alor Gajah

Menara Taming Sari

Menara Taming Sari Tower, one of the top places to go in Malacca

If you’re wondering where to go in Melaka for a great bird’s eye view of the town, then head on up to the revolving Menara Taming Sari. With a height of 110 metres, from the top of this tower (the only one to be built in Malaysia) you get 360-degree panoramic views.

This Melaka tourist spot has visitors climb into the glass cabin, and the cabin then starts to revolve getting higher and higher until it reaches its peak. The entire journey lasts around 7 minutes.

This Melaka new attraction is located in Bandar Hilir on Jalan Merdeka and if you’re looking for places to visit in Melaka at night you’ll be pleased to know that opening hours are 10 am to 11 pm daily.

Entry fee is RM 22 for adults and RM 11 for kids.

Address: Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir


Stadthuys - the best place in Melaka if you love history

If you’re looking for the best place to visit in Melaka and you love history, you won’t want to miss the Stadthuys. This massive, bright terracotta red, riverfront building is a popular tourist spot and one of the attractive places in Melaka to visit. The Stadthuys building dates back to 1650 and was built during the Dutch colonial period.  

The building is modelled on the town hall in Hoorn in the Netherlands and is believed to be the oldest surviving Dutch building in the East.

Stadthuys was once the local town hall and residence of the governor, although since 1982 it has been home to the History and Ethnography Museum. The museum showcases Melakan culture as well as its history from the Malay Sultanate, Portuguese, Dutch and British occupations.

Entry costs RM10 for adults and RM4 for kids.

Address: Jalan Gereja Bandar Hilir

Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

The Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum is a collection of three restored houses arranged to look like a typical 19th century Baba-Nyonya residence. Baba Nyonya was the name given to the affluent Chinese-Malays that once lived in Melaka.

The Baba Nyonya purchased dutch townhouses and renovated them into mini palaces. It was not uncommon for these homes to be decked out with Dutch-influenced fixtures such as hand-painted tiles, elaborately carved teakwood and Victorian lamps.  

For tourists interested in a glimpse into what these Baba Nyonya homes were like, then the museum is one of the must visit places in Melaka.

Entry fee is RM15 per adult and RM10 per child.

Address: 48-50, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock

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Cheng Hoon Teng Temple

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, Melaka visiting place

The Cheng Hoon Teng Temple is the oldest operating Chinese temple in Malaysia, and another contender for the Melaka best place to visit prize. Built in the 17th century, today it remains one of the most important places of worship for the Buddhist Chinese community in Melaka.

While the temple is dedicated to Kuan Yin, the goddess of mercy, however, it remains a multifaith temple with Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian elements.

Located near the Hindu temple Sri Pogyatha Vinoyagar in Jonker Street, Cheng Hoon Teng Temple is open daily and is one of the popular tourist attraction places in Melaka to visit.

Entry is free.

Address: 25, Jalan Tokong, Kampung Dua

Masjid Kampung Kling

Masjid Kampung Kling - one of the many places to visit Melaka

Masjid Kampung Kling is a mosque in Melaka which was originally built by Indian Muslin traders in 1748. The mosque was then rebuilt in 1872 with a combination of styles which remains much the same today.  

You can see Hindu influences with the multi-tiered Meru roof, Sumatra influences in the Moorish watchtower minaret and English and Dutch influences with the tiles used inside.

Given Masjid Kampung Kling’s close proximity to Cheng Hoon Teng Temple and the Hindu Temple Sri Poyatha Venayagar Moorthi, this Melaka destination is known as “Harmony St” and is must add to your Melaka sightseeing list, especially if you’re interested in Melaka attraction places that represent the diverse nature of Malaysia and Melaka. 

Tourists of all faiths are welcome to visit, however, please ensure to address appropriately.

Entry is free.

Address: 75200 Malacca

Sri Poyatha Venayagar Moorthi Temple

Another religious sightseeing option on this Melaka interesting places list is the Sri Poyatha Vinayagar Moorthi Temple.

Opened in 1781, Sri Poyatha Vinayagar Moorthi Temple was one of the first Hindu temples built in Malaysia and remains one of the oldest operating Hindu temples in Southeast Asia. Whilst many say the temple is not as grand as the Masjid Kampung Klings, the temple does feature lovely, colourful stone-carved statues of animals and Hindu deities.

The temple is located in Harmony Street close to the Masjid Kampung Kling and Cheng Hoon Teng Temple and is one of the popular things to see in Melaka.

Visitors are welcome to visit the temple during their Melaka holiday daily.

Entry is free.

Address: Jalan Tukang Emas

Jonker Street

Jonker Street - Melaka visit place

Read any Melaka trip blog and no doubt they will say that the best place at Melaka is Jonker Street. It’s definitely one of the best known Melaka tourist place / hotspot for visitors.

Located in the centre of Chinatown, Jonker Street is certainly the place to be for street food, shopping and nightlife.

Probably the best thing about Jonker Street are the night markets which are on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday nights. At the night markets, you can pretty much buy anything and everything such as great souvenirs and handicrafts as well as the best street food, restaurants and bars.

So if you’re looking for things to do in Melaka at night, be sure to head on down to the Jonker Street night markets and enjoy one of the Melaka best places to visit.

Address: Jalan Hang Jebat

Maritime Museum & Naval Museum

Flor de la Mar Maritime Museum - Melaka travel place

If you love boats, you won’t want to miss this place to go in Melaka. Located on Quayside Road you will find a staggering 34 metre high, 36 metre long and 8 metre wide ship. This ship is a replica of the Flor de la Mar, a Portuguese ship which sank off the coast of Melaka. As the story goes; when it sank it had the loot the Portuguese had stolen from Melaka city onboard.

The ship now contains the Maritime museum which is divided into various eras including the Melaka Sultanate, Portuguese as well as the Dutch and Britsh rule.  

On display, you will find various artefacts and documents from these administration eras. Other items on display include local vessels and nautical devices as well as a collection of porcelain, silk, textile and spices that were brought in by traders from Arab, India and China.

Just across the road from the Maritime Museum is the Naval Museum where there are a series of uniforms, boats and helicopters on display.

The Maritime Museum & Naval Museum is open daily and is one of the popular activities in Melaka for all those with an interest in maritime history.

Costs RM3 per entry for adult and RM1 for kids.

Address: Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir

The Shore Sky Tower

For a great view across the entire city of Melaka and another fun Malacca place to visit, be sure to go the 43rd floor of the Shore Sky Tower – the tallest man-made structure in the city. From here you have 360-degree panoramic views up to 50 kilometres in each direction.

To ensure you get the perfect view, the fencing is made from glass so there is absolutely nothing obstructing your views. There are also a range of telescopes available for a closer look. If you dare, be sure to walk out over the glass floor section which feels like you are floating above the city! Plus this is definitely a Malacca famous place to experience. 

The Shore Sky Tower is open daily until 10.30 pm Sunday to Thursday and 11.30 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

A visit to the top of the Shore Sky Tower is one of the best things to do in Melaka for a view of the entire city and definitely a highlight of this Melaka attractions list.

Entry costs RM25 for adult and RM18 for kids 3 to 12.

Address: Level 42, Tower 1, The Shore Melaka, 193 Pinggiran @ Sungai Melaka

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Bukit Cina

Also known as Chinese Hill, Bukit Cina is the largest and oldest Chinese graveyards outside of China. Dating back to the 15th century, here there are over 12,500 graves mostly of early Chinese settlers to Melaka.

These days, Bukit China is primarily used as a recreational park where many people like to stroll among the pretty walking trails. If you reach the very top you will be rewarded with panoramic views across the city.

If you do visit Bukit Cina, some interesting things to see are the Chinese World War II memorial as well as temples and wells built by Sultan Mansur Shah.

Melaka River

Malacca River Cruise

Another of the famous places in Melaka and spanning a total distance of around 10 kilometres, the Melaka River was once considered the “Venice of the East” as it was one of the main ports of entry for traders from Europe and Asia during the late 16th century.

Today, a Melaka River cruise is a great way to see the popular sites of Melaka. During a leisurely cruise, you can see numerous colonial buildings, old shophouses, local settlements, colourful street art and historical bridges.

A cruise along the Melaka River is a must for all those visiting the city, and you’ll see many of the Melaka interesting place to visit options along the way from the water.

Entry costs RM10 for locals, RM15 for foreigner adults and RM5 for kids below 12.

Address: Jalan Tun Sri Lanang, Pengkalan Rama Pantai

Taman Mini Malaysia & ASEAN

Located in Ayer Keroh, the Taman Mini Malaysia & ASEAN is a Melaka must visit for anyone wanting to learn more about the culture of the various Malay states. Here you will find 13 replicas of traditional homes for visitors to explore (one for each of the Malay states).  

These wooden houses are fully furnished containing fixtures and works of art as well as life-like wax figures dressed in traditional clothing so visitors get an understanding of the traditional culture from each of the Malaysian states.

Other activities at the park include traditional games, cultural dance, cooking and coconut shredding demonstrations, costume rentals, batik painting and more.  

Taman Mini Malaysia & ASEAN is open daily.

Entry for adult is RM12, RM6 for kids and RM10 for students.

Address: Leboh Ayer Keroh

Melaka Zoo

Melaka Zoo

This Melaka place is great if you’re an animal lover and wondering what to see in Melaka, then a visit to the Melaka Zoo is a must. Located in Ayer Keroh, Melaka Zoo is the second largest zoo in Malaysia (the National Zoo of Malaysia being the biggest).  

Spread out over 54 acres, the zoo is home to over 1200 animals from 215 different species including birds, tigers, elephants, zebras, orang-utans, panthers, deers, rhinoceros, reptiles and many more.

Throughout the day there are zookeeper talks, bird shows, elephant feeding and the popular night safari. During the night safari, visitors are driven around by tram where they can see the nocturnal animals. It is a highlight for many tourists visiting the zoo.

The Melaka Zoo is open daily with the night safari taking place only on Friday and Saturday evenings between 8 pm and 11 pm.

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Address: Lebuh Ayer Keroh, Hang Tuah Jaya, Ayer Keroh

Melaka Crocodile Farm

Also known as Taman Buaya Melaka, Melaka Crocodile Farm is located in Ayer Keroh and is home to over 100 species of crocodiles. The crocodiles are housed in man-made swamp-like habitats and, as well as observing them from their enclosures, visitors can learn more about the crocodiles via live shows and feeding demonstrations.

As well as seeing crocodiles, the park also has numerous other non-crocodile attractions such as Malaysia in Miniature (showcasing 14 famous Kuala Lumpur attractions in miniature), Aviary Bird Park, Reptile House (see Iguanas and cobras), petting zoo, magic show and Water Recreation Park. The Water Park is a must on a hot day – here you will find mushroom-shaped water fountains, man-made waterfalls, a swimming pool and waterslides.  

The Melaka Crocodile Farm is open daily.

Entry costs: RM10 (Crocodile Park & Water Recreation) and RM5 (Crocodile Park) for adults; RM 6 (Crocodile Park & Water Recreation) and RM3 (Crocodile Park) for kids

Address: Pusat Pelancongan Ayer Keroh

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A’Famosa Water World

A'Famosa Water World
A’Famosa Water World

If you’re still wondering about Melaka where to go with kids or for a fun family day out, A’Famosa is the largest water theme park in all of Malaysia and is the perfect place to visit on a hot day. Though it’s not one of the classic Malacca tourist attractions, it is great for cooling down for a few hours and relaxing. 

Spread across 1300 acres, the park features 11 rides and attractions including numerous waterslides (including the Big Ice Cream which is the tallest and longest waterslide in Southeast Asia), rapids, a wave pool and a multi-level interactive water play area for the kids. This is definitely one of the best places in Melaka for families with kids who love to swim. 

Right by the water park, you can also visit the other A’Famosa parks – Safari Wonderland and Old West Cowboy Town. At Safari Wonderland you can see a range of animals including elephants, camels, monkeys, orangutans and reptiles.

At Old West Cowboy Town, you can see a range of shows featuring cowboys and Indians as well as stunt shows or visit the funfair.

A’Famosa Water World is open daily except Tuesdays. If you plan on visiting all the parks, it’s best to purchase a combined ticket.

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Address: Jalan Kemus / Sempang Ampat, Simpang Ampat, Alor Gajah

Melaka Wonderland Theme Park

Located in Ayer Keroh, Melaka Wonderland Theme Park features 11 awesome water attractions that the entire family will love. Attractions include waterslides, a wave pool and a multi-level active water play area for the kids which includes mini waterslides and interactive water activities.

Melaka Wonderland Theme Park is open daily.

Address: Lot PT17178, Lebuh Ayer Keroh, Hang Tuah Jaya, 75450 Ayer Keroh

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Melaka Bird Park

This place to visit in Malacca is built across 1.8 hectares at the Botanical Gardens in Ayer Keroh, the Melaka Bird Park is the largest bird park in Asia. Here you will find almost 700 species of Malaysian birds as well as birds from South America, Asia, Australia and Asia.

Visitors will love wandering through the massive aviary where birds fly freely. To get a closer view of the birds, guests are invited to walk along the canopy walk. The canopy walk is 12 metres high and 108 metres in length and is accessible for everyone via stairs or an elevator.

Entry for adults is RM15 on weekdays and RM20 on weekends while it’s RM10 on weekdays and RM15 on weekends for kids ages 4 to 12.

Address: Taman Botanikal, Ayer Keroh

Did you find the best place in Malacca for you? As you can see, there are too many Malacca places to visit in just one day, so in the next section of this guide to places in Malacca, you can find all of my suggestions for where to stay in Malacca too.

Melaka day trip and Melaka Itinerary

If you are just visiting Melaka for a day or 2 nights, 1 day, you can find our Melaka trip itinerary by clicking here. This also works for a Melaka one day trip.

Top Things To Do In Melaka Tourist Map

Best Places To Visit In Melaka map
Click the Map to open in Google Maps. You can then access directions to each of the locations discussed in this article.

Best Accommodation in Melaka

Most tourists coming to Melaka choose to stay in the UNESCO section of the city which is where you will the majority of the tourist attractions, and a great area to stay in when you visit Malacca.  

Any accommodation within walking distance to Jonker Street is a great spot. However, there are a number of great attractions in Ayer Keroh also which may warrant staying a few days in that location also.

Below I have listed some great accommodation to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for budget hotels in Melaka, mid-range accommodation Malacca has or a luxury hotel in Melaka for a relaxing get away. 

Casa Del Rio Melaka Review

Located right by the river only 300 metres from Jonker Street is the stunning 5-star luxury boutique hotel Casa del Rio Melaka Hotel.

The Casa Del Rio offers a range of different room types.  Hotel rooms accommodate up to 5 people, while for even larger groups there are two-bedroom suites which can accommodate up to 6 people.  

All rooms include a TV, wifi, tea and coffee making facilities, air conditioning and a desk. Suites also include separate living and dining areas with some suites even including an outdoor spa.

The hotel features first-class facilities including the stunning infinity swimming pool with views across the Melaka River as well as three restaurants, a gym, a rooftop garden and day spa.

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Swiss-Garden Hotel Melaka Review

Located along the Melaka River just a 10-minute walk from Jonker Street is the 5-star Swiss-Garden Hotel which offers guests modern style accommodation.

Rooms at the Swiss-Garden Hotel accommodate up to two guests and include amenities such as a TV, air conditioning, wi-fi, tea and coffee making facilities, private balcony and seating area.  

For those who prefer more space, there are also suites which include separate dining and living areas. Some hotel rooms and suites also include panoramic views of the ocean and the Melaka River.

The Swiss-Garden Hotel includes a range of facilities including two Olympic size swimming pools, a tennis court and the Sky Garden rooftop bar. The hotel also has direct access to the Shore Shopping Mall and the Shore Oceanarium Complex.

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T Hotel Melaka Review

Located in Melaka City, just 15 minutes walk from Jonker Street, the T Hotel is a terrific option for travellers after a good clean room at a low price.

Whether you are a group of two or family, the T Hotel has a suitable room for you in either their double, triple or family suites.  

Double rooms accommodate two guests in either one large double bed or two singles, while triple rooms come with one large double bed and one single bed. Family suites come with two double beds.

All guest rooms at the T Hotel come with air conditioning, wifi, a TV, tea and coffee facilities and a seating area.

For travellers looking for good clean budget accommodation, you really can’t go past the T Hotel.

You can find more options for accommodation in our guide to the best hotels in Melaka here.

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Find our full guide to the best hotels in Melaka here.


Getting To Melaka

Melaka is close to Kuala Lumpur which makes it easy to get here from all over peninsular Malaysia. It’s also easy to get here from KL Airport and you can even take a taxi right from departures.

By clicking below, you can find our detailed guides for how to get to Melaka from:

A very easy way to get to Melaka is to take a private taxi from anywhere in peninsula Malaysia. We can book this for you!

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Final Words

As you can see there is no shortage of things to do and places to visit in Melaka – hopefully you’ve found lots of ideas and inspiration in this post!

Whether you’re interested in historical monuments, traditional temples or shopping there is something for everyone in Melaka. It’s also an ideal destination for families with loads of great family-friendly attractions.

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